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Rules & Guidlines

Discussion in 'MaddenCLASS' started by kevinmack, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. kevinmack

    kevinmack Walk On

    Oct 19, 2010
    MaddenCLASS Rules & Standards

    SECTION I. Each member of the MaddenCLASS is expected to display conduct that of an exemplary standard. Good sportsmanship, honesty, respect, pride and CLASS is demanded from all participants. The Commissioners reserve the right to ban any participant from play based on any violation of the code of conduct, stated, or unstated.

    - ADVANCE every 72 hours.-
    *** THIS RULE UNDER REVIEW in M25*** NO USER CATCHING on OFFENSE/DEF. After a pass you must wait for CPU to catch it then once it switches you can control the receiver.

    No DEF Movement. Only Madden PreSnap Shifts!! Do not Manually move a player!
    No Custom Playbooks! OFF or DEF!

    Running up the Score… DON’T DO IT! Don’t Cheese the CPU, or break Records. Due to earning XP points, if you violate this, that player will be Benched for a game or two or season, Possible benching of QB. And loss of Draft picks. We will allow a 35-ish point buffer. Do not beat a person or CPU by more than 35. You could be suspended for your next game or just Booted. EVERYONE Has been Warned! So don’t break theses rules.
    · Basically just play with CLASS- Respect-Sportsmanship. If you cannot have fun Win or Lose this is not the LG for you.

    SECTION II. The MaddenCLASS is a SIMULATION league. Play games in a realistic and fair way. (EXAMP - Do Not Excessively Overmatch On Defense, Do Not Call The Same Plays Over And Over, Do not run 2 WR all game long, Do Not Use Goalline Offense or Defense When It Is Not Appropriate, No Dropping Back Too Far With The QB, Do Not Constantly Run Hurry Up Offense, No Constant Rolling Out With Your QB Unless Under Direct Pressure By The Defense, ETC.) These rules are very subjective, so it is up to the players to keep our league fun. The intent of the M-CLASS is to have fun, but SIMULATION style games.

    QB Option plays - we are evaluating this and will probably have a limit of 4 or 5 a game. This falls into that Wildcat/Screen pass type play. And again we want to mix it up. NFL teams get about 60 OFF snaps a game. in Madden you might get 30-40. We dont want 10 of your plays to be Options (33%) so 4 (10% ish sounds good) with 1 or 2 screens 15-20 run plays. 10 -20 pass plays. a good balance and being wise and trying to out smart your Oppt is what we are about. Not trying to use "Money" type plays. We all have some "Go To" plays that we want to use on 3rd down. Again mix it up. have fun! make it competitive and a challenage

    Game Pause: When your Oppnt hits pause please give them a min or two. Try to text them / PSN message them / AIM to see if they are Ready or need more time. Also if you pause please try to Text ur Oppnt so they know whats going on. Sometimes you cant bc of an emergency. The team that didnt Pause should wait for you to UnPause and not resume the game without you being ready.

    Good rule of thumb is to wait 30 sec. then try to resume. if game doesnt start in 5 sec. hit cancel and wait a little longer... try agains in another 30-60 sec. and try to reach out to see if your oppnt is ready. Or just Wait for them to resume.

    When you pause please be respectful of your Oppnts time also. If you can immediately try to message your Oppnt. and let them know you need a few mins. By pausing you are already saying Hey i need a min or two. If you need longer try to send a message.

    Do not Unpause and resume game and play vs CPU. That will get you put on Auto and continual bad behavior will get you removed from the LG.

    SECTION III. You are responsible for knowing and complying with the TSO Message Board Rules.

    SECTION IV. Player Discipline

    Gameplay issues and problems with cheesing and cheating are to be emailed to a commissioner. Do not post on the message board any accusations from league played games. The M-CLASS staff have the authority to levy sanctions to owners for rules violations. This can be anything from player suspensions to restricting trades and Free Agent pick-ups to removal from the league.

    SECTION V. The M-CLASS Commish still retains the power to boot anyone at anytime for any reason he deems appropriate.

    SECTION VI. Message Boards and Game Scheduling
    This is the major communication tool for the league. It is imperative that all owners visit the boards regularly and post and respond to posts frequently. All owners must be respectful on the boards. While it is fun to talk trash, do not take it too far and do not insult other members. The Commissioners will review violations.

    Game scheduling

    All Owners have Contact numbers listed, as well as our Chat. If you cannot get a hold of your Oppnt, let me know and I will try. If not we will place on Auto for the final day for you to play CPU.
    If you cant play, its ok. Let your Oppnt know and put yourself on Auto, or hit me up so I can put you on Auto.

    Simmed Games

    Any games not played by the deadline will be simmed with the cpu selecting the winner and or any injuries that may happen. On this version of Madden there is no way to dictate which team will win the game.

    **Teams are required to play 1 game in 3 days.
    If a game time cannot be determined, the game will be simmed.

    SECTION VII. Disconnections
    Very Important DO NOT Quit game if you are getting your butt kicked, This Madden doesn’t give the Win option. Win humbly and Lose with Grace.
    If someone is Not playing SIM, Cheesing or cheating. Try to text me during the game, or maybe quitting if you have great reason. You Must provide Photos/Videos (camera phone) if you quit a game and need to backup.
    This LG is built on CLASS and Respect so we shouldn’t have any people like that here. We might have some new people, so we need to weed them out.

    If you are disconnected, with less that 3 score difference. Start over 0-0 or as close as possible. If your down 21+. If both owners agree give, the leader 7 point and the ball. If you guys cant agree, and someone disconnected on purpose. Other owner will get to play CPU.

    SECTION VIII. Specific Gameplay Rules


    Also the ADDED Franchise Rules are to be followed

    * Be a CLASSY PLAYER. That, in part, means do not run the score up or taunt/trash talk when you are winning.

    * NO MANUALLY (taking control of player and moving him) moving ANY defensive players before snap (moving the defense with playmaker/preset moves are ok).

    * Only ONE (1) man in motion on offense per play, and NO back and forth over and over to confuse AI.
    · Limit audible / Hot Routes to max 2 per play and Not Every play!

    * After a Formation shift or in any package, TEs and Running backs CAN be out as wide recievers but Wide Receivers CAN NOT be lined up as Tight ends or Running backs.

    * Glitching WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

    * You are not allowed to have 9 in the box every play. Once every four downs is recommended.

    *. Running the Clock: An offensive play must be picked and called hike before :5 seconds left on the play calling clock in the forth quarter. Within the last two minutes of the game, the play clock can be run.

    4th Down Rules

    * Just play SIM, like NFL. They Punt a lot from the Oppnts side of the field , If your down 14+ points you might need to go for it 4th and 1 or 2 from your Oppnt 45 yard line (meaning 45 yards to the goal line... not YOUR 45 meaning 55 yards to gl) . if your winning or close game. Best might be to punt.

    We try to give ONE Coaches discretion . Per game. Maybe its 5 mins left in the 4th and your up 6 points. Ok maybe go for it. but up 7 or more points best to punt. (Coach discretion limited to 2nd and 4th QT. But FOLLOW SIM RULES 1st. if its 4th and 10 from the 40. Kick FG or PUNT! If its 4th and 4 from the 45.. and your down 14 points with 120 left in the half... then maybe you use your Coach Discretion to go for it. 4th and 10 should only be down 21+ points and reasonable point of the game... )

    * You may go for it on 4th down when down by 24 points at any time in the game and/or; when you have the ball at or beyond your opponents 45 yard line with 1 yard or less to go for a first down: You must also adhere to previously stated rules regarding realistic gameplay and sportsmanship when considering going for it on 4th down.

    Also unless your down 17 or more dont go for it multiples times on 4th down on the same drive. If there is 4 mins left in the 3rd. Best to kick FG/ PUNT

    * NO FAKE PUNTS or FG Allowed

    The M-CLASS Rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the M-CLASSC and/or M-CLASS President.

    V. Franchise Play

    A. Rules for Trades

    *Limit of 4 trades per team that can be used either in the offseason or inseason. Trade deadline is week 7. No trades after this point.
    *All trades must be Submitted to the Commish before Accepting by players. Use our Forum to post the trades

    *You must make sure your team meets Salary Cap requirements before offering the trade. This is to protect OUR league plain and simple.

    *If your team falls below roster requirements you must bid on a free agent to fill that hole.

    *Please put the overalls of the players you're trading in the thread. It will help us out a lot.

    *Trades are limited to 3 players/picks per team per tradeYou can not accumulate more than 10 draft picks. If your trade gives you more than 10, the trade will not be allowed. When including draft picks in a trade, you are only allowed to trade picks in Rounds 1-5.

    *When posting a trade, both teams must have their cap room posted for that trade--doesnt matter if one guy posts both of the teams' room but each team's cap room must be in that trade thread or the trade will be denied automatically

    *You may not trade a player as soon as you acquire them - you must keep them on your roster until the next offseason.

    *Do not mess your team up. If you leave the league, a new person will take over. It is not good for you to leave them a big mess. Commissioners may override trades that are too cap restrictive.

    *All trades will be approved and declined at the descretion of the trade committee

    Waiver Wire -

    Your allowed to put a Waiver claim on only 2 players per day. Use our FORUM

    When posting you need to put the Playes name and overall in the title line, down in the box you need your team name and what priority this claim is, #1 or # 2.

    If you were awarded a player you MUST sign that player to your team.

    Once awarded a player your team goes to the bottom of the list, each time you claim a player off the Waiver/FA list your team goes to the bottom, meaning if a team with a higher waiver standing places a claim on the same player , the team with the higher waiver standing will be awarded that player.

    All FA must be kept on your team for the remainder of the season, you can not cut or trade them.

    B. Salary Cap

    Just as in the NFL, there is a static leaguewide salary cap.

    Along with the salary cap, there is a cap penalty. Basically the cap penalty allows the M-CLASS to provide some semblance of realism in regards to the real NFL. In the real NFL, when a player is cut or traded, the team is still held accountable for a certain portion of that players salary. Just as in the real NFL, the better the player, the better the contract and the more of a "cap penalty" for getting rid of that players contract.

    The Maximum allowable Cap hit any team may accumalate is 12m. Once your trade and cut players cap hit total reaches 12m for next season. You will not be allowed to trade or cut anymore players this season. CCM processes Sal Cap on Trades and cuts with 1/3 hit this year and 2/3 the next. If your guy has 3 years left 9 million in bonus, 3m hit this year and 6m next.

    Max is 5 years Offer, but in future seasons you will have to worry about exceeding your salary cap if a player progresses into a superstar. We all know in the league, the better your player is, the more money he will demand.

    C. Rules for setting Depth Charts

    All depth chart changes must be made on the Depth Chart thread.
    Commissioners have the ability to override unrealistic roster moves.

    *M25 lets you change POS of a player. Their ratings change. All requests to do this most be approved 1st. So if you want to make Tebow a FB, let us know.

    Any DLineman can move to DE or DT
    Any Linebacker can move to OLB or ILB
    You may NOT move a CB to S.

    You may not move D-line to Linebacker or DB
    You may not move LBs to DB or D-line
    You may not move DBs to LB or D-line
    You man not move a WR to TE

    No WR to DB or DB to WR

    D. Rules for Resigning Players****If in the EA franchise mode****

    You must make sure your team meets Salary Cap requirements and you have enough roster spots available BEFORE offering the contract. You must also keep newly aquired Free Agents on your roster for at least a full season.
    Roster Breakdown

    Should look like this: Min / (MAX) on certain pos.

    Pos: Mix / (MAX)
    C -2 (3)
    FB – 1 (2)
    HB – 3 (4)
    G – 4 (6)
    T – 4 (6)
    QB – 2 (3)
    TE – 2 (4)
    WR – 4 (6)
    CB – 4 (6)
    DT – 3 (4)
    FS – 2 (3) you can mix / match for a min. of 4 Safeties
    SS – 2 (3)
    DE – 4 (6)
    OLB – 4 (6)
    MLB - 2 (3)
    K – 1 (2)
    P – 1 (2)

    Thats a total of 45 players Max of 53 players.
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  2. kevinmack

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    Oct 19, 2010
    NFC Owner AFC Owner
    SF kevinmack OAK TBD
    Ariz TBD KC TBD
    DAL Goofy NE TBD
    Wash Cheembastmer MIA TBD
    CAR OldSkoolQue JAX TBD
    CHI Remo CIN TBD
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  3. without_remorse

    without_remorse Walk On

    Sep 10, 2013
    idk if this is the right place to post this but I think that accel clock should either be turned off or quarters be extended the last game i played was only about 20 minutes long.
  4. kevinmack

    kevinmack Walk On

    Oct 19, 2010
    Did you play against CPU? Accl clock was fixed to 20 second. We might add another min. 8 min QT. but with it is right now game should be 40-50 min long
  5. without_remorse

    without_remorse Walk On

    Sep 10, 2013
    i played against arodfan and our game lasted about 30 minutes and we each had maybe 2 full drives. I think with the patch fixing accel clock it made the game alot shorter.
  6. David Andino

    David Andino Walk On

    Sep 17, 2013
    9 Minute Quaters would fix the problem completely......
  7. David Andino

    David Andino Walk On

    Sep 17, 2013
    Is this league over????

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