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(S12) Coppa Tradizione Awards Watch

Discussion in 'TSL Cup' started by Broncos218, Mar 1, 2014.

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  1. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Awards Watch

    At the conclusion of the Coppa Tradizione, the following awards will be given out:

    :trophy: Golden/Silver/Bronze Ball (most MOTMs, with ties broken up by combined goals & assists, then goals, then clean sheets, then final round reached, then least games played);

    :trophy: Golden/Silver/Bronze Boot (most goals, with ties broken up by assists and then least games played);

    :trophy: Golden/Silver/Bronze Playmaker (award for players w/ the most assists, with ties broken up by least games played and then goals);

    :trophy: Golden/Silver/Bronze Glove (most clean sheets, with ties broken up by GA per game and then most games played);

    :trophy: Most Proactive User (user who gets in their games the fastest, i.e. whoever has the lowest average of days it took to get a game in)

    To be considered for any award, your team must have qualified for and played in the Coppa Tradizione. This will be the lone Awards Watch write-up this season, with the award winners announced at the conclusion of the Coppa Tradizione Final. Here's where things stand now:

    Pre-Semifinals Awards Watch

    Golden Ball: Quite a battle here as we have 6 players tied with 2 MOTM awards. Going through the tiebreaking procedures though, the top three currently shake out to be Douglas Costa (Shakhtar Donetsk), M. Pinilla (Cagliari), and C. Gentner (VfB Stuttgart). That puts L. Gonzalez (Seattle Sounders), R. Zieler (Hannover 96), and V. Mannone (Sunderland) out of the race despite their 2 MOTMs. Of the 6 players with 2 MOTMs though, only Pinilla is still playing in the Coppa. He could easily pass Costa for the Golden Ball, and thus has to be considered the favorite with 1-2 games left to play. Of those with 1 MOTM thus far, Z. Tosic (CSKA Moscow) is in best position to jump up in the race, as he has the most combined goals and assists (the first Golden Ball tiebreaker) in the Coppa Tradizione.

    Golden Boot: As of now, we have three players tied with 4 goals each. In order of tiebreakers, the top 3 spots, in order, would be H. Barcos (Gremio), Wellington Nem (Shakhtar Donetsk), and A. Gignac (Marseille). The only problem here- all 3 of these players' teams have already been eliminated from the Coppa Tradizione, leaving the award race wide open. Just one goal behind the above trio are M. Pinilla (Cagliari), S. Doumbia (CSKA Moscow), and Z. Tosic (CSKA Moscow), while A. Musa (CSKA Moscow) is two back. Expect one of those four to jump into the lead at some point over the final two rounds.

    Golden Playmaker: Another group of players tied for the top spot in this race as well (4 assists), as Z. Tosic (CSKA Moscow) is technically the Golden Playmaker as of now, just ahead of M. Valbuena (Marseille) and Taison (Shakhtar Donetsk) on tiebreakers. However, with the first tiebreaker being least games played, Tosic will drop down to third following the start of his team's next match. I'd expect Tosic to find one most assist before it's all said and done, so consider him the favorite for now. Should he go assist-less though, Valbuena and Taison would share the award. The next closest player still alive in the Coppa is D. Basta (Udinese) at 2 assists, meaning it'll be unlikely for a new name to jump into the top three.

    Golden Glove: 5 games, 5 clean sheets. With that tally, I. Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow) has already tied the Coppa Tradizione record for most clean sheets in a tournament, tying S. Given (Aston Villa) from way back in Season 3. One more clean sheet is certainly possible for the Russian international, which would put him in the record books for quite a long time. The Golden Glove appears to surely be Akinfeev's at this point, but as Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast my friend!" Z. Brkic (Udinese) has 3 clean sheets and is still alive in the tournament. Brkic allowed just 1 goal in each of his 2 non-clean sheet games, so should he finish out the Coppa with a pair of clean sheets, he might be able to squeeze Akinfeev out of the top spot. M. Hahnemann (Seattle Sounders) also has 3 clean sheets and could still win the Silver Glove, while fellow American B. Guzan (Aston Villa) is still in the running for an award at 2 clean sheets.
  2. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    And before we officilly close out Season 12, time for the Coppa awards!...

    Golden Ball: Z. Tosic, 2 MOTMs (CSKA Moscow) shiftee
    Silver Ball: M. Pinilla, 2 MOTMs (Cagliari) Zikry
    Bronze Ball: Douglas Costa, 2 MOTMs (Shakhtar Donetsk) vipermansa

    Golden Boot: Z. Tosic, 4 goals (CSKA Moscow) shiftee
    Silver Boot: S. Doumbia, 4 goals (CSKA Moscow) shiftee
    Bronze Boot: H. Barcos, 4 goals (Gremio) pitt4life21

    Golden Playmaker: Z. Tosic, 5 assists (CSKA Moscow) shiftee
    Silver Playmaker: M. Valbuena, 4 assists (Marseille) Go Devils
    Silver Playmaker: Taison, 4 assists (Shakhtar Donetsk) vipermansa

    Golden Glove: I. Akinfeev, 5 clean sheets (CSKA Moscow) shiftee *TIES COPPA RECORD*
    Silver Glove: M. Hahnemann, 3 clean sheets (Seattle Sounders) Selvy9
    Bronze Glove: Z. Brkic, 3 clean sheets (Udinese) juanchoCT14

    Most Proactive User: BESHIKTAS (Lyon)

    A clean sweep in the award races for CSKA Moscow, except for the highly coveted Proactive User award! Tosic wins all 3 awards for outfield players, while Akinfeev ties the Coppa Tradizione record for most clean sheets in a single cup tournament.
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