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Rolling with the Tide 2016

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by JFunk34, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. JFunk34

    JFunk34 Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.

    Oct 6, 2009
    2015 BCS National Champions
    Starting Lineups
    QB- JR(RS) Blaine Miller
    HB- JR(RS) Rashad Barber
    FB- JR(RS) Al Franklin
    WR- JR(RS) Aaron Alexander
    WR- SO(RS) Jesse Townes
    TE- SR Josh Atkins
    LT- JR(RS) Lance Pope
    LG- JR(RS) Sean Whitlock
    C- JR(RS) Kevin Faulk
    RG- SR(RS) Courtney Lyles
    RT- SR(RS) Brandon Smith​
    RE- SR(RS) Brett May
    DT- JR Jerome Bailey
    DT- SO Jamil Thompson
    LE- SO(RS) Pete Petty
    ROLB- SR(RS) James Taylor
    MLB- SR Max Darby
    LOLB- JR(RS) Caleb Williams
    CB- SR(RS) Dre Brown
    CB- SR(RS) Terrence McNeil
    FS- JR(RS) Julian Lucas
    SS- JR(RS) Micah Reid​
    K- SO C.J. Robinson
    P- JR Terrance Henley
    Return Man- JR(RS) Aaron Alexander

    Offensive Outlook: The Bama offense lost some key playmakers coming off it's National Championship season but they have some talented players that can hopefully step up and take the load. Blaine Miller is a true pro-style QB and has an amazing arm. He will have to step up and make plays in the passing game to keep the offense balance. Playing behind him is career backup redshirt senior Kyle Cole. He has never really cracked the lineup at Bama because he is more of a scrambling type quarterback. He may not contribute much in the base offense but Coach JFunk is hoping to use him in some special packages to keep the defense off balance. Rashad Barber has a lot of quality game time over his career and he will have to step it up a notch this season as he will be relied on to take much more responsibility. Redshirt sophomore Ben Fontenot is listed as a running back on the depth chart but he will move around a lot on offense. At 6'4" 224 lbs. he is a mismatch pretty much anywhere on the field. Aaron Alexander returns at wide receiver and will be the big play threat for the new QB. Jesse Townes will line up opposite him and he has a lot of potential as a redshirt sophomore. Josh Atkins returns at tight end and he is blocks like an offensive tackle and has pretty soft hands. A combination of him an fullback Al Franklin give Bama a dangerous combination of blockers and skill players. Bama's offensive line is dominant and they will be the key to making this thing mesh.

    Defensive Outlook: Bama is used to having a dominant defense. Although from the outside in the grand scheme of things this defense may look really good. But Coach JFunk knows there are some glaring weaknesses that can be exploited if he lets it. The Tide defense figures to switch up there philosophy a bit this year to try and conceal those weaknesses. Max Darby is the leader of the defense and is like a coach on the field. He will be on the field in almost every defensive set and will be relied on to make sure the proper defense is called and every one is in the right position. Caleb Williams is a devastating playmaker at outside linebacker and will get plenty of chances to change the game with his playmaking ability. Pete Petty will be starting at the defensive end spot left by the great Paul Herring. If Petty can get half the production that Herring did then he will be fine. Julian Lucas continues to be a big playmaker in the centerfield at free safety. If the safeties can help out the corners who are both converted safeties and the front seven can get consistent pressue then this Bama defense will be very good again.

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