S1 Week 3 K.C. (CPU) @ N.O.

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    Sep 4, 2010
    Saints 37
    Chiefs 7 F

    Chiefs travel to N.O. in snoozer.

    Both teams come in with tons of momentum for this game. KC & NO have torched their previous opponents and both would play tough as nails in the first half. Offenses were slow as the 'D' dominated early and often. Cam Jordan was a defensive beast and was easily Player of the Game. It took a year, but he has come into his own by recording 4 sacks in this game.

    The tide turned late in the 2nd quarter (less than 2 minutes) when Cassel threw right to the WR I was tracking and it turned into a pick six. This happened right after NO and Brees finally capitalized on a nice drive milking the clock to the 2-minute warning. HALFTIME: 17-0 Saints lead.
    The seconf half of the game saw Hartley kick 2 more FG's and the Saints offense grinded out two more TD's. By the end of the game the back-ups came in and got some mop up time.




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