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Recruiting Insider 2013-2014

Discussion in 'The Trifecta' started by bravejaf, Nov 28, 2010.

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    Jul 13, 2009
    Time to take a deeper look at this year's recruiting class and see the standout prospects for each position. This week's edition will focus on the offensive side of the ball.

    :5stars: Chris Ford
    6'4 190 - South Euclid, OH
    Hard commit Ohio State
    The Ohio native decided to travel 2 hours south down 1-71 to Columbus. He has a strong arm (A) and good accuarcy (B+). He should be an excellent fit in the newly installed Air Raid attack at OSU. He will be the heir apparent to Larry Walters.

    :5stars: Eric McDaniel
    6'4 186 - Carlsbad, CA
    Hard commit - USC
    More mobile than Ford with a B grade in agility and speed. He is also decent at passing the ball with a B grade in accuarcy and throw power. His only areas of concern are awareness (D-) and ball security (D-).

    :4stars: Marques Johnson
    6'3 179 - London, CN
    Top 5 Penn State (Y), Alabama (N), Oklahoma (N), USC (N), Ohio State (N)
    Another scrambling QB with similar attributes to McDaniel. Both players graded a B in speed and arm strength, but Johnson scored a C+ in accuracy and agility. The Canuck seems likely headed to Happy Valley for his college career, the Nittany Lions are the only school with a scholarship offer.

    :5stars: Chad Gilbert
    5'11 205 - Mason, MI
    Top 3 Ohio State (Y), Oklahoma (Y), Alabama (N)
    Gilbert is a bruiser between the tackles with B trucking but he also posseses decent speed for a big man (B+). His services are being battled for between Ohio State and Oklahoma. The Buckeyes lead the race by a small margin and have a visit week 5. The Sooners need to hope he lasts till week 6.

    :5stars: Sam Larsen (ATH)
    5'9 200 - Berwick, PA
    Top 3 Penn State (Y), Oklahoma (N), Alabama (N)
    Good speed (B) with decent agility, break tackle and ball carrier vision (B- in each area). He also is solid at catching the ball out of the backfield for a HB (C). Larsen appears to be staying in-state with Penn State offering him a scholarship. He is visiting the Nittany Lions later this week.

    :5stars: Brad Hairston
    6'2 207 - Pico Rivera, CA
    Top 5 USC (Y), Oklahoma (N), Alabama (N), Penn State (N), Texas (N)
    A bit slow for a tailback (B-) but can really make defenders miss tackles. He graded an A in spin move in juke move and a B+ in elusiveness. Surprisingly he graded poorly in trucking (D-) and strength (D+) for a power back.

    Wide Receiver
    :5stars: Daniel Weaver
    6'0 189 - Adamsville, AL
    Top 5 Alabama (Y), Oklahoma (N), Penn State (N), USC (N), Texas (N)
    He didn't grade high in any of the catching metrics but he was solid in all areas with a C grade. He did score highly on his ability to get off press coverage (B-). In terms of athletic ability he scored even better with a B+ in speed and B in jumping. Weaver likely will be playing football for his home state Crimson Tide.

    :5stars: Justin Bright (ATH)
    6'2 180 - Vernon, TX
    Top 8 Texas A&M (Y), Alabama (N), Texas (N), Florida State (N), Oklahoma (N), Stanford (N), Penn State (N), UCLA (N)
    Bright possesses ecent speed (B) and agility (B-) and has a passable grade in catching (C). He graded a bit higher in catching the ball in traffic (B-). He still is far from deciding but College Station may be his only choice. Outside of A&M no one is actively pursuing Justin's services.

    :4stars: Rashaun McLaurin
    6'0 160 - Greenwood, MS
    Hard commit - Alabama
    McLaurin will be spending his next 3-5 years with the Crimson Tide. Alabama gets a solid WR prospect with decent speed (B) and agility (C+). Rashaud can be a quarterback's best friend since he makes the difficult catches (B spec catch) and can haul in passes in traffic (C+). He does need to work on his focus during routine grabs (C-).

    Tight End
    :5stars: Chaz Stephens
    6'4 232 - Manitou Springs, CO
    Top 5 Oklahoma (Y), Alabama (N), Penn State (N), Ohio State (N), Texas (N)
    Very good speed for a tight end (B) and he also is a good pass catcher (B). It is really difficult to find any flaws in his grades, as he is a solid blocker, has decent strength and his receiving grades were all above average. Stephens is going to be an elite player and Oklahoma will be lucky to have him. Oddly enough no other school is actively pursing his services.

    :5stars: Joe Johnson
    6'6 260 - Fall River, MA
    Top 5: Ohio State (Y), Alabama (N), Oklahoma (N), Texas (N), Florida State (N)
    Not as fast as Stephens as Johnson ran a 4.62 40-yard dash (C+ grade). He is still a solid prospect who is great catching the ball over the middle (B-) and he runs crisp routes (B-). Johnson is also a solid blocker, grading slightly higher than Stephens and he is also stronger (B-).

    Offensive Line
    :5stars: Emmanuel Hopkins (C)
    6'0 261 - Forrest City, AR
    Top 5 Texas (Y), Alabama (Y), Oklahoma (N), Penn State (N), Florida State (N)
    Hopkins is a very well rounded prospect with a B- grade in both pass and run blocking. He also graded a B- in terms of strength. His only real fault is his low agility (D) and his awareness (D-). Overall Hopkins looks like a solid recruit and Texas or Alabama will be lucky to sign him.

    :5stars: Gary Sanders (T)
    6'6 285 - Muscatine, MA
    Top 5 Alabama (Y), Ohio State (Y), Penn State (N), Oklahoma (N), USC (N)
    The 2 horse battle for Sanders will depend on his week 6 visit to Columbus and the week 10 trip to Tuscaloosa. Whichever school he signs with will be adding a strong kid (B) with decent run/pass blocking abilities (C+). He is very bright for a kid out of high school (C+ awareness).

    :5stars: Ricky Sowell (T)
    6'3 297 - Douglasville, GA
    Top 3 Alabama (Y), Florida State (Y), Oklahoma (N)
    Once again Alabama is in the mix for an offensive tackle but this time their primary competition is Florida State. Sowell will be visiting Tallahassee later this week. He graded the same in strength as Sanders (B) but is worse in pass block (C-). The other areas are fairly similar and Ricky graded out almost as high in terms of awareness (C).

    :5stars: Josh Johnson (T)
    6'5 264 - San Rafael, CA
    Top 5 USC (Y), Oklahoma (Y), Alabama (N), Penn State (N), Texas (N)
    Johnson is one of the best run blocking lineman in this class, grading a B+ in that category. Like Sowell and Sanders, Johnson graded out a B in terms of strength. The one area he lacks in comparison to the other top tackles is awareness, he graded a D-. This may require him to sit out his first season but he should eventually be higher rated than the other top tackles.

    :4stars: Patrick Williams (T)
    6'8 302 - Wheat Ridge, CO
    Top 5 Oklahoma (Y), LSU (Y), Nebraska (Y), Texas (N), USC (N)
    Balanced o-lineman with a C+ grade in both pass and run blocking. He likely needs to redshirt his first year in order to increase his football IQ (D) and stamina (D). He doesn't appear to be an elite offensive lineman but with the right system he may develop into a starter in a couple of seasons.
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