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Review: MLB THE SHOW 15

Discussion in 'Tradition Baseball' started by BobJr, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. BobJr

    BobJr To each their own

    Jun 3, 2010
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    We all know baseball season is finally here when MLB the Show releases and the 2015 version will mark the 10th anniversary for the franchise. With a consistent approach to each season, the crew at SCEA studios has continued to prove they can replicate the authenticity and fun of the great game of baseball. While they never have strayed too far from the line, SCEA has produced yet another top sports games.

    Once you start a game, the biggest change you might see is the new directional hitting. This form of hitting is controlled by moving your left stick in the direction that you want to place the ball.and if you know your baseball physics, then you can definitely place the ball in certain spots. Just remember the CPU will still try to make you pay for being too “cute”. Although, the directional hitting can be challenging at times, the biggest issue is when you do not move your left stick at all. This ends up creating a glorified version of timing hitting. The other big change to hitting is the tweaked analog hitting. Within the analog mode, The Show has taken out the need for the user to stride before their swing. While I do not use analog, I can see how this can be a detriment to some users.

    While the hitting is a bit redefined, ball physics is my favorite aspect of gameplay in the Show. The ball moves with ease, and reacts to what is going on in the game. Ball movement has always been a hot topic in the community, and MLB the Show clearly emulates the real thing.

    The beauty of the game of baseball is the strategy between pitchers and hitters. The at bat experience might be one of the best things about this game, as it clearly depicts how dramatic each pitch can be. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie to the game, “outsmarting" your opponent creates a repeating fun factor. You have that ability on both sides of the ball as the game as an assortment of pitches and a selection of hitting types (power, contact, normal).

    The fielding in the game is as fluid as it has ever been, and the players do not seem as slow to react to the ball. In my opinion the biggest flaw to the overall gameplay is that the base running still seems hard to master, which becomes frustrating when you have more than one man on base.


    Out of every sports game on the market, MLB the Show still is tops when it comes to simulate what we all see on the field everyday.

    The Show’s presentation continues to take steps forward as the game has more and more equipment licenses. Sports junkies will love seeing the big name brands in the game, and the editing options are ultimately endless. The game absolutely looks beautiful, and with the different camera angles the Show has become relatively life like. The best camera might boil down to the dynamic camera while fielding. This makes every crack of the bat look or feel like a big home run. It is a heart pounding sensation.

    Now, while the Show looks beautiful, there is one area where the game can become boring and overbearing. The commentary. You have guessed it, another year of Vasgersian, Lyons, and Karros. This plays out to another year of redundant, boring commentary. I’ve had it suggested to me that the game might sound a bit better with a great commentator like Bob Uecker on the mic. While that is a great idea, I would be ecstatic with any fresh voice and better immersion.​


    All your great game modes are back in MLB the Show 15, including an absolute fan favorite in Road to the Show. Even though the mode clearly has had little change to it, it still is the best “create-a-player” in the market. One of the biggest deterrents to RTTS is the base running mechanics. The “direction” you are suppose to hit on the directional pad changes drastically once you start running. It goes from left to right, to an up and down movement. I found myself getting thrown out a ton on simple baseball plays. Finally I found playing in an outfield position was almost unbearable. The camera view that is given to catch pop flies is by far the worst camera in the entire game. The view routinely says you are in position, only to have the ball be out of reach. This ends up in resulting in several extra base hits for opponents.

    With RTTS being the best create a player, the Show also has one of (if not) the best Franchise modes all around. The mode is completely captivating, and captures pretty much everything associated with running a MLB team. The one downside to franchise mode, is the computer becomes trade happy. The trade logic is off at times as it is easy to pull a “fast one” on the CPU teams. ​


    Now let’s dive into the worst thing about MLB the Show. The Online play. While the Online games seem to run a bit better, the menus still lag tremendously. The load times in between invites and games seems to take an enternity. I found myself a lot of the times just gritting my teeth wanting to get into a game to play. The Online franchise seems to still have issues being created, and at the time of this review I have tried unsuccessfully to start 4 franchises. I still strongly believe that after the struggles the last few years, the Show should be light years ahead of what it currently is at. IF the Show wants to continue to be in the upper echelon of the sports video game market, then it will need to be viable online.

    Despite the one negative, albeit a big one, the game is still fun to play. Just remember, as the Great Bambino once said, “Baseball was, is, and always will be to me the best game in the world.”​
    Score: 8/10
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