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(S10) Coppa Tradizione Semifinals Preview

Discussion in 'TSL Cup' started by Broncos218, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Semifinals Preview

    As Zikry pointed out, there's a familiar look to the Semifinals this season. Defending Coppa Tradizione champion shiftee is back with Gremio, while West Ham returns as well (albeit under new manager WingedHelmet). We again have a Serie C hotshot in the mix with guayo10 and his Barcelona B side, and you can't count out the decorated vet in Broncos218 and Anzhi. Adding further intrigue to the matchups is that all 4 teams that remain are in the top 4 of their respective leagues, meaning all teams are in fine form and ready to keep their run alive...



    guayo10 ~ Barcelona B
    1st in Serie C, 13-3-1
    Cup Results (Group): W 1-0 vs. Swansea City, W 1-0 vs. Seattle Sounders, W 3-1 vs. Feyenoord
    Cup Results (Knockout): W 1-0 vs. Norwich City, W 3-2 vs. Lyon

    WingedHelmet ~ West Ham
    T-2nd in Serie B, 9-3-3
    Cup Results (Group): W 1-0 vs. PSV Eindhoven, W 3-0 vs. Sunderland, W 3-2 vs. Sao Paulo
    Cup Results (Knockout): W 5-3 vs. Bologna, W 3-1 vs. Hannover 96

    Quite an interesting matchup, as we have a pair of managers that have dominated Serie C but have yet to get a full season's worth of action against the best in Serie A, making it tough to tell who's better suited for the big matchups. Last season, West Ham cruised to a Serie C title and also won the Coppa Confederazione. Managing Sporting CP at the time, WingedHelmet failed to win the Supercoppa, losing to a CxMacx10 managed West Ham side. Now after taking over for the English club, Winged appears ready to win more silverware. But Winged's accolades were so last season when compared to guayo's Barca B. Opting to take a lower-caliber team, guayo has already clinched the Serie C title. Barca B currently leads Serie C in both goals scored and goals allowed, creating a juggernaut of a team. And don't call this team unproven- they've already defeated not 1, not 2, but 3 Serie A sides in the Coppa Tradizione. Add in two other Coppa victories, and this team is simply a serious contender to reach the Final. So who exactly makes this squad so dangerous? Easy. 19-year old forward Deulofeu. Deulofeu leads Serie C in goals (24), assists (9), and clobbers the competition in the MOTM category (12). In fact, Deulofeu's 12 MOTMs are already double that of anyone in TFS, ever! Deulofeu also appears set to win the Coppa's Golden Ball award, and don't forget about the club's defense. Barca B has 8 clean sheets in Serie C and also managed to shutout Swansea, Seattle, and Norwich in cup play. But for all of Barca B's well-deserved praise this season, the one team capable of stopping them may just be West Ham. WingedHelmet builds his teams around strong defensive play. His Sporting CP club allowed just 6 goals in Serie C last season, and West Ham leads Serie B this season with 0.93 goals allowed per game. The Hammers also have their own shutout against a Serie A club (Sunderland) earlier this Coppa, and don't be surprised to see this team focus their gameplan around shutting down Deulofeu. Don't forget that Maiga only needs one more goal to break the Coppa Traidizione record for most goals as well. But in the end, these two clubs that have been brought up the same way in Serie C will nearly be mirror images on the pitch. Both sides are built around strong defensive play, both have a striker capable of pouncing on any mistake, and both know how to maximize the talent they have on the field.

    Difference Maker: [​IMG]
    CM Sergi Roberto, Barcelona B. The Spanish's side highest-rated player after Deulofeu, Sergi Roberto will be counted upon to direct Barca B's buildup play. Sergi Roberto is an excellent passer and may be forced to spread the ball around evenly to keep West Ham from focusing in on Deulofeu. The midfielder will also surely be needed to help on the defensive end.

    Prediction: Pretty even matchup with two very similar managers. In the end, I think more experience and superior talent will split the two apart.
    West Ham 1-0



    [​IMG] ANZHI

    shiftee ~ Gremio
    4th in Serie A, 8-0-4
    Cup Results (Group): L 1-2 vs. Norwich City, W 5-2 vs. Southampton, W 4-0 vs. Aston Villa
    Cup Results (Knockout): W 3-0 vs. Seattle Sounders, W 0-0 (3-2) vs. B. M'gladbach

    Broncos218 ~ Anzhi
    1st in Serie A, 10-2-3
    Cup Results (Group): W 4-1 vs. Ajax, D 1-1 vs. VfB Stuttgart
    Cup Results (Knockout): W 3-0 vs. VfL Wolfsburg, W 2-1 vs. Sunderland

    These two Serie A vets have a long history dating all the way back to Season 1. When the two managers met in Season 1's Serie A title playoff match, it was only the first of many accolades the two would go on win. Now after 9 seasons, the two have combined for 6 Serie A championships, 3 Coppa Tradizione titles, and 3 lesser-level cup triumphs. Yet despite their storied history, the two have never met outside of a Serie A match. Both managers have played well this season, as the two have the second and third most points per game currently in Serie A. For shiftee though, this match will certainly have a familiar feel. After managing in Moscow for the first 6 TFS seasons, shiftee moved all the way over to... Makhachkala. And for a team which actually trains in Moscow. Yet in his one season with his new Russian club, he finished a disappointing (by his standards at least) 5th place. With shiftee immediately jumping ship following the season back to Moscow to manage CSKA, Bronc quickly swooped in and ditched Bordeaux for Anzhi. Now in Brazil with Gremio, shiftee will certainly be looking to prove he made the right move in leaving Russia. shiftee was unable to lead Gremio to a Serie A title last season, but won the Coppa Tradizione for the first time in his managerial career. This season appears much the same- Gremio has a shot to win the Serie A title, yet it's slowly starting to look out of reach. And alive in the Coppa Tradizione, Gremio will certainly be looking to win some silverware somewhere. Gremio is led in the front by Welliton, a speedy Brazilian that last season led Serie A in goals and already has 13 this season. Welliton is also currently in line to win the Coppa's Silver Boot, scoring 7 of the team's 13 cup goals. When you add in the fact that Gremio hasn't allowed a goal in the Coppa in over 300 minutes, it's tough to bet against them. But if your money's on Anzhi, you just might be in luck. Anzhi has prevailed in 2 of their 3 matches against their former manager, including a win earlier this season. Anzhi is a club known to have many prolific attacking players, but after scoring in bunches the past 2 seasons under Bronc, the club has played much more defensively this season. Samuel Eto'o appeared to be in hibernation to start the season, yet the offense has slowly begun to pick up the pace, scoring 9 goals over their last 4 league matches. And after allowing over a goal and a half the past 2 seasons, Anzhi's Serie A-low of 0.87 goals against is perhaps the primary reason the team's sitting in first place. The club's stout defensive play is most notably shown by GK Vladimir Gabulov's 8 clean sheets, 3 more than any other Serie A goalkeeper. A clean sheet against Gremio will certainly be a tough task, yet the Russian club appears far more prepared to do so than ever before. Now with both a cup and league match set between the two clubs, could one team actually come out on top both times?

    Difference Maker: [​IMG]
    CDM Odil Ahmedov, Anzhi. After losing his starting place last season, Ahmedov has been an important component in Anzhi's midfield this season. Across all competitions, Ahmedov has contributed to 7 Anzhi goals despite his deep position and has won MOTM honors 3 times. Surprisingly, Ahmedov is Anzhi's second-best long shot taker, making him dangerous as his approaches the box from his midfield position.

    Prediction: Certainly a match that can go either way, but I'm expecting to a see a little offense this time around with both teams chasing to get comfortable leads.
    Anzhi 3-2
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  2. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    I'm appalled. You got it right. Sort of. PK's. I hate them. Lets play FA Cup rules. Rant over. Maybe next year. Ok. Now rant over. Good luck WingedHelmet
  3. RedAL925

    RedAL925 TSL Commissioner

    Jan 31, 2011
    The 1st 2 seasons of the TFL Cup (as it was then known) were FA Cup rules
  4. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    8 seasons too late for me
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