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Rookie Symposium (Rules and History)

Discussion in 'Rookie Symposium' started by RRAHx2, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    Rookie Symposium is an online Connected Careers campaign with one goal: to combine competitiveness, passion, integrity and fairness to help develop new members of the Tradition Sports Online community. We welcome Madden players of all skill levels and offer users the opportunity to showcase their football knowledge and team management skills. We pride ourselves in our fair, simulation-style game play, and dedication. Each owner in our league has displayed the knowledge and game play abilities to be worthy of being in this league. Each rule and setting in this league has been vigorously tested and scrutinized to ensure we deliver the most realistic gaming experience possible.

    This is your chance to prove yourself as one of the best owners the NFL has ever seen. Your legacy awaits, as you attempt to build your team into a dynasty. Will you re-shape a franchise and be the key to re-building a team into a dyansty? Or will you capitalize with the teams built to "win now"? Will be the team that brings the NFL back to LA? Or instead will you be the trail-blazer who tries to push the NFL onto the international stage? Compete against 31 other NFL owners, and show why your name belongs in the record books. Manage every aspect of your team, and prove you have what it takes to run an NFL front office. Build your legacy as the best the NFL has ever seen, and you will find yourself immortalized in Canton. Take control of your destiny, and leave... your.. mark.
    Rookie Symposium is open to all TSO members, regardless of length of membership or premier status. This league operates under a SIM style of play. We strive to play tough, hard games within the boundaries of the rules and realism. We often refer back to the idea of, "Beat your opponent, not the game."

    Our expectation, is that all applicants / members that apply to the league do so with the intention to stay through the life of the CCM. We appreciate any interest shown, and are always looking for users who can bring dedication, and knowledge to the league.

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  2. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    Head Coach Roster
    Name Gamertag [/U][/B]Coach Type Team
    CCtxWonton CCTxWonton Motivator Buffalo Bills
    Awall Awall2k10 Team Builder Miami Dolphins
    oneshot24 xXPatsFan24Xx Team Builder New England Patriots
    whatspeakyou whatspeakyou85 Strategist New York Jets
    BrewBomber OLBrewBomber Motivator Houston Texans
    brizz98 brizz98 Strategist Indianapolis Colts
    Crowe Jared Crowe Motivator Jacksonville Jaguars
    hitmhrd72 hitmhrd72 Team Builder Tennessee Titans
    LSUTRUTH LSUTRUTH Motivator Denver Broncos
    SFRANGER6969 SFRANGER6969 Strategist Kansas City Chiefs
    Aspect1 Aspect1 Motivator Oakland Raiders
    T.B.A.R. T.B.A.R. Strategist San Diego Chargers
    Wiznerd420 WizNerd Motivator Baltimore Ravens
    Snake Eyez SnakeEyez Strategist Cincinnati Bengals
    mmorgan184 mmorgan184 Team Builder Cleveland Browns
    nellycuz nellycuz Motivator Pittsburgh Steelers
    Dallas Cowboys
    nicknick68 nicknick68 Motivator New York Giants
    Craig Brown Craig Brown -- Philadelphia Eagles
    The Rulah The Rulah Strategist Washington Redskins
    jay2149 jay2149 Team Builder Atlanta Falcons
    PantherKing1983 PantherKing1983 Motivator Carolina Panthers
    coachmedicis Mofojones Strategist New Orleans Saints
    Chiefs9 Chiefs9 Strategist Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    RRAHx2 RRAHx2 Motivator Arizona Cardinals
    Anthrax78 Anthrax78 Motivator San Francisco 49ers
    UofCWildcat UofCWildcat Motivator Seattle Seahawks
    SmashmouthFB33 SmashmouthFB33 Motivation St. Louis Rams
    GDip GDip Strategist Chicago Bears
    TryHardNation xxHaasxx Team Builder Detroit Lions
    dillonb15 dillonb15 Motivator Green Bay Packers
    -- -- -- Minnesota Vikings

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    Twitter Feed
    NFL Today
    Game Summaries
    Team Management
    Game Scheduling
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  3. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    Head Coach Roster
    Name Gamertag [/U][/B]Team
    Coachmedicis -- Buffalo Bills
    AwaLL Awall2k10 Miami Dolphins
    oneshot24 xXPatsFan24Xx New England Patriots
    Chief9 Chiefs9 New York Jets
    Brandon S. -- Houston Texans
    Craig Brown Craig Brown Indianapolis Colts
    Hitmhrd72 hitmhrd72 Crowe Jared @Crowe Crowe Jacksonville Jaguars
    Cole Springer ColeSpringer Tennessee Titans
    LeGeNd RiPs Legend Rips Denver Broncos
    priestmvp priestmvp Kansas City Chiefs
    Aspect1 Aspect1 Oakland Raiders
    NateDawg miz nighthawk San Diego Chargers
    raveneff Raven Is Wicked Baltimore Ravens
    Snake Eyez SnakeEyez Cincinnati Bengals
    mmorgan184 mmorgan184 Cleveland Browns
    nellycuz nellycuz Pittsburgh Steelers
    RRAHx2 RRAHx2 Dallas Cowboys
    Matthew Keves osugolfguy New York Giants
    lere2001 Lere2001 Philadelphia Eagles
    The Rulah The Rulah Washington Redskins
    jay2149 EarnedPaper58 Atlanta Falcons
    Elemnt elemnt Carolina Panthers
    Reickross ReickRoss New Orleans Saints
    BE5T NAME EVER -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Automatik -- Arizona Cardinals
    Crowe Jared Crowe San Francisco 49ers
    SFRANGER6969 SFRanger6969 Seattle Seahawks
    SmashMouthFB33 SmashmouthFB33 St. Louis Rams
    whatspeakyou whatspeakyou85 Chicago Bears
    Anthrax78 Anthrax78 Detroit Lions
    BrewBomber -- Green Bay Packers
    Javier24 RaiderNation925 Minnesota Vikings
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