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    Jun 27, 2010

    Top 3 Recruits Ranking wise are...

    1. Kent State's #4 ATH (#29 OVR) :4stars:6'2 182 Freddy Butler (Adamsville, AL)

    A- Speed, B+ ACC, C+ AGI, C Catching, B- Route Running

    Also offered by Memphis

    2. Memphis' #3 TE (#50 OVR) :4stars:6'7 257 Charles Quinn (Hereford, TX)

    C+ Speed/Acc, C- AGI, C- Catching, B- Route Running, C+ Run Block, B- Impact Blocking, C+RBS/RBF/PBS/PBF

    8 offers, including Miami, Buffalo, Western Mich, and Arkansas State

    3. New Mexico State's #19 HB (#148 OVR) :4stars:6'1 197 Eddie Brown (Santa Ana, CA)

    B Speed, B-ACC, C+ Agi, C Break Tackle/Carrying

    No other offers in top 10/
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    Added to history. Thank you sir.

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