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Discussion in 'The 108' started by BobJr, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. BobJr

    BobJr To each their own

    Jun 3, 2010
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    RULES: *CREDIT OhDaesu19 and OS Vets for the base rules*

    Using rightfielder to throw out runner to first base
    - DO NOT DO IT. If it's a base hit then either throw to the cutoff man or to 2nd base, not first.

    Quick Pitching - BALKS are on, as usual. The pitcher controls the pace of the game. If there is nobody on base, you can take as little as a few seconds between pitches. Some guys like to take a second or two longer, it depends on the owner. There is no rule for how quick you have to pitch with nobody on base.

    With runners on, you MUST come to a complete stop with your pitcher and pause for a split second or two before delivering the pitch. Even with balks ON you can still “quick pitch” and a balk will not be called hence pausing a split second or two when coming to a complete stop.

    Taking advantage of the game’s limitations, glitches or flaws.
    As we all know the game has its issues and so to maximize the enjoyment of the game please adhere to the following:

    Outfield Gitches:
    Even with sliders adjusted the dreaded outfield glitch still occurs occasionally. Do NOT advance when this happens.

    Bunting Abuse:
    Do NOT abuse bunting as defending it is almost impossible. This includes squeeze plays, please don’t abuse them.

    Extra Bases:
    Do NOT take extra bases on slow animations. On legitimate errors you may advance accordingly.

    Do NOT abuse stealing. The early steal control is not allowed. Steals can be done with L2 or the L2/analog stick + base runner only prior to the pitcher starting his motion…that is do not “hold down” L2 as the pitcher is in his motion.. Also do NOT steal and then bunt.

    High Fastballs:
    Please do not abuse the high fastball. Now this is very subjective because people’s definition of abuse can vary greatly. It’s not banned so of course you are allowed to throw high fastballs but does abuse mean throw it once an at bat, throw it ahead in the count, throw once an inning, etc.?. There is no correct answer but to the best of your ability do not abuse it. The reason for this rule is that it is very difficult to hit a high fastball well even when you know it’s coming, you time it properly, square it up, etc….it’s typically a foul ball, pop up or a lazy fly out. Mix up your pitches.

    Sacrifice Situation:
    Please throw a hittable pitch when the pitcher is batting in an obvious sac bunt situation and just as importantly show bunt early when sacrificing with the pitcher batting, never drag bunt with pitcher in sac situation.When sacrificing with a position player you don’t have to throw a hittable pitch.

    Base running Fubar:
    Also base running is screwed up so if your opponent is trying to correct an obvious blunder on the base paths please let him do so. For example, like all runners tagging up when he only wants the runner on third to tag and he’s trying to send the other runners back let him do so.

    Bluff/feign bunting- There are times where faking the bunt is acceptable but in very rare situations. It's not acceptable to do this with runners on base and a power hitter up. This could also mess up pitching location when using meter.

    Pitching Rotations - You need to use your entire 5 man rotation. You are free to swap order, pull guys out of the rotation, call a guy up, etc throughout the course of the season.

    Pitching Changes – You CANNOT change pitchers in the middle of an at bat unless of course the pitcher gets injury.

    No conceding games- All games must be played out. If you think that you are going to have a time issue then please do not start a game. The only exception is a real life issue, which of course is a totally different situation. This is really applying to a blowout game.

    Practice Swings- It’s ok to do it once in a while but do NOT do it frequently.

    Dirtballs - Dirtballs happen. They happen when looking for a strikeout. They happen by mistake. Dirtballs aren’t banned but do NOT abuse it.

    Any hitting interface is allowed, any pitching interface is allowed as is any throwing interface.
    As per the tutorial, contrary to popular belief, The Show claims that no hitting interface is any easier or harder than the other.

    Hitting and pitching difficulty is set to ALL STAR. Fielding difficulty is your choice.
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