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(S14) Weeks 1-3 predictions

Discussion in 'TSL B' started by guayo10, Oct 8, 2014.

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  1. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    Match Day 1
    Club America (Kevin Gomez) 3-2 FC Shakhtar (krtgolfing)

    The 1st of at least 3 meetings between the two squads will end with a Mexican victory. A couple goals from Oribe will lift "Las Aguilas" to a 3-2 win. For the fun of it lets say Bernard & Luiz Adriano each get one.

    Southampton (MiaFLSurf) 3-1 Olympiakos (KnightNoles)

    Southampton welcome the newcomer to TFS with a convincing 3-1 win. That Olympiakos defense won't hold many teams to 0 goals. The question is, how quickly will they concede the 1st of the season? I say 15 minutes. Or less.

    Ajax (hedache) 4-2 Aston Villa (pitt4life21)

    Like the other 2 games, defense will be non-existent. Ajax will add a late 4th goal to secure a home victory. Does Benteke score both goals?

    Stoke City (MoonBBad) 1-1 Borussia Monchengladbach (Frenchie1916)

    Both teams will struggle to score, will both struggle to defend? Game could go 1-1 or 5-5. Either way this one will see both teams earn 1 point.

    AS Monaco (UcanHateMeNow) 2-1 West Ham (hokie79)

    The home side will not be missing Falcao & James on this day as they will defeat the Hammers thanks to a couple of late goals for Berbatov. If West Ham do take the lead, we will see them defend to try to gain 3 important road points.

    Spartak Moskva (Blaza) 1-1 Newcastle United (guayo10)

    This is the game of the week for me, besides the fact that I'm playing this one sees two teams that should finish in the promotion area. Spartak Moskva will go ahead early only to see the young Adam Armstrong come on to ruin their opening fixture.

    Match Day 2
    Olympiakos 2-3 Club America

    The newcomer continues to struggle as America travel across the world to shock the world (Europeans) and steal 3 road points. Oribe Peralta will score 2 more, just for fun.

    Aston Villa 2-2 FC Shakhtar

    Villa park will be loud for this one as two teams that figure to be fighting for safety will meet up on this match day. Villa should obviously be the attacking side as Shakhtar should be happy from a road point from direct opposition towards safety. Benteke will get a 2nd in the 80th or so, only to see the defense concede a late corner and a late goal from the visitors.

    Borussia Monchengladbach 0-3 Southampton

    This one might get ugly fast as the visitors will attempt to take 3 points that they'll need later on for promotion. The home side will attempt to get a point or 3 as these early matches can't win you the league but they can secure you relegation.

    West Ham 2-3 Ajax

    Ajax will ruin West Ham's first game at home this season. West Ham will squandered leads and eventually a 90th minute goal from Ajax. Two straight wins might let the good people of Serie B know that Hedache is for real.

    Newcastle United 2-0 Stoke City

    Not many have been known to score against Guayo. A newcomer to TFS surely can't score on the road? Can he? Either way Newcastle should be up and running after a convincing home win.

    Spartak Moskva 3-1 AS Monaco

    Like Newcastle, Spartak will get their first win of the season to keep up with others for that direct promotion slot. Monaco might get a late goal but Spartak should have this one in the bag by the 70th or so.

    Match Day 3
    Club America 2-1 Aston Villa

    Who would believe the leader after 3 would be a Mexican side? America can do that by beating Villa at home. Who else but Peralta to lead America to a win. 3 from 3? Si por favor.

    Olympiakos 1-1 Borussia Monchengladbach

    The newcomer Knight finally gets a point in Serie B. Olympiakos should control tempo at home but should be weary of that counter. Abidal is no longer a viable leader in the back, the good news is Borussia may struggle to score all season long.

    FC Shakhtar 1-2 West Ham

    After a tough loss to Ajax, West Ham and Hokie bounce back in the Ukraine. Krt will be looking for 3 points at home but will be met by an inspired Enner whose double should give all 3 points to West Ham.

    Southampton 0-0 Newcastle United

    These two have met numerous times since the switch to the PS4. Most games, scratch that, all games have been close. Either a 1 goal game or draws. This one will be no different as neither want to lose all 3 points this early in the year. Newcastle will happily take a point from St. Mary's.

    Ajax 2-1 Spartak Moskva

    The first real upset of the season will occur in Amsterdam. Spartak will take an early 1-0 lead only to see Ajax score two goals in the last 15 minutes. So this hedache fellow will be dreaming of direct promotion after 3 matches.

    Stoke City 2-2 AS Monaco

    Bojan will score 2 to make his impact felt at Stoke, only to see Berbatov score 2 as well. Monaco will have the better chances as Toulalan & Moutinho will control the mid. However that Stoke counter will be deadly, Crouch will go 0 for 5 in headers. No robot for this one.

    Standings after 3
    1.Ajax 9 +4
    2.America 9 +3
    3.Southampton 7 +5
    4.Newcastle 5 +2
    5.Spartak 4 +1
    6.AS Monaco 4 -1
    7.West Ham 3 -1
    8.Stoke City 2 -2
    9.Borussia 2 -3
    10.Shakhtar 1 -2
    11.Aston Villa 1 -3
    12.Olympiakos 1 -3

    *Disclaimer, these are merely predictions. Also have no clue how any of these will go since I have no clue how most play on FIFA 15. As the season goes on these predictions should hit closer to the real score or how the game plays out*
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  2. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009


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  3. krtgolfing

    krtgolfing Walk On

    Mar 22, 2012
    No love.... Ouch..
  4. Frenchie1916

    Frenchie1916 Just a clodhopper of footballer, running pell mell

    Sep 22, 2011
    the good news is Borussia may struggle to score all season long.

    Bulletin board material.

    This isn't Stuttgart I'm working with any more. I'm behind the wheel of a finely tuned automobile.
  5. hedache

    hedache Walk On

    Dec 13, 2010
    You're giving me too much credit. No way I end up with 3 wins. I'm hoping for 4 points or so. 5-6 would be success.
  6. Kevin Gomez

    Kevin Gomez Walk On

    Mar 5, 2014
    LOTS OF LOVE :snaphappy:
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