S1 wk 12

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    Jul 24, 2012
    Cincinnati Defeats Rutgers in a Defensive Struggle

    After the first play of the game, the Rutgers knew they were in for a long one. Cincy threw a 76 yard TD to their TE Annen and would never look back from there. After a 27-14 halftime lead, the Cats thought they would cruise the rest of the way to victory. However, after a scoreless 3rd quarter, Rutgers kept it within a 2 score game into the 4th. Neither team could keep eachother out of the endzone after a 31 point 4th quarter, the Cats won 44-28.

    SS (UC) Arrynn Chenault had 2 tackles and 2 INTs on the evening to win him DPOW in the American Conference.

    GG @oneshot24 I know you had some defensive struggles with the CPU not manning up. Hopefully that was a one time thing...

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