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Recruiting Talk

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by justadude, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. justadude

    justadude Walk On

    Dec 20, 2010

    after spending over a decade playing and building teams in Madden I find myself on new ground with the whole college recruiting and the turnover rate that goes with it.

    I currently run the PSU program and have 10 Seniors leaving, but have solid replacements for all of them save Kicker. Beyond the obvious needs, in my case kicker and SS, I find myself asking myself how to best go about building my team.

    How do you go about deciding for which positions to recruit?
    Is position switching viable alternative to recruiting?

    I figure seniors are on their way out and their backups will have to suffice next year, so I am looking at juniors and depth on what to recruit.
  2. carolinaeasy

    carolinaeasy Walk On

    Jul 19, 2010
    I have always went with my philosophy in real life. It starts with your lines. In this game your defensive line especially. I target guys who have attributes that fit my offense, or my defense. I typically am a speed whore for most positions outside of the lines, but will take a tall WR if I can get one without too much effort.

    So in summary, decide what players you enjoy playing with in your offense and go out and find recruits who look similar to you.
  3. kaluelsa

    kaluelsa Walk On

    Dec 7, 2010
    I always begin sorting by interest and pipeline. I take a serious look at all decent players who have me #1 and are pipeline. These are guys that should be yours, you will only lose them because of bad luck or poor recruiting. After that I look at other #1 guys, then top 3 pipeline, top 5 pipeline, top 3 overall, and finally top 5 overall. This year sticking to pipeline guys is really important because of the points bonus (especially if you are 4-star or below program).

    I sort in the order listed above, and add 1-2 players at each position to start. I then look over the list by position, and add/remove players that I feel aren't good enough quality or are at low priority positions. I look over my strength/depth at each position and decide how many scholarship slots to assign to each position. For every scholarship slot I want 2 players to my board, one main guy and backup guy of lesser quality or sometimes 2 main guys if they are both showing strong interest in my school.

    In the early years I want to build depth, and tighten up any weak positions. My positional priorities in general go

    QB - NOt much to say, it's the most important position, unless I've recruited a stud in the last 1-2 years I look for good QBs. It's also an injury prone position so depth is important. I'm not picky between scramblier/balanced/pocket. I look at throw accuracy and power, and general mobility.
    HB - Impact HBs have a huge effect on the game. I like building a pro style offense with power running. I love power or balanced backs.
    WR - Another key impact position. I want quality over quantity here because I plan to run lots of 2-3 WR sets (not spread). I aim for 1 1 1 stud WR with high touches/game, and solid guys to support. I want a balanced go to guy, the others balanced or possession receivers.
    Tackle - I prefer pass blocking specialists, but talent trumps all. O-linemen are generally injury-free in the game, so depth isn't as important.
    TE/FB - I treat these positions the same, and go for blockers. I want a strong run blocker for my power run game. I either convert decent TEs to FB or use my blocking TE as an H-back blocker in ace formations.
    Guards and Center - Want best talent.

    CB - I build my defense from the secondary downwards. I team with 2 lock down corners can run almost any scheme and gives your defense tremendous flexibility. I prefer coverage or balanced corners.
    DE - Look for the best talent, and build depth early. It's very hard to move the ball on a team that can cover outside receivers one-on-one and generate a pass rush with a 4-man line.
    FS - I love recruiting safeties. They are versatile and can convert well to SS or CB.
    MLB/OLB - I treat these positions the same. MLB has scarcity of talent, but OLB often convert well to MLB. I go for the best talent.
    DT - Big DE get a boost at DT, so I look for best available big DE or DT.
    SS - Simply not that important a position. I look for guys that can hit and tackle.

    When building your recruiting board keep in mind the 3 fundamentals: Talent, Interest, and Pipeline. There's no substitute for talent. Pay attention to positional rankings more so than overall ranking of players. For example a 3-star top 400 OLB will come in with high ratings if he's th #10 OLB. However it's really important in this year's game to focus on guys that are very interested in coming to your school. Especially on Heisman recruiting difficulty you will lose many battles if you don't fully focus on 10-15 guys to call every week. I start with my board at 30-35 but only plan to call 10-15 most weeks (exception being week 1 when I will call for 10 min to #1 3-star guys a scholly hoping for the instant commit). I find 3-star guys are much more likely to instant commit. It's nice to lock up 2-3 solid 3-star guys in week 1 and free up time for better players during the season.

    Finally, with recruiting it's important to know when to give up. It's better to cut your losses early instead of hanging on too long. Some guys are just determined to go to a certain school. I've gotten to #2 on interest list, with EVERY category High or better interest, and my ratings were all A or better. Yet the guy held out until his dream school finally offered a scholly in week 5 of off-season recruiting. Also when guys soft commit, the only way to get them to soft commit to you is with a strong visit and max out your promises.
  4. justadude

    justadude Walk On

    Dec 20, 2010
    Great post. Especially the position conversions and which positions to look for. Also the position rankings is interesting. I did not know that.


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