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Discussion in 'Rookie Symposium' started by RRAHx2, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    Owners, as we all know this has been quite the off-season in RS. There has been a good amount of participation and activity, which I love, however not all of it has been positive. So I am posting this as a reminder to EVERYONE in the league.

    Remember why we are here guys, remember why you joined TSO and this league. We are all looking for a fun, and realistic experience in this league. Nobody comes here to be disrespected or called names. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

    Also, remember this is only a video game. this league is about the owners we have, and the community we have created. Not about the game we are playing or how many SB's you win. It is all for fun and that is it. Do not get carried away, or over-passionate guys, seriously this is a video game.

    There will always be situations where 2 people don't agree on something. That we can not control, however we can control how we respond in those disagreements. We are all entitled to voice our opinions, but we can all do so in a respectful manner. Just because you don't agree with someone does NOT give you the right, to attack them personally.

    Furthermore, if you are disrespected or offended by someone or something in this league, let me know. DO NOT fight fire with fire and personally attack someone just because they did it to you. That will only lead to 2 people getting punished as opposed to 1. Everyone needs to show respect and maturity in their interactions with other members, because in the end we all want the same things and are here for the same reasons.

    If you are just here to win games and start problems, do not stay.

    Boman5 - HOU
    Crowe - JAX
    BLACKJ414 - IND

    oneshot24 - NE
    OkayEvan - BUF
    AwaLL - MIA

    nellycuz - PIT
    mmorgan184 - CLE
    Snake Eyez - CIN
    SwagKingCole23 - BAL

    Aspect1 - OAK
    AWinkler02 - DEN
    platinumjol14 - KC
    T.B.A.R. - SD

    SmashMouthFB33 - DAL
    Troy J. - NYG
    The Rulah - WAS
    Craig Brown - PHI

    Nick Winkler - CAR
    Matthew Keves - TB
    jay2149 - ATL
    Coachmedicis - NO

    Anthrax78 - SF
    xassassin4lifex - STL
    Will Atkinson - SEA
    RRAHx2 - ARI

    GDip - CHI
    ConiglioSG - MIN
    Elemnt - DET
    CalebMackie - GB
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