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(S11) Coppa Tradizione Awards Watch

Discussion in 'TSL Cup' started by Broncos218, Nov 17, 2013.

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  1. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Awards Watch

    At the conclusion of the Coppa Tradizione, the following awards will be given out:

    :trophy: Golden/Silver/Bronze Ball (most MOTMs, with ties broken up by combined goals & assists, then goals, then clean sheets, then final round reached, then least games played);

    :trophy: Golden/Silver/Bronze Boot (most goals, with ties broken up by assists and then least games played);

    :trophy: Golden/Silver/Bronze Playmaker, renamed from last season's Golden Creator award (award for players w/ the most assists, with ties broken up by least games played and then goals);

    :trophy: Golden/Silver/Bronze Glove (most clean sheets, with ties broken up by GA per game and then most games played);

    :trophy: Most Proactive User (user who gets in their games the fastest, i.e. whoever has the lowest average of days it took to get a game in)

    To be considered for any award, your team must have qualified for and played in the Coppa Tradizione (sorry Confederation Cup contestants). Again this season, there will be just 2 writeups- before the quarterfinals and before the semis. Here's where we stand now:

    Pre-Quarterfinals Awards Watch

    Golden Ball: Despite his team being knocked out of the Coppa Tradizione, J. Barton (QPR) leads the race for the Golden Ball with 3 MOTM awards. Barton picked up MOTM honors in each of his club's 3 group stage games, and will surely come away with some sort of trophy in this award race for his efforts. Barton's top competitor is currently Z. Tosic (CSKA Moscow), who's MOTM performance in the Round of 16 was his second MOTM of the tournament. After these two though, no other player has multiple MOTM honors. With few games left, that likely leaves Barton or Tosic to claim this award.

    Golden Boot: Surprise, surprise! S. Doumbia (CSKA Moscow) leads the goal-scoring race! In 4 seasons under shiftee's management, Doumbia has led Serie A in goals 3 times, and finished second the other time. Now with the manager and team reunited for the first time since Season 8, it's as if the two were never apart. Doumbia leads the Coppa with 4 goals, but right behind him with 3 goals each are V. Ibarbo (Cagliari) and A. Carroll (West Ham). All 3 players remain alive in the Coppa Tradizione, yet with a plethora of players at 2 goals, don't be surprised to see someone jump into the race after the Quarterfinals.

    Golden Playmaker: J. Barton (QPR) leads the tournament with 4 assists thus far, two more than any other player. His playmaking ability in the Coppa is why Barton also finds himself in pole position for the Golden Ball as well, but he has a chance to surrender his lead for the Golden Playmaker award should someone else rack up a few more assists in the final few rounds. Currently, 9 players in the Coppa Tradizione have 2 assists, with 8 of those 9 still alive in the Quarterfinals. After this round, expect this race to clear up a bit more.

    Golden Glove: After allowing 0 goals in 4 games, I. Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow) may be be chasing Coppa Tradizione history. Only one goalkeeper has ever had 5 clean sheets in a single Coppa tournament (S. Given for Aston Villa back in Season 3), and Akinfeev would tie that record with just 1 more clean sheet. And with potentially 3 games left to play, Akinfeev could even surpass that historic total. Yet while Akinfeev appears to be the front-runner for this season's Golden Glove, there is a battle brewing for the Silver and Bronze Glove awards. 9 goalies have 2 clean sheets, with 6 of those still alive in the tournament. Much like the Golden Playmaker award race, expect this one to clear up a bit following the Quarterfinals.
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  2. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Definitely not the best season in terms of writeups and extra content this time time around, but that doesn't mean we're about to skip the Coppa awards!

    Golden Ball: J. Barton, 3 MOTMs (QPR) BESHIKTAS
    Silver Ball: Z. Tosic, 3 MOTMs (CSKA Moscow) shiftee
    Bronze Ball: V. Ibarbo, 1 MOTM (Cagliari) Zikry

    Golden Boot: V. Ibarbo, 6 goals (Cagliari) Zikry
    Silver Boot: S. Doumbia, 5 goals (CSKA Moscow) shiftee
    Bronze Boot: A. Carroll, 3 goals (West Ham) WingedHelmet

    Golden Playmaker: J. Barton, 4 assists (QPR) BESHIKTAS
    Silver Playmaker: D. Conti, 3 assists (Cagliari) Zikry
    Silver Playmaker: A. Ekdal, 3 assists (Cagliari) Zikry

    Golden Glove: I. Akinfeev, 4 clean sheets (CSKA Moscow) shiftee
    Silver Glove: M. Agazzi, 3 clean sheets (Cagliari) Zikry
    Bronze Glove: A. Orion, 2 clean sheets (Boca Juniors) guayo10
    Bronze Glove: V. Gabulov, 2 clean sheets (Dinamo Moscow) HokieNYC

    Most Proactive User: gutnedawg (Atl. Mineiro)
    Most Proactive User: guayo10 (Boca Juniors)

    Lots of ties this time around... 2 players tied for the Silver Playmaker award, which eliminates the Bronze level there. 2 GKs tied for the Bronze Glove, so 2 of those will be handed out. And there was a tie for the Most Proactive User award, as gutnedawg & guayo each had the same amount of average days in getting in their matches.
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