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(S14) Teams to Draft: Most Interesting & Least Interesting

Discussion in 'TSL: Tradition Soccer League' started by guayo10, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    I'll be taking my stats from this table below, you can see all the teams (minus international teams) in the game. Also who has first dibs (most of them are guesses by using the S13 table), and if they've a stadium. I'll be posting the top 10 4* & 3.5* the next couple of days. As well as other teams that have some interesting options like Melbourne City with Villa + Duff.

    Here's the table:

    I'll also be pleading my case to expand to 4.5 for this season (although I'll probably still go under 3 unless a 4.5 catches my eye on the board if they're allowed) if the only rosters that can be used are the live match day with forms. Since most teams (4 & 4.5) fluctuate throughout the year depending on their form. 4.5 Real Sociedad or Sevilla can go down to 4 if they lose a couple in a row in La Liga. Other teams like Monaco & CSKA can go up to 4.5 if they do well in the Champions + league games. From previous experience Monaco was a 4 for the first PS4 season, after a week or so they went & remained at 4.5 for the whole season

    Without a further ado, here are some teams I'll be covering (In bold, hopefully done by the 23rd, although maybe not by midnight release): *Notice the bottom 4.5 and some top 4 star teams, can interchange; at least stats wise. Some 4.5 might have more depth.* Also these can change by the time of the draft as rosters update every friday, Ulloa should hopefully be a 99 for this next one ha.

    4.5 (maybe the bottom 10?)
    Atletico Madrid 239
    Liverpool 238
    FC Schalke 237
    Roma 237
    Everton 235
    Napoli 235
    Athletic Bilbao 234
    Sevilla FC 234
    Tottenham 234
    Milan 234
    Valencia CF 232
    Zenit 232
    Fenerbahce SK 231
    VFL Wolfsburg 231
    Fiorentina 231
    Real Sociedad 229
    Bayer 04 229
    Lazio 229
    Galatasaray SK 228
    SL Benfica 228
    FC Porto 227 (2 80's, going off the FUT page. Might be more but doubt it)

    CSKA Moskva 232
    AS Monaco 230 (3 80's)
    FC Shakhtar 229
    Besiktas JK 228
    Lokomotiv 228
    Villareal 227
    Dinamo Moskva 227
    Southampton 227
    Hamburg SV 227
    Spartak Moskva 226

    Stoke City 226
    Bor. M’gladbach 226
    Marseille 225
    Sporting CP 225
    1899 Hoffenheim 225
    Swansea City 224
    Malaga CF 223
    Olympique Lyon 223
    Saint-Etienne 223
    Aston Villa 223
    QPR 223
    Newcastle 223
    Eint. Frankfurt 223
    1.FSV Mainz 05 223
    LOSC Lille 222
    Sunderland 222
    West Brom 222
    Rayo Vallecano 221
    VFB Stuttgart 221
    Hertha BSC 221
    Udinese 221
    PSV 220
    Torino 220
    Levante UD 219
    Hannover 96 219
    West Ham 219
    Stade Rennais 219
    Ajax 218

    3.5 (Should be up sometime tomorrow night/Tuesday morning)
    Celta Vigo 222
    Olympiakos 222
    RC Deportivo 220
    Hull City 219
    Bordeaux 219
    RCD Espanyol 218
    Toulouse FC 218
    Genoa 218
    Atalanta 218
    SC Braga 218

    Boca 217
    Chievo Verona 217
    Feyenoord 217
    Bursaspor 216
    Getafe CF 216
    River 216
    Norwich City 216
    Crystal Palace 216
    Werder Bremen 216
    1.FC Koln 216
    Cagliari 216
    Elche CF 215
    Granada CF 215
    San Lorenzo 215
    FC Augsburg 215
    Parma 215
    Sassuolo 215
    SD Eibar 214
    UD Almeria 214
    OGC Nice 214
    Montpellier HSC 214
    RB Salzburg 214
    Newell’s 214
    RSC Anderlecht 214
    Club Brugge 214
    Standard Liege 214
    Sampodria 214
    FC Krasnodar 214
    Trabzonspor 213
    Cordoba CF 213
    PAOK 213
    KRC Genk 213
    Stade Reims 213
    Hellas Verona 213
    Celtic 213
    FC Twente 213
    Real Betis 212
    Atl. Nacional 212
    Kuban Krasnoda 212
    Cardiff City 212
    FC Lorient 212
    Real Valladolid 211
    Colo Colo 211
    Uni de Chile 211
    Racing 211
    FC Nantes 211
    Al-Hilal 211
    FC Basel 211
    Leicester City 210
    SC Freiburg 210
    America 210
    Vitesse 210
    Sivasspor 210
    Lanus 209
    Rubin Kazan 209
    Panathinaikos 209
    Kasimpasa SK 209
    Burnley 208
    CA Osasuna 208
    SC Bastia 208
    EA Guingamp 208
    Evian Thonon FC 207
    Orlando Pirates 207
    Fulham 206
    Watford 206
    Wigan Athletic 206
    Estoril-Praia 206
    FC Kobenhavn 204
    Palermo 204
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  2. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    Top 10 Four Star Teams:

    1.CSKA Moskva
    1st shot: shiftee
    If they're thrown back into the pool they get the honor of being on paper the best team available to be drafted. That's a big IF, as Shiftee has a shot to keep them and continue his domination with the club on the PS4. 3 consecutive Coppa finals, plus back to back titles (S12 & S13)would tell you he's keeping them. Oh and he had a cool 31-10-5 record with them in 3 season, with back to back titles in season 11 & 12.

    Best player: GK Akinfeev, 83. one of the better keepers on a 4 star team.

    Key element: Pace, Doumbia & Musa both have 93 pace. Speedy forwards that can easily outrun some of the slower CB's around.

    2.AS Monaco
    Have yet to be used since buying the whole world. No Falcao & no James? No problem, this team is still loaded. Boasting some of the better players in Ligue 1 that don't reside in Paris. Big question here is, how long do they remain a 4 star squad? You can expect upgrades in January.

    Best player: CM Moutinho & CDM Toulalan, both 83. Moutinho for my liking is underrated, while Toulalan has gotten better with age it seems. Throw in Kondogbia, O'Campos & Ferreira and you have a more than formidable midfield. Oh and Berbatov should still score plenty of goals in FIFA 15.

    Key element: Money, hope the league expands to 4.5 as this team should get there by January. Would've had Valdes in goal if it weren't for that late injury, might've bumped them to 4.5.

    3.FC Shakhtar
    1st shot: vipermansa
    No more Brazilian league? Tutto bom, Shakhtar has numerous Brazilian players on their squad. Hell, you could start an all Brazilian 11 if you would like; only problem would be that they have mostly Ukranian defenders and keepers. Another positive about this club? Their stadium is on the game, unlike the other 2. Also their uniforms aren't half bad.

    Best player: CAM Bernard & CAM Costa, both 80. Maybe two of the better young attacking midfielders that Brazil currently has. Both might also be too good for a team like Shakhtar, other good Brazilian mids? CAM Teixeira (79), CAM Taison (78), CDM Fernando (76), and others.

    Key element: Brazil. As long as these guys are around this team should score plenty, while playing good football.

    4.Besiktas JK
    1st shot: BESHIKTAS
    Yeah this team won't be around for the draft. The 3rd best team (according to FIFA 15) in Turkey will be unavailable due to one of our members being completely in love with the team. Their username sort of sounds like Besiktas. The good, this team is really good and balanced for a 4 star team. A good goalie in net, solid defenders, good mids and Demba Ba.

    Best player: GK Zengin, 81. One of the keys to having a good team is having a good keeper. Any keeper over 80 is a plus for a 4 star team.

    Key element: Demba Ba, luckily injuries don't carry over in this league (also not sure if I've seen many injuries during league matches) or else this guy would be out for a while. Also last time he played for a white and black jersey team he did well.

    Surprise, surprise another Russian team. Since Anzhi dismantled other Russian teams reaped the benefit of acquiring their talent. They certainly did well as they got one of my favourite former Anzhi players in Boussoufa, also the best player on the team. The mid and the defense will be key for this team as they might not be as talented up top as other team. Unless you're a big Pavlyuchenko fan.

    Best player: CAM Boussoufa, 81. Filtering balls up top and scoring might be on his hands as they feature better defensive mids than attacking ones.

    Key element: Midfield, will need to be able to help the defense while giving balls to N'Doye up top. Might occasionally have to win from a corner goal.

    Might be my favourite Spanish team to use, mostly (100%) because of their yellow kids. That and growing up I was able to see Riquelme dismantle people at El Madrigal (specially the Champions). Besides the kits they have an 80+ forward and defender. Oh and Asenjo is finally living up to his potential. Plus they have the other Dos Santos (Jonas).

    Best player: ST Gio Dos Santos, 81. Might be the best North American player around, unless he puts on the tricolor.

    Key element: Goals. Uche & Gio should have plenty in them. Add Vietto in the mix and you have 3 good forwards that can score. Although Vietto might be better in Career mode than league matches.

    7.Dinamo Moskva
    1st shot: Friz
    Like Lokomotiv, they acquired a couple of really good Anzhi players. Unlike Lokomotiv, they have a 1-2 combo in Valbuena & Kokorin that can get you goals. Add Denisov & Noboa and you have 2 good CDM's to help out the defense recovering balls.

    Best player: CAM Valbuena, 81. Played absolutely brilliantly in the World Cup, never thought he'd leave Marseille. But alas, here he's. Someone will be fortunate having him set up their goals this season.

    Key element: Scoring first, can protect the lead with the defensive players they have. Unless the goalie gifts out goals, not their strongest point.

    Lost half their team, yet they're the best 4 star English team available. Southampton is loaded once again, thanks to their youth system and some nice cheap buys. Pelle should be a beast if used correctly, while Alderweireld strengthens a weak back line. Team can play attractive football if needed with a talented midfield.

    Best player: CAM Tadic & CDM Schneiderlin, both 80. Talk about the best of both worlds, an 80 attacking mid and an 80 defensive mid. Both should play a big role in the success of the team for the upcoming season.

    Key element: Defense, is Alderweireld enough? Will they go high because of real life success or will they drop due to the defensive shortage of quality players on the team? Either way, expect high scoring games for them.

    9.Hamburg SV
    Something most Americans should know about this team, Julian Green. Something some American somewhere is doing is taking this team because of him. That would be a mistake, however still one of the better teams out there available for this upcoming season. Like Southampton, somehow this is the best available German team.

    Best player: GK Adler, 82. Another team high on the list due to goalkeeping and defense.

    Key element: Rafa van der Vaart. Guy is good, still 81 and still capable of leading a team to a win. For those that like Julian Green, he'd be able to set him up with brilliant passes.

    10.Spartak Moskva
    Russia wins the top 10, but will all these teams go in the top 10 of the draft? Spartak might be a less appealing team than the others listed above. Yet they have, possibly, the best mid & forward combo of any Russian team. A weak point would then be the defense and goalie, 73 might not be good enough to win you a league.

    Best player: ST Dzyuba & CM Costa, 80. Costa was one of the better Valencia players a couple years ago and is still highly talented. While Dzyuba can score 8 out of 10 times. He's clinical.

    Key element: Keeping the ball, the defense while not horrid can lose you some games. The keeper, may be prone to errors.

    Most Interesting 4 star for me: West Ham. Upton Park, rain. *If I had to chose an English team*

    Least Interesting 4 star for me: Sunderland. Magpie. *English teams are overrated*
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  3. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    Top 10 three & a half star teams:

    1.Celta de Vigo
    On par with Olympiakos is quite the feat for this team after losing both Luis Enrique and Rafinha to Barcelona. Even without those 2 they have a lot of Barcelona blood as former youth players Nolito, Planas and Fontas are all starters on this team. Oh and their play is quite lovely:

    Best player: LM Nolito & CM Fernandez, 77. Their midfield isn't bad for a 3.5 star team: Krohn-Deli, Lopez & Qubina (all 75) give a hand to Nolito & Fernandez. Up top they have Charles, who has all but made the people forget about Iago Aspas.

    Key element: Possession football, keep the ball and you will be able to get 3 points most matches. Give the ball away and Pique's mini-clone Fontas will be trailing a lot of speedy forwards.

    If you're an Abi fan than this is the team for you. After wrongly getting let go by Barça and then Monaco backing out of the agreement with Valdes; Abi fled town and landed in Greece. Still at 75 Abi is a good CB for a 3.5 star team. Joining him are Afellay (another Barça outcast) and Mitroglou. This team is missing Joel who marveled on loan last season, as well as others. This might be the weakest Olympiakos team I can remember to date on a FIFA game.

    Best player: GK Roberto & ST Mitroglou, 78. At 78, Roberto is one of the better options at keeper between 3.5 & 4 star teams. Mitroglou is out of England so one can expect many goals for this upcoming season.

    Key element: Scoring first. Afellay, Chori & Mitroglou are the only decent attacking threats they have. Abi, Sovias & Botia are decent enough to count on to hold a lead; with Roberto back there a 1-0 win is possible.

    3.RC Deportivo
    Hey FIFA, this team isn't that great. Coming off an 8-2 loss at the Riazor this past weekend this might be a team that gets damaged by the match day rosters. Expect them to be fighting off relegation in real life, which is never a good sign for form. Other than that, their unis are kind of cool and they were pretty good to begin this century.

    Best player: ST Postiga, 76. Ese portugues hij********. Not a fan of Portuguese players (lost at home 1-0 recently), and if your best player is Portuguese and you don't play in Liga do Portugal? You got a problem. FIFA wise, decent striker. Might score 5.5/6 out of 10 times.

    Key element: Hope they stay up in real life, they will get better as time comes. Other than that hope they do well the week before so their form stays up.

    4.Hull City
    Warning: If their owner quits (haven't stayed up on this, not the biggest BPL fan) you will be in trouble. The sinking ship that was that relegated QPR team has been reincarnated into this Hull team. On paper, a good underrated BPL team. Like Depor, form will be key. Team can go as high as a 4 star squad or drop off into 3 star territory. Gaston & Ben Arfa can be deadly with the right owner.

    Best player: CB Dawson. Oh hey you remember Tottenham's captain? Here he's. Leading the mini revolution you get a 79 CB, a 78 CAM, a 78 RM, and a bunch of young players that have yet to live up to their potential (Abel, Ince, etc).

    Key element: The owner, he goes and those highly paid stars leave. Also form, it's like 50/50 but more like 80/20. Think it over, play Russian roulette before taking this team.

    Ligue 1 had one representative in the top 10 for 4 star teams. Now they have 2 in the 3.5 range, the first being the once mighty Bordeaux. It seems like yesterday they were an automatic top 4 finisher in Ligue 1 and a yearly Champions League participant. Not anymore, their only bright spot comes in goal. Carrasco will be in charge of getting you any points, if they're chosen.

    Best player: GK Carrasco, 81. The lone 80+ player on the team, hell the lone 77+ player on the team. Bordeaux, while not awful, aren't really good.

    Key element: Clean sheets. Will get you either a point or three. That and Diabate finishing his opportunities. Look for this team to play a good counter, also set pieces can be the key to goals.

    6.RCD Espanyol
    English league overrated, Spanish league underrated. Easily the best league in the game, with more of the 4 star group (Sevilla & Bilbao) now at 4.5, Espanyol and co. become one of the better Spanish teams available. I'd pay someone to take this team to have a sort of Barcelona derby; but then again what would you be getting? Casilla, not Casillas as this goalie is actually good. As well as a well balanced team to make you forget that you're the 3rd biggest club in Barcelona (Barça, Barça B, & Espanyol).

    Best player: GK Casilla, 80. Finally getting recognition from FIFA. Easily their best player for the past 3 years. Rumours had it that he'd be replacing Iker in Madrid before ya know Navas had that awesome year & WC.

    Key element: Goals. Sergio Garcia is tiny, but he can score. Cañas at CDM will help out Moreno (CB) and co. keep them out. 4 best players per zone are: GK 80, CB 78, CDM 77 & ST 76.

    7.Toulouse FC
    Not going to lie, don't know much about this team. Except that they always have a good young midfielder who's always linked to Arsenal or Barcelona, yet they always leave for a team who's worse off than Toulouse. Names I recognize, Aguilar who starred for Colombia and Braithwaite the Dane is quick.

    Best player: ST Ben Yedder, 77. Hmm, speed.

    Key element: Speed. Ben Yedder & Braithwaite can out run most 3.5 star teams defenders and some lower 4 star CB's. Best goalie at 74, you will need more than 2 goals to win.

    Il calcio sei difficile. Football is difficult, specially if you play in Italy. The league has taken a huge downhill turn. Once one of the better leagues around is now one of those leagues you just can't watch. I mean they're on TV each weekend, but the teams are so bad. Best thing about Serie A, that Icardi/Maxi Lopez scandal. Wanda isn't even that attractive imo.

    Best player: GK Perin, 76. Is this guy going to be good or no? Guy has been passed by many young goalkeepers. Once destine to replace Buffon, is now destined to be replaced as the #1.

    Key element: Match fixing. Call up your opponent and pay them off. Other than that good luck scoring with Matri. I'd personally take Pinilla (guy who was a post away from eliminating Brasil in the WC, later missed his PK) over Matri.

    It's as if I got paid to include these two Serie A teams. Looking over their rosters I don't see much excitement, mostly since most are over the hill players. Or South Americans that killed in South America but now play a secondary role in Europe.

    Best player: ST Denis, 78. Oh there you're, once upon a time he was going to star for Napoli. Not to mentioned he's one of those South American dudes (Argentina).

    Key element: CM Carmona. Don't care if he's only a 74, guy can dominate a midfield. Hint buy him for career mode, guy is good. One of the more underrated Chilean mids that has seen his career go sideways. Also still youngish.

    10.SC Braga
    Another league that might be in a down year, Liga do Portugal. Remember Eder from the WC? If you play a 2 striker system he would be one of them. That's not good. Team is decent but like most of the teams on here on the downhill. Not long ago they were a Champions League team and 4 star rated. Now? Well good luck scoring with Eder. The League & National team are on a downward spiral.

    Best player: LW Rafa, 77. One of the quickest on the team, his crosses may end up to be nothing as Eder well is Eder (yeah not a big fan of the guy). If you can beat them with speed, he may be able to finish from the right angle.

    Key element: Like other 3.5 star teams, you will need to score. Not 1 or 2 but maybe 3 a game to get a point or three. Don't worry though this team might be bumped to a 4 star team if their form hits a high. Or well can stay at 3.5 with Eder.

    Most interesting 3.5 - Boca Juniors. La Bombonera, they were fun to use in S11.
    Least interesting 3.5 - EA Guingamp, played with them before. Awful. Just awful. Guys can't finish up top.
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  4. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    good stuff guayo10. i'm unable to see the table tho
  5. vipermansa

    vipermansa Walk On

    Nov 8, 2011
    Good stuff, can't see table either
  6. hedache

    hedache Walk On

    Dec 13, 2010
    I can't see the table either.
    Good stuff though. It's also a good case. This kind of adds a little more support to my theory that stars are calculated with weighted factors where club prestige plays an important role. Which doesn't play any role in FIFA gameplay for the league purposes. The star capping results in some clubs becoming unavailable even though the rating totals don't differ from lower starred teams.
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  7. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    I agree, some rosters like Porto, Benfica, Sevilla are similar to those of CSKA, Monaco and others. Porto loses that Champions League and Monaco wins and stays a float Ligue 1? I think Monaco would've never gone down from a 4.5 (unless their roster was terrible) while Porto would be a 3.5-4 depending on talent.
  8. Blaza

    Blaza In Arsene Wenger I Trust

    Apr 17, 2009
    Agree 100%. Great points.
  9. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    https://docs.go ogle.com/spreadsheets/d/1ntRHoCGR_420wYxRP_a38vvSSh0ohepjrKi-zPGJH2E/pubhtml

    Table should be working now, here's a link if it doesn't. (just delete the space and it should work)
  10. RedAL925

    RedAL925 TSL Commissioner

    Jan 31, 2011
    So give us a solution - If star ratings are broken, don't tell me we should up the cap based on star ratings...what's the alternative?
  11. RedAL925

    RedAL925 TSL Commissioner

    Jan 31, 2011
    File > Share > Get Shareable Link, then reembed
  12. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    I say use the 4.5 star teams that have 3 or fewer 80+ players on their team. Some teams in the 4 range have 2/3 80+ players. Most are between 81-83. Not saying put Liverpool out there or Atleti since they have a bunch of 80+, but teams like Porto, Benfica, basically the lower 10 should be fair play if teams like CSKA Moskva & Monaco are available. Only if the only way to play online is with those live match day rosters. If you can play without it and ratings won't fluctuate as much than ignore this ha. Last year on the PS4 you saw crazy changes if a guy was on fire, 3-5 points boost to a 78-79 would get him into the 83-84 range. With that said the 80+ guys can also get to the 85-86 range. Defoe was an 84 (at his highest last year with Toronto, maybe 85 don't remember too well).

    I think prestige plus depth plays a role into the star rating, depth is great and all, but without injuries. fatigue and seldom red cards it means almost nothing. You still get 3 subs and the 3 coming off the bench can be similar between Porto & Monaco. I'd say cap it at 234/5 total rating. Again these rankings can chance with roster updates every week. Sevilla has been on fire (Bacca) so they might get a bump. Bilbao has sucked ever since they eliminated Napoli so they might come back down to a 4 soon, have to see the roster tomorrow on how they went up (guessing since they made the champions) with not many incorporations for this year (Laporte at 82 has helped out).
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  13. shiftee

    shiftee Walk On

    Nov 14, 2010
    There has to be more criteria than # of 80+ players. The difference between star ratings takes all players into consideration. a 4* and 4.5* team may both have 2 80+ players, but the 4 star team has a lot more 70-74ovr rated players while the 4.5* team will have a lot more 75-79 rated players.
  14. hedache

    hedache Walk On

    Dec 13, 2010
    Maybe watch how rates change with squad updates. Obviously you won't want t wait for weeks to analyze. Take a look at game default, then how it changes on Friday with the upcoming update. That should give an idea how much a team may differ each week. Then you could come up with a total rating cap with that team not going over a certain number. If it goes over a certain number during the season, you could have to drop it next season which would be a risk the member would be willing to take during draft.

    Another, and more reasonable method can be the squad analysis. Your real concern is 5* teams.

    Why are they a concern, well all the 80+ and 90+ players (almost the whole squad with those teams) have an affect on the game play.
    By capping the league to 4 stars, you're eliminating most of these players automatically but the above mentioned concerns rise.

    You can come up with a cap based on players ratings in a squad. A total calculated based on certain facts.

    We'll define squad as starting 11 + subs + reserves. And player ratings can be defined as the default rating posted in squads for this week's update (and before each TFS season), and without the form (white rating).

    You can total the extra points each teams has. Extra point is each rating a player has over 80 let's say.

    Example, if you have 3 players in the squad over 80, that are 80, 82, 83 then the extras would total to 5. And you can cap that number. Tell us your cap is 2,3 or 4. I think the number should be pretty low. That would put a more realistic cap the the squad type you are trying to filter out from the league in my opinion. Just suggestions though.

    They may look confusing, I wouldn't blame you for being afraid of going in a direction like this. If it's 4 stars, it is 4 stars. Some people will always have better clubs than others. This is just to suggest a more reasonable cap system to make certain teams available or unavailable to fit league's capping purposes and make things as fair as possible.
  15. RedAL925

    RedAL925 TSL Commissioner

    Jan 31, 2011
    If you can come up with a no-mess, rational solution we will take it into consideration. Otherwise the cap stays at 4-star teams.
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  16. Friz

    Friz Walk On

    Jul 4, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    wouldn't this work against what you are ar
    I took out part of waht you said, but the rest of it - wouldn't this work against each other the same way star ratings are now? Right now, a team may fluctuate between 4 and 4.5 star based on match day. If we switched the criteria to number of 80+ players, that would fluctuate the exact same way due to match day, but be harder to track.

    The star method may not be perfect, but it is at least a hard line that we can work with. With as much as player ratings fluctuate in match day, it would be a nightmare trying to keep track of who is eligible and who is not.
  17. hedache

    hedache Walk On

    Dec 13, 2010
    Seems like guayo10 beat me to the suggestion but I think my point cap might be a little help.

    shiftee the main purpose here is not to eliminate strong weak clubs. It is to eliminate players that create the problem. Some clubs will always be stronger than others because they will have better rated players than others. Try to remember to focus on that.

    RedAL925 once the game is out, I'll take a look at squads and see if my suggestion could make any sense or reason.
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  18. Blaza

    Blaza In Arsene Wenger I Trust

    Apr 17, 2009
  19. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    I disagree, compare Monaco & CSKA to Porto & Benfica, starting 11's are similar.

    CSKA best 11
    GK Akinfeev 83
    RB Fernandes 76
    CB's Berezutsky 78 & Ignasevich 77
    LB Schenikov 73
    CDM Elm 79
    CDM Wernbloom 77
    LM Dzagoev 79
    RM Tosic 78
    CAM Eremenko 79
    ST's Doumbia 82

    Best 3 subs: CDM Nathko 76, ST Musa 75, CB Berezutskiy 74

    FC Porto best 11

    GK Helton 79
    RB Danilo 77
    CB's Rolando 78 & Maicon 77
    LB Sandro 79
    CDM Casemiro 76
    CM Herrera 76
    CM Quintero 78
    RW Quaresma 80
    ST Martinez 82
    LW Brahimi 77

    Best 3 subs: RW Tello 78, ST Adrian 78, ST Aboubakar 76

    Starting 11's are similar no? CSKA has better mids, while Porto better defense (slightly) minus the goalie; CSKA should be out as well no?
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  20. hedache

    hedache Walk On

    Dec 13, 2010
    I think we'll have to go with original ratings and ignore form. If they're in good form or bad form it's your luck or vice versa. I think the whole point of capping is to eliminate existence of too many players of certain qualities. Am I wrong on that assumption?
  21. RedAL925

    RedAL925 TSL Commissioner

    Jan 31, 2011
    The goal of the cap is to force managers (you all playing) to win based on your skill at the game, and not because you have the best players on your team.
  22. hedache

    hedache Walk On

    Dec 13, 2010
    I understand this is very important. That's why I ended my post the way I ended. I can't blame anyone if the suggestions are not accepted as simple enough, clear to understand, not messy, etc.
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  23. Friz

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    Jul 4, 2011
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    no matter what we do, we have 30+ people in this league. However we decide what the team cap is going to be, some people will always have a better team than others. opening up more 4.5* teams wouldn't change that. The star rating is the easiest line to draw in terms of who is available at draft time. in my eyes, adding some 4.5* teams based on a differnt criteria wouldn't change the balance, but it would make it more complicated trying to keep track of who is eligible and who is not.
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  24. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    I actually like the 4 star cap tbh, allows those of us that have a 2.5-3 star squad a fair chance. However, online was a mess last year due to form. 66-70 defenders can do well against 78-81/2 players, but 85-86, it was hell. Ha.
  25. shiftee

    shiftee Walk On

    Nov 14, 2010
    There isn't "a problem" here though. The 4* cap has been in place since day 1 and each division has been pretty balanced with the exception of 2 or 3 seasons out of 13 (this is including A, B and C), which was not necessarily due to team ratings.

    We've brainstormed ideas in the past of instead of using the * rating, to calculate totals for ATT/MID/DEF and other methods, and we end up coming back to the 4* cap because overall, it provided the most balanced way to select teams.

    Almost all 4.5* teams don't have 1 player below 75 as a starter. On the flip side, most 4* teams have mostly 70-74 rated starters and in some cases, under 70. So while the # of 80+ players may be even, the rest of the team wouldn't be close.
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