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Recruiting Rules - New Season Numbers

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Archie Griffin, May 31, 2009.

  1. Archie Griffin

    Archie Griffin Walk On

    Feb 19, 2009
    Recruiting Rules - New Season Numbers

    I decided to re-post these for the guys who don't know them. Also, I am going to show how this applies to my team in the next year, so you guys get an idea of what these rules can do to a class.


    We recognize that players have a significant recruiting advantage over the CPU, and we have established a few rules in an attempt to preserve some kind of balance.

    1. Players must limit their each year's class to the number of players leaving in that same year. Going over 70 players is penalized by a loss of five hours of recruiting time per player over. Penalty is enforced from the first week until the time expires. Player may not spread out their penalty hours.

    2. Players can take a number of four-star recruits equal to half the total number of players leaving that year. This number is rounded in our favor when necessary (ex. A class of 17 would have nine fours rather than eight).

    3. Each player's potential recruiting class is based on their performance the previous year. In order to recruit five-star players, a team must meet the criteria listed below. If none of the conditions are met, the team may not recruit five-star players in the following season, but must still act according to rules 1 & 2 when they recruit.

    4. Players may "earn" the right to recruit additional players by playing well and just being good sports. (Total number of recruits must still remain at or under the total leaving that season) Below is a list of in-game goals, and what players may do as a result of achieving them.

    - Show up for all member vs. member games = recruit an additional five-star player
    - Win a Conference Championship = recruit an additional five-star player
    - Win the BCS National Championship = recruit an additional five-star player
    - Win 10 games = recruit an additional four-star player
    - Win a bowl game = recruit an additional four-star player
    - No rule violations (recruiting or otherwise) = recruit an additional four-star player

    Sample Recruiting Class

    So, what we end up with is a base class (0 fives, fours equal to half the total number of players leaving, three and below for the rest) with several opportunities to achieve an exceptional class. Now, we may not be able to actually get the players we are allowed to go after, but that is another issue. The above is a list of opportunities, not entitlements. If you have earned the right to recruit three five-star guys, and you only get two, we will not carry anything over to the next year.
    Here's an example of how classes might change with a bit of luck and good play.

    The Ohio State Buckeyes (for example) have 18 seniors graduating in year X. Their class would start like this:

    0 five star recruits, 9 four star recruits, 9 three and under.

    Now, let's say the Bucks Coach showed up for all three member games the year before. His class would now look like this:

    1 five star recruit, 9 four star recruits, 8 three and under

    Now let's say the Bucks had a good season the year before. 11 wins, a Big Ten Championship, and a Rose Bowl win over the hated Trojans of USC. They would qualify for achievements 1, 2, 4, & 5, according to the list above. Their (potential) class now looks like this:

    2 five star recruits, 11 four star recruits, 5 three and under

    Finally, let's say the Bucks coach is an all-around good guy, and he goes the entire year without running up scores over 65, holding up the league advance time, or breaking any of the rules we put in place. With the additional four earned by just following the rules, the final class looks like this:

    2 five star recruits, 12 four star recruits, 4 three and under

    So, as you can see, (potential) classes can change dramatically based on how we choose to play, and how well we play - just like the real thing. Some achievements are relatively easy to get, others are more difficult. This should separate classes from one another, and teams from one another, yet still allow the CPU a chance to stay in contention. This is the desired aim of the recruiting rules.

    (Updated 3/18/09) Also, we have developed a few rules intended to counter the effect that speed has on the game. To combat this imbalance, we ask members not to recruit certain players. They are asked not to recruit solely based on speed, so we ask them to recruit speedy players based on the list below. This way, they can not pluck only the speedy guys from the list. You want speed? You'll have to compete for it.

    5 star recruits: A speed Maximum
    4 star recruits: A- speed Maximum
    3 star recruits: B+ speed Maximum

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