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S1 W11

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by DU55, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. DU55

    DU55 Walk On

    Jul 8, 2012

    The Cincinnati Bengals with their 6-3 record traveled to Kansas City to face the 5-4 Chiefs in this week 11 match up. The Bengals have been on a hot streak as of late by winning their last 3 games in a row and were seeking to keep their winning ways alive as they fight for a playoff spot in the tight AFC. The Chiefs were needing this home win badly to stay tight with division rivals Oakland and San Diego as well.

    This game would be one to be remembered as both teams played tremendous football for 4 quarters ( plus overtime ). The first half was owned by the Chiefs. They were able to put up the only points in the half by kicking a field goal in the first quarter and by finding the endzone on a 83 yd pass to Dewayne Bowe in the second quarter to take the lead 10-0 at the half. The Bengals offense was really lackluster throughout the first half. Unable to run, unable to pass. They would have 3 opportunities to score in the first half as they made it into the redzone, but each time bad decisions were made on the coaches part and on QB Andy Dalton's part and they came away empty handed each time.

    Whatever the Bengals coaching staff had to say to the Bengals at the half evidently lit a fire under their tail as they played much better football from that point on. After a long long drive the Bengals brought in The Lawfirm in their goal line package to punch it in from 1 yard out to make the score a more manageable 7-10 in favor of the Chiefs. The Chiefs would answer right back with a scoring drive of their own as once again cornerback Leon Hall would be torched by Chiefs star wide receiver Dewayne Bowe for a 59 yard catch and run to put the Chiefs back up by 10.

    The fourth quarter belonged to the Bengals as they played excellent defense and were able to shut out the Chiefs O throughout the quarter. After a stalled out drive kicker Mike Nugent was able to bring the Bengals within striking distance after hitting a 41 yard FG to make it a one score game 10-17. The Bengals and Chiefs would exchange multiple punts in the fourth, but as the game was winding down Andy Dalton would march down the field and tie the score with only 55 seconds remaining on a slant route TD to A.J. Green. After the kickoff, the Bengals played stellar defense and utilized their timeouts to have an opportunity to win the game with only 20 some odd seconds remaining. They got to within long FG range of Mike Nugent, around 55 yards, and got greedy. Trying to run the ball on a shotgun sweep with RB Cedric Peerman, Peerman was pummeled in the backfield for a 4 yard loss that cost them the opportunity to end the game in regulation. So to OVERTIME we went!

    The Bengals won the toss and of course elected to receive, but were unable to put up any points and were forced to punt the ball. The Chiefs had pretty fair field position by starting on their own 40, but also were unable to conjure up any offense and they pinned the Bengals deep on the 12 or so yard line. The big play of the game happened at this point. On a draw play little known Cedric "The Running Reverend" Peerman was able to find a big hole and run the ball for 52 yards to put the Bengals very close to field goal range. After inching the ball forward on short passes and interior running by sure handed BJGE, the Bengals were able to secure the overtime victory on the foot of kicker Mike Nugent as he booted the game winning 49 yard field goal.


    RB Cedric Peerman
    19 rushing attempts, 87 yards 2 receptions, 30 yards

    Awesome game JFace907 . This one is definitely one of the best TSO games I've played in, and I know I could say this no matter who would of won. Good luck with the remainder of your season.

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