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Red Sox 2031 Deadline Block

Discussion in 'Trade Block' started by kdpnutter, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. kdpnutter

    kdpnutter Walk On

    Aug 31, 2010
    Calhoun was the man that pitched great for us last year, but we felt the need with an extra lefty in the bullpen with Robbie Brooks that Calhoun could go down and be ready should we move any player in the bullpen he can step right in. Calhoun has pitched lights out at AAA with under a 1.00 ERA and 50k's in 40 IP. Calhoun can be a valuable piece to any bullpen.

    Duane Heath the versatile outfielder, is going to be a free agent at the end of the year and with Jose Rodriguez being back and Moon-soo Kim and looking to upgrade the OF we are making Heath available as he plays everywhere in the outfield.

    james.jpg Chase James, another of our solid bullpen arms that when he has been called up has done a good job, just not enough bullpen slots for all of them. Has some great stuff and some real heat to his fastball.

    merr.jpg Chuck Merr is a very solid 2B, he was sent down to allow Al Young and Samuel Peterson to come up as they were more diverse playing mutliple infield spots. Merr could be a starter at 2B for a lot of teams and averages an OBP of over. 350.

    petersen.jpg Samuel Petersen, young guy, high OBP and plays stellar defense at both 2B and SS, just too many infielders to get him enough AB.
    sadowk.jpg Dale has some good stuff and a devastating cutter out of the bullpen, just a casualty of too many arms in the bullpen and not enough slots for him.

    spencer.jpg Paul Spencer was one of our young pitching arms out of the draft a few years ago, we are looking at moving Spencer in a big time deal for a top SP or big bat to help our lineup drive in runs.

    young.jpg Al Young is a defensive wiz at SS and has a good solid OBP, we are looking to move one of Young, Petersen or Merr in order to give a little more flexibilty in the middle infield and get more AB for everyone.

    Also willing to listen to offers for either Kimi Kichida or Robbie Brooks if the deal is right.

    Looking For:
    SP, Run producing OF bat, also willing to accept players for the future.
  2. Fmode11

    Fmode11 MVP

    Jun 13, 2012
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