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Rookie Watch (Season 2)

Discussion in 'Rookie Symposium' started by nellycuz, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. nellycuz

    nellycuz I'm an educated fool w/ $$ on my mind.

    Jul 24, 2012
    I created this thread to let owners keep the league updated on how their rookies are doing this year. You can post stats, write ups or anything else you want to include. Are there any superstars? First round duds that aren't performing? Tell us HERE!

    The Steelers have been quite happy with their first and second round draft picks from this year. They are highlighted here:

    1st round pick ROLB Jorduun Abrams: Abrams had big shoes to fill coming into pre-season as he took over for James Harrison when he retired. Abrams has played awesome recording 11 tackles and 1 sack in three games. Abrams fits well in the Steelers 3-4, even though he played 4-3 ROLB in college.

    2nd round pick MLB John Lugo: Lugo has played just as good as Abrams has, if not better. These guys play next to each other and coach nellycuz couldn't have asked for two better rookies. Lugo fills in for Larry Foote as he was released and signed by the Ravens. Lugo has tallied 14 tackles in 3 games. The now veteran MLB Lawrence Timmons is a great role model for young Lugo. With these two rookies, the Steelers look to have one of the top LB core in the league for years to come.

    3rd round pick CB John Scruggs: The starting rookie nickel back for the Steelers, Scruggs from LSU has shown us why we drafted him. Although he's only recorded 3 tackles in 3 games, Scruggs has shined as a KR for the Steelers, already posting up 2 100yd+ KR TDs in 3 games. He also has a handful of passes defensed.

    4th round pick FS Ben Martin: Ben has helped us on special teams thus far, and also fills in as a 4th CB sometimes. Ben is a very fast FS and will be ready to step into the starting lineup if Troy or Clark go down with injuries due to their older age. Will look to start in the next year or 2 as the current safeties will retire soon.

    5-7th rounds: 5th round ROLB Frankie Mlakar fills in on special teams with 4 tackles. A talented speedy LB who may be called on down the road due to injuries.

    6-7 round draft picks are simply fillers for the roster at this time. Coach nellycuz is really proud of how well his organization drafted this year and looks to focus a little more on the offensive side of the ball next year in the draft.
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  2. ConiglioSG

    ConiglioSG Walk On

    Jan 13, 2013
    Nice thread! I will try to come up something too. I have been kinda busy learning video edition lol.

    Scruggs 2 100yd+ KR TDs? WOW Thats amazing.
  3. nellycuz

    nellycuz I'm an educated fool w/ $$ on my mind.

    Jul 24, 2012
    He had another one last night...was my best KR ever
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  4. platinumjol14

    platinumjol14 Walk On

    Dec 23, 2012
    1st Round: J.T. Newkirk
    Its hard to get excited about the 3-4 DE position, unless your name's J.J. Watt or Justin Smith. One thing Newkirk has in common with these guys is his relentless
    motor. While he may not be putting up exciting stats, his play has helped the Chiefs win games.

    2nd Round: Larry Waters
    At this pick, Chiefs went BPA. Waters came out as a 4-3 DE in college with excellent speed and size (6-4 273, 87 Speed, 81 Agility, 85 Acceleration). He is currently getting reps as a situational pass rusher behind Hali and Houston (1 sack, 8 tackles) but should eventually take over Hali's role.

    3rd Round: Mason Maggit
    Don't know how this guy fell to the Chiefs in the third round, maybe it was the fact that he was a 6-3 Left tackle. So far, no complaints Joe Flacco as he is off to a career year.

    4th Round: Chase David
    Mammoth at DE, HUGE (6'5 323). However, David hasn't been able to see the field because of the Chief's depth at the trenches. Should definitely make the front office's decision harder this year of whether they want to resign Tyson Jackson.

    5-7 Rounds: None have really made an impact, fans were excited when they drafted Keanu Novosel (DT) in the 5th round as they thought he had a possibility of starting. Rookie seventh rounder, Chris Jeffcoat, was a surprise to make the team and has made a few plays on special teams.
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  5. oneshot24

    oneshot24 Walk On

    Aug 20, 2012
    2nd Round: Jamaal Hicks, WR - Going into the draft the pats knew they needed depth at the WR position late last season pats had 2 WR'S injured and felt the impact. Jamaal hicks was 1 of 3 WR's on the pats board when the pats pick was up Hicks was the only 1 remaining that was scouted and pats Knew they needed 2 snag him up and it was a great pick up. In his first pro game Jamaal Hicks posted 8 catches for 179 yards and 3 TD"S. And with 3 games under his belt he has 17 catches for 351 yards and 4 td's and it will only get better as #2 WR Brandon Lloyd went down with a injury.

    2nd Round: Colin Andre, DE - Andre was also picked as a depth pick he has started 1 game and has 1 sack. With Rob Ninkovich set to become a free agent next season look for Andre 2 get more snaps.

    3rd Round: Andrew Hill, LB - This was another depth pick that i can groom and set free in the next few seasons.

    3rd Round: Terrence Taylor, SS - Hasn't had any impact but is ready if a Injury occurs.

    4th Round: Cedric Sexton, CB - Is my 4th CB but is working his way up!

    5th round: Keon Wilson, QB - In the off season i wanted another QB Knowing i was looking to trade Mallett away. In week 1 of the 2013 season Keon Wilson saw his first action as Brady was pulled from the game when the pats were up early in the 3rd quarter against San Diego. Keon Wilson went 7-11 for 115 yards and 1 TD. Pats have a lot of confidence in him if Brady were to get injured.
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  6. mmorgan184

    mmorgan184 Walk On

    Sep 15, 2011
    1st round: QB Wade Schumacher - Hasn't had as much of an impact this early as I thought he would but this is also coming off the heels of a 4th qtr 20-7 comeback win against the Steelers in which Schumacher was the reason for the explosive last two minutes of the game where I was able to score 14 points. His numbers would be a lot better if I had a true #1 wide receiver but right now I'm stuck with having to play with a slew of #2s and slot guys. Wade's big arm is a plus and he has some good accuracy ratings and right now sits with 1088 yards passing and a 5:4 TD:INT ratio. Hopefully as the season progresses and I face some weaker defenses his arm will shine more.

    2nd round: LG Matt Hurley - This guy is good to great on paper but my god he can't hold a block. I was expecting this season to be a huge running year for Trent Richardson as I pieced together a very solid o-line but it just hasn't happened. Maybe I need to give him a year and get his awareness rating up? We'll see what happens come draft time.

    3rd round: CB Tiras Brown - Hasn't gotten nearly as much playing time as I anticipated. He started as my 2nd CB but early in the first game of the year I had my UDFA CB Marcus Johnson subbed in for him and Johnson quickly took over the starting job. While Johnson isn't rated as high as Tiras Brown in a couple of attributes, Johnson has unmatched speed and acceleration along with solid coverage ratings. Given a year to develop I can see Tiras brown being a great nickel corner and Marcus Johnson turning into a great and true shutdown guy to go opposite of Joe Haden.

    3rd round: RE Blaine Robinson - He has started at RE since day 1 and has earned every bit of it. As a rookie he has already tallied 3 sacks this year and has collapsed the pocket in the passing game numerous times to open up opportunities for Rubin and Sheard to get their sack on. He has already tallied 3 sacks this season against some of the best Left Tackles the league has to offer and looks to cause more havoc in the future as he adjusts to the NFL and progresses in his abilities. If he improves as much as he should he might be able to compete for AFC DROTY.

    5th round: RE Jameel Edwards - He has been solid as a rotational sub for Sheard and Robinson. He has had a few tackles and shows some great promise with his already high physical ratings. If he progresses well he might take over at LE for Sheard next season.

    6th round: WR Michael Campbell - CPU cut him because I had 54 players on my roster and thought I had 53. He was then deleted from the FA pool. Very disappointed the guy had a lot of great attributes and could have been a great returner and slot receiver with his speed and elusiveness.

    6th round: MLB Wesley Abel - Hasn't played at MLB much because DQ is such a force here and is a great every down linebacker. He has made some big plays on Special Teams and like other rookies I drafted has some great physical gifts that might translate to some playing time later this year or next season.

    7th round: P Beau Lindsly - Cut. had 89 kick power

    7th round: FS Chris Parker - This guy has a very high zone coverage and hit power rating and has seen some playing time at FS to spell Eric Hagg. In that small amount of playing time he has one interception and 4 tackles. This bodes well for his futue in cleveland.

    UDFA: WR Casey Clowney - I picked this guy up as my 1 FA pick because I needed help at WR and he fits perfectly into the offense I wan to run. So far he has caught 2 TD passes and at 6'4" with 99 jumping and 89 spectacular catch he is immediately a dangerous red zone threat. This year will be a good introduction for him and next year should be his coming out party.

    UDFA: WR Joe Watson - Picked him up from the waiver system to replace the accidentally cut Michael Campbell. While he is a better receiver than Campbell and has made some big catches for me he isn't the return man Campbell was either and I feel I am missing that heavily on my team. Watson should be a fantastic receiver in the future as he looks to be developing quite nicely.

    UDFA: CB Marcus Johnson - A strong and very quick cornerback that went undrafted. He can play zone and cover man to man very well along with being good at pressing on the line. He has already established himself as a great cornerback with a pick 6 in the first game of the season and his 2nd interception in his 2nd game played. He is also among the leaders in tackles for rookies in the league so far this season. He should be a great player to pair opposite of Joe Haden for the next few years.
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  7. tmac6412

    tmac6412 Walk On

    Dec 30, 2009
    Indianapolis Colts Rookie Watch

    1st Round Pick: Rannel Moore - The seventh overall pick has not seen the field. With a terrible running performance in week 4 by Hillis and Brown, he might see the field this week.

    2nd Round Pick: Evan Matthews - Situated behind Cody Fleener as the No. 2 TE. Has one catch this season. The new coaching staff likes to use TE's so his numbers should improve.

    3rd Round Pick: Jack Brown - Will be a bigger part of the Colts gameplan with the switch to the 4-3 under the new regime.

    4th Round Pick: Mike Blake - The Colts fourth tackle. Likely won't see the field unless there's a string of injuries this season. Has played in one game.

    6th Round Pick: Malcom Shade - Shade is playing as my dime back right now. He's played in all four games and has made four tackles.
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