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(S1: W4) Coach's Corner

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Zikry, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Zikry

    Zikry Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    *Please welcome Richard hunter as our guest this week*​
    1. First off tell us a bit about yourself.
    Well you know my name is richard lol, im an overnight manager at a retail store i also attend school at youngstown state university majoring in graphic arts. I love to draw in spare time when im not gaming

    2. The team has got off to a good start. How do you see your team doing this year and do you believe that you can put on a serious challenge to become Super Bowl Champs?
    I think we are gonnna do pretty good as long as everyone stays healthy. my top linebacker should be back in a couple weeks so we see how that goes. As far as super bowl its kinda too early to tell i see alot of good competition out there im pretty sure we can hold our own and be a challenging team to get passed. We're really worried about our division we wanna be the best.

    3. In the recent defeat to the Raiders the team rushed for a grand total of 9 yards. Was that due to the Raiders defense or have you tried to switch the ground and pound style that Steelers' fans are used to into a more passing attack offense?
    yea we tried to pound the ball in pretty heavy and the raiders brought a heavy blitz ALL THE TIME lol. I put in a few of my backup guys to give them a chance at running the ball but no success. raiders they out played us plain and simple we had them the first half. we had so many opportunities to capitalize on so many turnovers but didnt. My guys did they best out there but it just wasnt enough for us to pull out the win

    4. If you could have 1 player from the other 31 teams who would it be and why?
    im a defense guy so i would have to say darelle revis. If we added him along with ike taylor on the other side with troy killing the safety spot the defense would most definitely hold it down with his addition to the corner spot

    5. If you could change one thing in the VFL what would it be and why?
    i would say how things are handle like certain situations. i know the commish does his best to keep the league fun and entertaing. But also i think some people are worried about little things thats not necessary to where those lil things turns into something big and gets blown out of proportion. This is my first league so its gonna take awhile to get use to i would just like everyones not just mine but everyones opinion about anything to be taken into consideration. But i think the commish got this in the bag pretty fair league.
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