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Discussion in 'Team Pages' started by Mike E, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. Mike E

    Mike E Earth Rocker

    Dec 30, 2009
    Rockets send:
    Jeremy Lin| 78ovr | b+ | 24yrs old | 3 yrs 24mil
    Royce White| 68 OVR | B- | 21yrs old | 2yrs 3.36mil
    '14 1st round pick

    Raptors send:

    Kyle Lowery| 82OVR | B pot| 26 yrs | 2yrs 11.96 mil
    Jonas Valanciunas| 59 OVR | C- pot | 20yrs old | 2 yrs, 6.9mil

    Raptors get a younger PG with more upside and a nice combo PF/C that will get better very quickly as well as a possible low-mid 1st round pick in next years draft.

    Rockets get back Lowery and a young center that could possibly grow into a good backup.


    if this doesnt work, please let me know what i should be giving up to get Lowery?
  2. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    Mike E

    This is declined. Lowry is the best player on the Raptors, ratings wise, and I doubt any deal that does not involve a similarly rated player going back to Toronto would get approved. Your 1st round pick at this point is not really that good a commodity, as it's expected that most users will be on the back end of the lottery at worst.
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