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Rutgers starts year off with huge win

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Mogriffjr, Mar 27, 2011.

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    New year, same result it seems as Rutgers survives #2 Stanford, 32-25.

    The offense definitely took a step towards being more balanced. With a changing of the PB, Rutgers ran quite a bit on the ground. SR-RB Lonnie Lloyd ran for 123 yards as he helped chew clock but scored 2TD's on the ground. He helped nurture along SO-QB Kevin Wilson as he went through the ups and downs on his 1st start of his career.

    "You can tell he was nervous," said Lloyd. The young QB started out 2/7 with 31yds and a INT. "The coaching staff just told me to play how I practice and so I did that," said Wilson. It also helped that they moved the SO to more shotgun sets. Stanford's pressure was immense all game and it led to those two turnovers and quite a bit on confusion early on for Rutgers' offense. Once we moved him to shotgun, he saw the field better. Wilson finished going 18/29, 246yds, a TD and 2INT's.

    Rutgers controlled TOP but Stanford had many big plays on the game. SR-QB Jeremy Moore threw for 379yds and 2TD's as he kept beating the Rutgers secondary. But Moore was caught throwing a slant when FS Wesley Owens read the route, jumped it and picked it off. "We tried to keep them from going off in the air butt we didn't do a good job...we need to tighten up back here," said SS Justin Atkins, the captain of the defense.
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    Big East tearing shit up!
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