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(S18) TSL Cup Results

Discussion in 'TSL Cup' started by Broncos218, Oct 8, 2015.

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  1. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Please post match results here

    OPEN: Thursday, October 8

    - Home team listed first and is also responsible for streaming the match.
    - Make sure your roster is up to date and your controller settings are correct before your match!


    LOSC Lille -- Boca Juniors
    Aston Villa -- Trabzonspor

    Genoa -- Hellas Verona
    Tigres -- Malaga CF

    Crystal Palace -- Palmeiras
    Olympiakos CFP -- Bordeaux

    Club America -- 1899 Hoffenheim
    Lokomotiv Moscow -- Atalanta

    RSC Anderlecht -- Udinese
    Coventry City -- West Ham

    Newcastle -- West Brom
    Torino -- Atletico Mineiro

    Sao Paulo -- AS Saint-Etienne
    VfB Stuttgart -- Leicester City

    Ajax -- Stade Rennais
    FC Lorient -- PSV Eindhoven

    Celta Vigo -- Club Brugge
    Sampdoria -- Sunderland​
  2. Feverpitch57

    Feverpitch57 Walk On

    Jan 8, 2015
    Stuttgart vs. Leicester
    0 Goals 1
    5 (0) Shots 7 (4)
    50% Possession 50%
    13 Tackles 18
    4 Fouls 2
    0 :yellowcard: 1
    0 :redcard: 0
    0 Offsides 1
    2 Corners 4
    72% Passing 72%

    Match Events
    50' :goal: N Dyer[​IMG][​IMG]:assist:Kante
    :yellowcard: J Vardy
    MOTM - P Tyton 9.1

    Last edited: Oct 9, 2015
  3. dave okeeffe

    dave okeeffe Walk On

    Feb 18, 2014
    Celta Vigo vs Club Brugge
    2 Goals 1
    20 Shots 2
    14 SOT 1
    53% Possession 47%
    12 Tackles 11
    2 Fouls 1
    0 Cards 0
    9 Corners 0
    68% Pass Acc 63%

    Match Events:
    57' F.Orellana :assist:P.Hernández
    :goal: 69' A.Diaby :assist:J.Izquierdo
    :goal: 90' Nolito :assist:I.Aspas

    MotM - S.Bruzzese (9.7)

    gg Llad72
  4. wSeals9

    wSeals9 TFS Serie A: Atlético Mineiro

    Dec 7, 2014
    Sampdoria 1 - 1 Sunderland
    17 (9) - Shots (OT) - 8 (5)
    58% - Possession - 42%
    8 - Tackles - 22
    3 - Fouls - 5
    0/0 - :yellowcard:/:redcard: - 1/0
    8 - Corners - 2
    79% - Passing -51%

    Match Events:
    9' :goal: J. Defoe :assist:F. Borini
    9' :yellowcard: F. Borini

    36' Eder (FK)

    :trophy:Man of the Match: Eder

    Sunderland hold on for 1-1 draw against group favorites Sampdoria

    Calhockey10 and his Sunderland squad left Italy after earning a crucial point in TSL Cup's Group I. Sampdoria was able to control the game from start to finish but couldn't put more than one goal past Costel Pantilimon. Sunderland was able to get off to a dream start when Fabio Borini's well-contested cross caught Sampdoria's defense napping and Jermain Defoe was the beneficiary of the defensive lapse by getting on the end of the cross and putting it past Emiliano Viviano. Sampdoria was able to level the score line after Eder's free-kick from the right side of the box surprised Pantilimon. In the second half, Sampdoria tested the Sunderland defense with shot after shot, but the English side was able to hold on. Eder received man of the match honor for his stunning free kick.

    Both teams head into the next week of group play tied for 2nd behind dave okeeffe 's Celta Vigo. This result gives Llad72 some life who gave up a crucial 90th min goal to drop points against Celta Vigo. Group I is already turning out to be more interesting than some predicted. Stay tuned!

    Next week's fixtures: Celta Vigo (3 pts) vs. Sampdoria (1 pt) / Club Brugge (0 pts) vs. Sunderland (1 pt)
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2015
  5. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    Tigres - Malaga
    2 - 0

    6 Shots 5
    5 On Target 0
    49% Possession 51%
    7 Tackles 16
    1 Offsides 1
    3 Corners 0
    83% Shot Acc 0%
    73% Pass Acc 74%

    18' :goal: Guerron
    72' :goal: Alvarez
    :assist:Uche (2)
    CS: Guzman

    :trophy:Aquino (8.5)

    Tigres and Malaga pace was high, and hokie79 stated the pace was too fast for Malaga. Both teams had many passes go astray and losing possession at the wrong time can be costly. The Felines were able to get on the board first as Uche sent a ball towards Guerron when it was lightly touched by a Malaga defender but kept its path as Guerron sent the shot by the keeper. Malaga in the second half saw two chances to get the score tied back up but one shot went wide, and a throw in from the closest throw in spot to not be a corner was sent in and headed off the crossbar. Uche later found himself with some space as he turned a Malaga defender around and took the ball near post and dropped it off to a trailing Alvarez to make it two nil. Guzman would end the match with a clean sheet and two saves.
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  6. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    so 1-0, 0-1 or 0-0?
  7. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    yellow for Borini or is that a mistake? stats show 0 cards
  8. JFace907

    JFace907 Ron F'n Swanson

    Jul 1, 2010
    Match Events
    :yellowcard: F. Thauvin (18')
    :goal: J. Evans (88' OG)
    :trophy: T. Krul
    CS: T. Krul

    Newcastle steals three points to open Cup qualification

    The stats say it all. Highway robbery took place Tyneside this evening when the Magpies were held to zero shots on target while the Baggies test Newcastle keeper Tim Krul 6 times. A plus to the lopsided amount of tries was that everything West Brown threw at Krul from distance at angles that he could see the shot from the beginning. "Having eyes on those efforts was crucial. It definitely gets tougher the more obstructed your view," said Krul afterwards. The Newcastle goal came when a Gabriel Obertan cross approached the front of goal and was redirected by Evans into his own net for the own goal and Newcastle winner. "I just wanted to clear it. I knew as soon as I couldn't get it flush that something bad was going to happen," said Evans after the match. Group F was tabbed as the "Any Given Matchday" group and it lived up to the billing right away. It should be fun following the group the rest of the way.

    Full match
  9. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Group B Matchday 1

    (Broncos218) [​IMG] Genoa 1-1 Hellas Verona [​IMG] (Macri)

    Full Match Video
    Match Facts
    1 Goals 1
    3 Shots 8
    1 SOT 5
    46% Possession 54%
    5 Tackles 16
    3 Fouls 3
    0 :yellowcard: 1
    0 :redcard: 0
    0 Offsides 1
    2 Corners 0
    72% Pass Accuracy 66%

    :goal: T. Rincon (49') :assist:A. Costa

    Hellas Verona:
    :goal: G. Pazzini (31' pen)
    :yellowcard: Romulo (55')

    MOTM: T. Rincon - Genoa (8.4)​

    Ex-Hamburglar Tomas Rincon Earns Draw For Genoa
    In the "Group of Death," today the two Italian teams from the group faced off against each other. Was Coach Bronc back in his old form, or stuck in his relegation-bound one? And was Macri the real deal, or just an error-prone rookie in TSL? Those questions set-up the stage for an interesting match, and to start things out, it was Genoa who shot themselves in the foot in the 31st minute. No, not quite Plaxico Burress-style, but a foul in the box forced the ref to award Hellas Verona a penalty. Pazzini stepped up and scored it easily, making it 1-0. The scoreline held until the half, but just 4 minutes after the break, a corner kick breathed life for Genoa. Costa kicked it into the box perfectly, and CDM Tomas Rincon, the lone player on Genoa to have previously played under Coach Bronc, headed in the equalizer. A defensive battle ensued thereafter, as the two teams combined for 6 shots on target on the day, leading to a 1-1 final. "This new guy is the real deal, and it'll certainly make for a tough group," said Coach Bronc following the match. "We made some adjustments throughout the game, but it wasn't enough to grab the full 3. The way we have to look at it now is that we're still alive, and now we'll need to pick up points in our remaining group games."

    gg Macri

    Post-match highlights:
  10. wSeals9

    wSeals9 TFS Serie A: Atlético Mineiro

    Dec 7, 2014
    That's accurate. I forgot to change the yellow card number to one. I'll fix it.
  11. Scott Metcalf

    Scott Metcalf Walk On

    Mar 22, 2015
    It was 0-1 Leicester win
  12. SoFresh_Kev

    SoFresh_Kev Walk On

    Feb 1, 2015
    Coventry City 0 - 4 West Ham

    7 Shots 11
    4 SOT 7
    46% Possession 54%
    9 Tackles 10
    0 :yellowcard: 0
    0 :redcard: 0
    80% Pass Accuracy 81%

    Match Events:

    17' :goal: A. Carroll
    44' :goal: A. Carroll
    52' :goal: A. Carroll
    80' :goal: M. Antonio :assist: D. Payet

    MoTM :trophy: A. Carroll (9.5 rating)

    Big start to the cup campaign for the hammers! The match was quite one sided for the most part. Manager SoFreshKev was quoted in the tunnel, "We were the better team. Played our hearts out against a team from TSL A. Glad we got the result and look forward to playing our next opponent." On the other side of the pitch, manager Beans was quoted saying, "Classless. No class from the West Ham manager. No need to tack on a 4th goal. Good luck the rest of the way lad." He had no further comments.

    Unfortunate that he felt that way. Either way, good game mate! BigBeansMcGee
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  13. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
  14. guayo10

    guayo10 Walk On

    Apr 21, 2013
    Lille vs Boca Jrs.
    0 Goals 4

    3 (1) SOT 11 (6)
    12 Tackles 7
    2 Fouls 2
    0 Injuries 0
    0 Offsides 0
    3 Corners 1
    33% Shooting 54%
    67% Passing 83%

    Match Events

    :goal:45th P. Perez
    75th S. Guirassy In, M. Obbadi Out
    75th M. Martin In, E. Bautheac Out
    75th S. Meite In, J. Tallo Out

    75th C. Pavon In, A. Cubas Out
    75th J. Fuenzalida In, P. Perez Out
    75th F. Gago In, J. Calleri Out
    :goal:76th C. Tevez:assist:N. Lodeiro

    :goal:79th D. Sidibe (OG)
    :goal:82nd N. Lodeiro:assist:C. Pavon

    MOTM N. Lodeiro 7.5
    CS A. Orion

    gg Andanas
  15. John O'Connor

    John O'Connor Walk On

    Sep 2, 2014

    Aston Villa 1 - 0 Trabzonspor
    2 (1) - Shots (OT) - 7 (4)
    57% - Possession - 43%
    7 - Tackles - 15
    1 - Fouls - 4
    1/0 - :yellowcard:/:redcard: - 1/0
    1 - Corners - 3
    77% - Passing - 79%

    Match Events:
    59' :goal: O. Kivrak (OG)
    :yellowcard: G. Agbonlahor
    :yellowcard: L. Cavanda

    CS: B. Guzan

    :trophy:Man of the Match: M. Richards

    Jordan Ayew thumped home an Adama Traore cross and Micah Richards led a stout defensive effort to earn Aston Villa a 1-0 cupset victory over Trabzonspor in TSL Cup group qualifying.

    The match played according to Aston Villa's game plan: possess the ball to limit Trabzonspor's chances and hope like heck Villa could finish off one of their own. Villa managed the first part, holding the ball, passing well and slowing the game down until Trabzonspor applied heavy pressure late in the game.

    The chance came in the 59th minute when Adama intercepted a pass near midfield. The speedy winger drifted wide and sent a good cross near post for Ayew. Tranzonspor keeper Onur Kirvak did brilliantly to keep the initial shot out but was branded with the own goal when the ball came off the post and bounced in off the keeper.

    Villa tackled well in midfield and the backline, led by Man of the Match Richards, thwarted many Turkish chances to make the goal stand up.

    It's the first time manager Jocko has beaten a TSL A squad in a match that counts and gives Villa the inside track in Group A. Jocko hasn't led a squad to the knockout stage of the premier league cup since Queens Park Rangers qualified in Season 14.

    GG vipermansa.

    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
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  16. Lou

    Lou Walk On

    Sep 24, 2013
    Sao Paolo 2 - 2 Saint Etienne
    6 (6) - Shots (On Target) - 6 (3)
    55% - Possession - 45%
    13 - Tackles - 14
    1 - Fouls - 3
    0 - :yellowcard: - 1
    2 - Corners - 2
    83% - Pass Accuracy - 70%

    Match events
    :goal: 18' (SP) Luis Fabiano :assist:T. Mendes
    :goal: 32' (SE) J. Bahebeck :assist:R. Hamouma
    :yellowcard: 37' (SE) J. Clement
    :goal: 39' (SP) A. Pato (PK)
    :goal: 47' (SE) V. Eysseric :assist:F. Lemoine

    MOTM - :trophy:(SE) S. Ruffier 7.8
    Revenge became a well played draw between these 2 former A rivals. Both ended up taking a point from the match, but this is a group with parity, so anyone could still advance.

    GG RedAL925
  17. CxMacx10

    CxMacx10 Walk On

    Apr 2, 2011
    Crystal Palace 1 - 3 Palmeiras
    3 Shots 12
    2 SOT 6
    50 Poss 50
    17 Tackles 12

    :goal: J. Puncheon

    :goal: C. Xavier :assist:F. Gabriel
    :yellowcard:S. Dann
    :goal: F. Gabriel
    :goal: M. Arouca :assist:C. Xavier

    MOTM: C. Xavier

    Palmeiras is seemingly getting better every game. The offense finally was able to match the defense's excellence and leave England with 3 crucial points in Group C with a 3-1 victory. More importantly, Manager CMac has found his engine. Everyehwere along the line Cmac teams have had balanced scoring attacks but there has always been that engine that runs it all. The newly named captain, Cleiton Xavier, is quickly becoming that for this Palmeiras team. The man of the match tallied a goal, hit a post that lead to another goal, had a beautiful assist on the Arouca tally, and hit a second post late. He truly is becoming the heart in the middle of this Palmeiras side. They will hope he continues this type of form as the season progresses.

    Though they did not get the result they were seeking, the highlight of the match goes to Frenchie1916 's Crystal Palace side. The Puncheon goal was a beauty 30 yards out that gave the underdogs the lead early. They were unable to sustain the momentum but they have the TSL A side all they wanted and then some.

    GG Frenchie1916 and GL the rest of the season!
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
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  18. ASinghal31

    ASinghal31 Go Bucks.

    Oct 5, 2014
    Lokomotiv 2 - 0 Atalanta
    Match got disconnected at the end so no stats.

    :goal: A. Samedov (24')
    :goal: M. Fernandes (60') :assist: M. Boussoufa

    :yellowcard: R. Shishkin

    CS: Guilherme
    Lokomotiv gets off to a fast start in TSL Cup play as they dominated the match from the get-go. Loko saw plenty of chances but only found the back of the net twice as Atalanta's goalkeeper was in top form.

    The opening goal came off a scramble in the box after a solid shot on target, which Atalanta's keeper saved, but unfortunately it went straight to the waiting leg of Alexandre Samedov who found the open net. A plethora of opportunities later, Lokomotiv stole a pass at midfield and pushed the tempo with a pass from Boussoufa up to Fernandes. Fernandes slowly weaved through the middle of the defense and found the upper 90 to extend Lokomotiv's lead to 2.

    Loko faces rival manager UcanHateMeNow and his solid Club América team next week in Cup play.

    Gg shootah66
  19. Jugster

    Jugster Walk On

    Sep 7, 2014

    :goal: 28' Pratto (pk)
    :yellowcard: 20' D. Santos
    :yellowcard: 38' K. Glik
    :trophy: R. Carioca

    CS: Victor

    Great Game pitt4life21
  20. rschwep

    rschwep Always Rebuilding

    Sep 23, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    Club America 0 - 3 Hoffenheim
    4 (1) - Shots (OT) - 7 (5)
    44% - Possession - 56%
    11 - Tackles - 14
    2 - Fouls - 1
    No cards
    1 - Corners - 2
    61% - Passing - 74%

    Match Events:
    :goal: K. Volland (unassisted) 23'
    :goal: K. Volland (K. Kuranyi) 45'
    :goal: E. Vargas (N. Süle) 90'
    CS: O. Baumann
    MOTM: N. Süle 8.2
  21. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Please post match results here

    OPEN: Wednesday, October 14

    - Home team listed first and is also responsible for streaming the match.
    - Make sure your roster is up to date and your controller settings are correct before your match!

    W. Khazri (Bordeaux)

    LOSC Lille -- Aston Villa
    Boca Juniors -- Trabzonspor

    Genoa -- Tigres
    Hellas Verona -- Malaga CF

    Crystal Palace -- Olympiakos CFP
    Palmeiras -- Bordeaux

    Club America -- Lokomotiv Moscow
    1899 Hoffenheim -- Atalanta

    RSC Anderlecht -- Coventry City
    Udinese -- West Ham

    Newcastle -- Torino
    West Brom -- Atletico Mineiro

    Sao Paulo -- VfB Stuttgart
    AS Saint-Etienne -- Leicester City

    Ajax -- FC Lorient
    Stade Rennais -- PSV Eindhoven

    Celta Vigo -- Sampdoria
    Club Brugge -- Sunderland​
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2015
  22. redwings8831

    redwings8831 Walk On

    Nov 5, 2010
    Olympiacos 3-0 Bordeaux

    23 Shots 2
    13 SOT 1
    48 Poss 52
    5 Tackles 11
    2 Fouls 5
    0 YC 1
    0 RC 1
    1 Offsides 1
    10 Corners 0

    18' W. Khazri (YC)
    44' W. Khazri (YC -> RC)
    66' M. da Costa (F. Masuaku)
    75' K. Fortounis
    88' A. Finnbogason (K. Fortounis)

    CS: Roberto
    MOTM: K. Fortounis - 9.2
  23. Macri

    Macri Watch Out!

    Jun 18, 2015
    Match Day 2
    Hellas Verona 2 - 1 Malaga CF

    12 (4)Shots (SOT) 2(1)
    46% Possession 54%
    15 Tackles 13
    7 Fouls 1
    4 Cards 1
    6 Corners 1
    68% Pass Acc. 66%

    :yellowcard: 3' Hallfredsson
    :yellowcard: 9' Moras
    :goal:19' Romulo
    :goal:52' Hallfredsson :assist: Greco

    :goal:56' Charles:assist: Amrabat
    :yellowcard: 63' Matuzalem
    :yellowcard: 74' Camacho
    :yellowcard: 80' Jankovic
    MoTM: Greco
  24. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Lions67 Khazri will have to sit your remaining 2 group stage games
  25. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Group B Matchday 2

    (Broncos218) [​IMG] Genoa 1-0 Tigres UANL [​IMG] (KnightNoles)

    Full Match Video
    Match Facts
    1 Goals 0
    8 Shots 12
    5 SOT 7
    45% Possession 55%
    7 Tackles 19
    2 Fouls 1
    0 :yellowcard: 0
    0 :redcard: 0
    1 Offsides 0
    3 Corners 4
    72% Pass Accuracy 67%

    :goal: A. Costa (61')
    CS: M. Perin

    Tigres UANL:
    (no events)

    MOTM: M. Perin - Genoa (8.5)​

    Stout D Earns Genoa Clean Sheet, Win
    Genoa entered the match against Tigres UANL needing some points in a tough group. However, they knew it was a tall task, as Tigres has appeared to have Genoa's number in recent friendlies. However, Genoa noticed some details in the play of their opponents and tweaked their defense to prevent any gaps. "There were a couple plays early on that caught us out of position," said Coach Bronc. "We made the proper adjustments and held firm after that point." On the offensive side, the Italian team found the back of the net in the 61st minute thanks to an Alberto Costa goal. It was not without post-game controversy though, as the bang-bang play had some fans flocking to social media afterwards. "I understand the reason for the debate, but that debate doesn't pertain to whether the goal was allowable or not. That aspect is pretty clear cut," said the Genoa manager. Regardless, the Genoa defense held strong to hold Tigres without a goal for the full 90 minutes, and in doing so, earned 3 valuable points. Genoa now needs just a draw in their final group game against Malaga to advance to the Gold Cup. In fact, the only way Genoa would not advance to the Gold Cup would be if they lose to Malaga, Hellas Verona loses to Tigres, and Hellas Verona either loses by less than Genoa or maintains their goals scored superiority over Genoa. "All I know is we need a win or draw. We can't allow our own fate to enter the hands of the other match, and we want to win the group in order to get a better match in the Round of 16."

    gg KnightNoles

    All goals (1):

    Post-match highlights:
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