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Red And Gold Gazette, All things 49ers

Discussion in 'Team Management' started by Blackattack87, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Blackattack87

    Blackattack87 First In Last Out

    Feb 11, 2012
    49er Media Day

    The new owner of the 49ers, Jim Black is walking along the sidelines at 'The Stick". "Gonna miss this place", he ponders as he looks into the endzone in the northeast corner of the stadium. It all started right there. He of course is referring to the spot where Dwight Clark lit the magic lamp that started the dynasty that we all know today. "Everson Walls had great coverage but Dwight went to the heavens to grab that pass from Joe", Black says as he stares into the corner.

    The 49ers will leave this hollowed ground in year two of the Graveyard shift league and move into the new beautiful Levi stadium 25 miles south in Santa Clara. Black hopes the Niners will continue the success that they had last year. If week one is any indication they will. The 49ers throttled the Green Bay Packers 34-20 with the defense stifing the pack. The 49ers are loaded and the most impressive thing to date for Black is the running back situation. "We have 4 really good running backs here". Black of course is referring to all pro Frank Gore, the capable speedy backup Kendall Hunter who will be the heir apparent, along with Lamichael James and rookie Marcus Lattimore. James has been electrifying on kick returns in the preseason and Lattimore figures into the plans with the full house backfield that coach Harbaugh runs within the Pistol formation.

    Rumors have been flying that the Colts owner BobJr has been tryin to get Lattimore in a deal but Black denys any trade talks. "We drafted him for a reason", Black states, "and were not dumping him". The only real weakness that the 49ers appear to have is the NT position, which Black stated will be addressed in the draft or FA. Other than that the 49ers could shore up the secondary as their DB's arent the fastest lot in the league but with the front seven bringing the heat, it usually makes up for it in the defensive backfield.

    So the stage is set for the 49ers to wreak havoc in the NFC West. They better buckle their chin straps because week 2 they travel to Seattle where they will surely be tested and the division landscape will become a little clearer after that game but it's a long season and the 49ers will take it one game at a time as the saying goes.
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