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Rookie Symposium M25 Community

Discussion in 'Game Scheduling' started by RRAHx2, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    I have created a community room for us RS'ers. It is current with the sliders I have set to use this cycle. Feel free to scrimmage during Labor Day weekend, since we won't advance to the reg. season until Saturday. You wait list guys, can join the room, too. Get a taste of how RS users play.

    Also, I uploaded our league sliders using file share, so yo ucan search my GT and download them if you want to use for offline play.

    Community Name: Rookie Symposium
    Password: 123456

    Thanks, guys.

    oneshot24 - NE
    GDip - DEN
    Hitmhrd72 - JAX
    whatspeakyou - CHI
    nellycuz - PIT
    Snake Eyez - CIN
    Anthrax78 - DET
    The Rulah - WAS
    SmashMouthFB33 - STL
    mmorgan184 - CLE
    AwaLL - MIA
    Coachmedicis - BUF
    Crowe - SF
    BrewBomber - GB
    Chief9 - NYJ
    nicknick68 - NYG
    LeGeNd RiPs - BAL
    Automatik - AZ
    Javier24 - MIN
    Elemnt - CAR
    lere2001 - PHI
    priestmvp - KC
    jay2149 - ATL
    GritzBlitz - NO
    Craig Brown - IND
    NateDawg - SD
    SFRANGER6969 - SEA
    Brandon S. - HOU
    Aspect1 - OAK
    RRAHx2 - DAL
    Cole Springer - TEN
    @LeGeNd RiPs
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