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Revisiting the 2017 Hard Knocks NFL Draft (Offense)

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by bigtubb_, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. bigtubb_

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    Dec 10, 2009
    The release of Madden 17 marked a turning point for users in the Hard Knocks Connected Franchise Mode League. During the 2017 off season, users were allowed to draft players who would be edited into their collegiate counterparts. HK users were able draft players like DeShuan Watson, Myles Garrett, Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey. Two and a half seasons have passed. Here is a look at some of the most intriguing picks, reaches and gems selected on draft day.

    First QB Taken: Deshaun Watson (1st Round, Pick 1) Patriots
    84 OVR, THP 94, SAC 91, MAC 86, DAC 83
    Deshaun Watson has done a well in New England. Tom Brady’s replacement has thrown for over 11,000 yards and 71TDs (70PTD,1RTD). Watson boasts a 78.7 passer rating and 61% completion percentage. However Watson has struggled with interceptions (87), fumbles (18) and sacks (76) like most HK quarterbacks.

    Reach: Chad Kelly (1st Round, Pick 12) Chiefs
    78 OVR, THP 96, SAC 91, MAC 85, DAC 80
    Chad Kelly has been extremely erratic in Kansas City. Kelly has thrown for over 9,500 yards and 55TDs. Kelly has a slightly lower passer rating than Watson (76.7) but higher (66%) completion percentage. More importantly, Kelly struggled with interceptions (89), sacks (86), and fumbles (18).

    Gem & Best Pick: Mason Rudolph (2nd Round, Pick 10) 49ers
    89 OVR, THP 92, SAC 95, MAC 93, DAC 85 (2017 Best Quarterback, 1 Pro Bowl Appearance)
    Mason Rudolph and been a key component in the 49ers rebuild. Rudolph has thrown for over 11,300 yards and 92TDs (91PTD, 1RTD). Rudolph boasts a 90.5 passer rating and 65% completion percentage. However Mason has struggled with interceptions (83), fumbles (22) and sacks (99).

    Honorable Mentions: Brad Kaaya 82 OVR (1st round, pick 17 Cardinals) 11k yards, 70TDs, 89ints, 106Sacks, 21 fumbles, 79.0 rating.

    First HB Taken: Dalvin Cook (1st Round, Pick 5) Bills
    88 OVR, SPD 94, ACC 95, ELU 87, TRK 90, BCV 94, CAR 91 (1 Pro Bowl Appearance)
    Dalvin Cook was the pre-Madonna of the draft and the Bills owner pestered everyone in the top 5 about him. To the relief of the Bills owner and annoyance of the other 31, the Bills drafted Cook 5th overall. Cook has rushed for over 3400 yards and caught 86 passes for 791 yards. Cook has scored 39TDs (35 rushing and 4 receiving) and fumbled 7x.

    Slight/Potential Reach: Leonard Fournette (1st Round, Pick 6) Giants
    88 OVR, SPD 93, ACC 91, ELU 78, TRK 88, BCV 95, CAR 91 (1 Pro Bowl Appearance)
    Leonard Fournette lost the Heisman and seems to have lost his mojo in HK. Fournette is close to 3000 yards mark and should break it this week. He has caught 90 passes for 749 yards. Fournette has scored 27TDs (25 rushing and 1 receiving) and fumbled 7x.

    Gem: Nick Chubb (1st Round, Pick 20) Panthers
    82 OVR, SPD 90, ACC 91, ELU 88, TRK 88, BCV 96, CAR 84 (2017 NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year)
    Nick Chubb has been a beast for the Carolina Panthers. Coach Pimp Daddy Slim has Chubb churning out yards. Chubb has rushed for over 2800 yards, caught 72 passes for 657 yards, and returned 14 Kicks for 402 yards. Chubb has scored 40TDs (36 rushing, 3 receiving and 1KR) and fumbled 7x.

    Best Pick: Christian McCaffery (1st Round, Pick 8) Browns
    91 OVR, SPD 90, ACC 90, ELU 92, TRK 90, BCV 91, CAR 90 (2 Pro Bowl Appearances, 2017 AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year, 2017 Offense Player of the Year))
    Christian McCaffery has been a nightmare in HK, only overshadowed by Zeke the Freak. McCaffery has rushed for over 3800 yards and caught 123 passes for 1365 yards. He has scored 38TDs (32 rushing, 6 receiving) and only fumbled 6x.

    Honorable Mentions: Jalen Hurd 77 OVR (1st round, pick 32 Cardinals) 2800 Total yards, 27TDs, 8 fumbles

    First WR Taken: JUJU Smith-Schuster (1st Round, Pick 10) Saints
    83 OVR, SPD 90, ACC 90, CTH 89, CIT 92, SPC 90, RTE 92, RLS 91 (1 Pro Bowl Appearance)
    JUJU made an impact in New Orleans from day one. Schuster, a matchup nightmare on the outside, has caught 207 passes for 3132 yards and 20TDs.

    Slight Reach: Isaiah Ford (1st Round, Pick 23) Buccaneers
    80 OVR, SPD 93, ACC 94, CTH 84, CIT 81, SPC 85, RTE 86, RLS 80
    Isaiah Ford is a slight reach due to his average production in HK. Ford has caught 167 passes for over 2000 yards and 8 TDs. His real impact is in the return game returning over 50 kicks for 1200 yards and 2 TDs.

    Reach: Corey Davis (1st Round, Pick 25) Seahawks
    80 OVR, SPD 88, ACC 88, CTH 83, CIT 85, SPC 92, RTE 87, RLS 85
    Davis has only caught 89 passes for 1,277 yards and 9 TDs in two seasons.

    Gem: Dmitrius Burt (UDFA) Patriots
    80 OVR, SPD 92, ACC 88, CTH 85, CIT 84, SPC 80, RTE 86, RLS 84
    In true Patriot form, Cade found some scrub ass dude to turn into a damn good player. Burt has caught 198 passes for 3500 yards and 29 TDs. Burt is 6’6” that jumpball cheese on display in NE oh cheesy asses. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Best Pick: Mike Williams (1st Round, Pick 16) 49ers
    88 OVR, SPD 90, ACC 88, CTH 96, CIT 92, SPC 92, RTE 96, RLS 97 (1 Pro Bowl Appearance, 2018 NFC Best Wide Receiver, League Leader Receptions)
    Before I get called a homer for this pick go kiss a cactus. Mike is a beast that is all. Mike has caught 215 passes for 3,199 yards and 30TDs.

    Honorable Mentions: Melvin Ellison 83 OVR (2nd round, pick 2) 156 rec, 2651 yards 10TDs
    Poppy Booker 81 OVR (2nd round, Pick 5) Bills 123 rec, 2006 yards, 14TDs.
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