Reminder ---- Read, and it could save your life!

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Ok, not your life but at least save you a win.

    Scheduling has been hit and miss so far. You need to schedule your games on the forums, but they need to be done in a certain way...I'll tell you why in a minute.

    Check out this scheduling thread:

    Hal posted his total availability then I replied with my agreed upon time. Now, actually I did it a bit wrong. I should have also posted my ENTIRE availability in that thread.


    Because if you get DC'd in a close game, and you guys can't reschedule then I use your scheduling thread to determine who is going to get subbed out of if its a straight sim.

    We had this issue today, and because the guys never posted their availability in the scheduling thread, I had no choice but to declare a straight sim . . . which sucks but was the only fair course of action.

    Point being, PUT YOUR AVAILABILITY IN YOUR SCHEDULING THREAD. Each and every week, even if you have a time agreed upon. If it doesn't happen you are putting yourself at risk.

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