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Recruiting with Washington

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by Hellisan, May 27, 2011.

  1. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    I did this "research" as part of a post I'm going to do for a wishlist or "how to improve the game" post.

    I have noticed that even though I'm now a 6-star team.... My team still does not beat out ANY of the teams that started out ahead of me in terms of prestige when it comes where it places you on the recruits' boards prior to the season. I mean sure, if you take a team that has fallen from grace like USC I typically am higher on a player's board than them.

    But for a 6-star team (for the last 5 years at least) that has two national titles... I just think that I should be given a better starting point than I typically am.

    So I decided to take the Top 50 players that like my team... And see where I am on their lists. It was actually worse than I thought. Of the Top 50 players in this class that like my team... There are ZERO that list me #1. There are only 4 that have me behind other cpu teams but ahead of all the other user teams.

    Since UCLA is the team on the West Coast that dominates us recruiting wise... I also looked at how many of those players liked both of us... and how many times one was higher than the other. Remember, these are both 6-star schools that started out as 3-star or 4-star schools. I have 2 rings he has 1. It should at least be even right?

    UCLA is ahead of me on the list of 30 out of those 45 players. If you take the Top 10 they are ahead of me on 9. It's like this every single year. The talent I reel in year to year consists of maybe one player that I beat out UCLA for... Then scraps.

    You guys know I like a challenge so not "bitching"... I'm just collecting this data for the purpose of requesting that they make things a little bit more random and diverse. Believe it or not, it's not "EASY" to recruit with a big school in real life. That's why a program like Florida can take a nose dive... Because it's more art than science. The Alabama's should not be #1 on the boards of so many players... And Washington should be #1 on the list of at least ONE of the Top 50 that like Washington.


    So this stuff is just... The rank (of players that like my team) and then where I am on their board.

    1 - 6th behind 3 other users
    2 - 9th behind several other users
    3 - 4th behind UCLA
    4 - 7th behind 2 other users including UCLA
    5 - 5th behind WISC
    6 - 9th behind 4 other users - (Best player at the top IMO)
    7 - 2nd behind UCLA
    8 - 3rd behind WISC/UCLA
    9 - 6th behind WISC/UCLA
    10- 7th behind three other users
    11 - 6th behind two other users (WISC/UCLA)
    12 - 3rd behind another user
    13 - 4th behind UCLA
    14 - 7th behind three other users
    15 - 8th behind three other users
    16 - 4th - Highest user!
    17 - 7th behind three other users
    18 - 4th behind WISC
    19 - 4th - Highest User!
    20 - 2nd - Highest User!
    21 - 7th behind three other users
    22 - 6th behind WISC/UCLA
    23 - 7th behind 3 other users
    24 - 7th behind 2 other users
    25 - 2nd behind another user (it's their pipeline state and I don't have that as a pipeline = no sh ot)
    26- 6th behind WISC/UCLA
    27 - 3rd - highest user!
    28 - 4th behind UCLA
    29 - 4th behind UCLA
    30 - 6th behind 3 other users
    31 - 6th behind 2 other users (FIRST GUY ON THE ENTIRE LIST THAT LIKES ME BUT NOT UCLA)
    32 - 3rd behind UCLA
    33 - 7th behind three other users
    34 - 5th behind three other users
    35 - 4th behind two other users
    36 - 4th behind WISC/UCLA
    37 - 5th behind WISC/UCLA
    38 - 5th behind UCLA
    39 - 4th behind WISC/UCLA
    40 - 5th behind WISC
    41 - 8th behind four other teams
    42 - 8th behind WISC/UCLA
    43 - 3rd behind another team
    44 - 9th behind 5 other teams
    45 - 5th behind three other teams
    46 - 10th behind four other teams
    47 - 7th behind three other teams
    48 - 5th behind 2 other teams
    49 - 5th behind 2 other teams
    50 - 10th behind 4 other teams
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  2. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    Damn. Yeah I never thought that was good.

    Truth be told when I was in the middle of winning 4 straight, while my prestige went up, I only saw an incremental increase of recruits who liked me. Keep in mind that I had Florida as my main pipeline and not even my own state ( which I had AT LEAST 10 NJ guys). I wasn't getting top FL recruits! SMH. It was only after the last two years in which I got Texas as a pipeline that I actually got some decent recruit. Even still as someone who recently ran off 4 straight, I still don't get the top top guys wanting to come to NJ. I really just get more 4 stars interested (even then these guys have me 6th and 7th behind teams).
  3. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009
    I seen this happen to me in the Deuce with Missouri too. I would be on a lot of great players' boards, but I'd be behind all the other users so it was kinda like a contra positive. Yeah I was getting some studs interested in me but I really had no shot at them since they'd have other users 1-4 and I'd be at 7-10. It's too much ground to make up.

    Props for putting some detailed information about this together Helli.
  4. BRUCE80

    BRUCE80 Let the dirt just shower over you..

    Feb 11, 2009
    What would be an even better breakdown Helli not that this isnt very cool cause it is...but what about team needs? Its seems to me that my team has a few positions we have kids that want to come in every year and others that never do.

    Then spots where we needs kids, I am curious what kinda player likes us and where we stand on the list. I think I may go through the top ten at each position tonight and see where users are at compared to needs for the team.

    Like I am super deep at WR, yet kids want to come in again this season. But areas where I am thin or could use a super star maybe nobody or slim pickins for the Bruins..

    I am not saying my team isnt stacked or we have had problems recruiting cause we havent.

    What I am saying is I am in need of a TE bigtime...and was in battles for the best ones several times and lost all of them.

    I have gotten by with Juco guys who give me two solid seasons and move on...which is fine, just curious as how that works...
  5. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    I think the position needs thing is somewhat random.... no easy data to cull and post on that anyway. i will post my resulting game improvement post in here later.
  6. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    Also.... the less players there are at a position the harder it will be to get good ones. Not many awesome tight ends out there so it is conceivable that through luck of the draw you will have a tough time there once in awhile.

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