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Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by sammymitchell25, May 22, 2011.

  1. sammymitchell25

    sammymitchell25 Walk On

    Oct 12, 2009
    Ravens Scrimmage vs the Cincinnati Bengals

    Bengals 25, Ravens 16



    Luke Bertrand: 4-11 60 yds 3 INTs (pulled at halftime) (#4 Rated QB according to Web Kiper)

    Kenneth Quigley: 8-24 129 yds (2nd Half) (#3 rated QB according to Web Kiper)


    Tyler Dougherty: 5-16 120 yds TD INT



    Calvin Copeland: 19 car 85 yds TD (#1 HB, #5 overall prospect according to Web Kiper)


    B. Scott: 6 car 88 yds TD



    Sascha Gilmore: 4 rec 78 yds (#1 WR, #11 overall prospect according to Web Kiper)

    Boris Roland: 4 rec 64 yds ( #7 rated WR according to Web Kiper)

    Eliott Moore: 1 rec 20 yds (#1 TE, #8 overall prospect according to Web Kiper)

    Calvin Copeland: 2 rec 26 yds ( #1 HB, #5 overall prospect according to Web Kiper)



    DT Ronald Thomas: 2 sacks (#1 DT, #9 overall prospect according to Web Kiper)

    LOLB Jamale Simmons: 2 tackles, INT (#1 rated LOLB according to Web Kiper)

    MLB Sione Taue'etia: 4 tackles, sack (#1 MLB, #2 overall prospect according to Web Kiper)

    RE Josh Bennett: 4 tackles, sack (#4 rated RE according to Web Kiper)


    Steelers Rookie Scrimmage vs Cleveland Browns

    Steelers 31, Browns 14



    Nile Turner: 15-30 209 yds 3 TDs INT (#1 QB, #1 overall prospect according to Web Kiper)


    Colt McCoy: 9-23 112 yds TD INT



    Jamal Lewis: 20 car 108 yds, reception TD (#3 rated HB according to Web Kiper)


    M. Hardesty: 12 car 49 yds



    WR Bryan Walker: 4 rec 79 yds (#2 rated WR according to Web Kiper)

    TE Johnny Browne: 4 rec 52 yds TD ( #2 rated TE according to Web Kiper)

    WR Micheal Davis: 2 rec 40 yds (#3 rated WR according to Web Kiper)

    FB Willie Wells: rec TD ( #2 rated FB according to Web Kiper)



    MLB Grady Baruch: 6 tackles, Sack, INT, FF (#2 rated MLB, #17 overall prospect according to Web Kiper)

    LE Andrew Snow: 3 tackles, 2 sacks (#2 rated LE according to Web Kiper)

    DT Connor McGrath: 2 sacks (#3 rated DT according to Web Kiper)

    MLB Ben Nunez: 4 tackles, sack (#3 rated MLB according to Web Kiper)

    Awamagbe Alli: 4 tackles, FF (#2 rated FS according to Web Kiper)

    Scrimmage games #3 coming soon............
  2. weblink21

    weblink21 Walk On

    Oct 9, 2009
    Web Kipers Stock Watch

    Stock rising:

    - QB Nile Turner: 15-30 209 yds 3 TD, INT - I think I am developing a man crush.

    - HB Calvin Copeland: 19 car, 85 yds, TD - Who needs a RB? I know this is a deep RB class, but during the combine, Copeland has established himself as the clear #1 by a wide margin in my opinion. I expect him to go top 5 to a team that needs help in the backfield. I can also see owners trying to trade up for this guy. He is going to be special.

    - WR Sasha Gilmore: 4 rec, 78 yds - I have been so impressed by Gilmore's play during the combine. I wasn't sure coming in if he had the ability to be a "go to" top WR, but he has proven me wrong. I once asked him about TE Elliot Moore being ranked ahead of him in my rankings and he laughed. At the time, I thought he was being arrogant, but he was right. Anyone that takes Moore over Gilmore in the draft, will regret it.

    - HB Jamal Lewis: 20 car, 108 yds, 1 receiving TD - He has firmly planted himself as my #2 HB. Lewis has the type of quickness and moves to be very successful in the OMFL.

    Stock dropping:

    - QB Luke Bertrand: Bertrand came in battling for the #2 QB spot on my list. He clearly is not. I was told before the game that he would be left in all 4 quarters so teams could see what he could do. Being pulled before the half is embarrassing and I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn’t drop himself into the 3rd round.

    - TE Eliott Moore: How does a TE with this much speed make my list 2 weeks in a row now? Moore caught 1 pass for 20 yards in the game. That now gives him 4 catches for 41 yards for the combine. I had him ranked as my pre-combine #8 OVERALL prospect, but he is plummeting down my board. With the success of Munchie Cosh in the OMFL; I still expect him to go in the top 10-15 area, but Moore is no Cosh.

    - CB Kevin Leopard: I know he had an interception and played well, but I am hearing rumors that he has been lackadaisical and can fall asleep on some play.. His awareness is definitely scaring away some owners.

    Draft buzz:

    - I hear that although the Steelers love Nile Turner and hate Big Ben, they have been quietly shopping the #1 pick. I don’t understand the move, but I am sure Coach Jethro has a plan....right.

    - I hate to keep attacking the kid, but again the play of Bertrand was horrible. Kenneth Quigley did come in to go 8 for 29 and 129 yards, but I wouldn't say that he passed Bertrand in the rankings. If you can't get Turner and want my advice; get a free agent QB or trade for one.

    - The best play of the combine happened this week during drills. Sasha Gilmore was in the corner of the end zone with THREE defenders draped on him. Bertrand (of course) saw the 3 defenders as a good sign to throw into the coverage. All 4 players were standing still and all jumped for the ball at the same time. Gilmore out jumped all 3 defenders by at least a foot and a half to bring the ball down for a TD. Amazing!

    - I am waiting for confirmation from my sources, but I am about to break major draft news in my next report. Stay tuned.

    Hope you enjoyed. See you next week!

    Web Kiper

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