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S1W11 Summaries

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by XWarriorMonk, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. XWarriorMonk

    XWarriorMonk Walk On

    Sep 18, 2012
  2. XWarriorMonk

    XWarriorMonk Walk On

    Sep 18, 2012
    The San Diego Chargers hosted the Oakland Raiders in a division rematch between two teams on separate paths. The Chargers a team who's playoff chances get slimmer each week and the Raiders who are in the hunt in the NFL's playoff race. This game, both teams would ignore each of their current circumstances and play a good old fashioned division game that had plenty of explosive plays and odd endings.
    After last weeks loss to the Denver Broncos, Derek Carr walked off of the field looking sick to his stomach as he had to watch Peyton Manning drive down the field and win a close one. This week, Carr ran out onto the field with fire in his eyes that would let them overcome a Chargers team that was hell bent on ruining Oakland's playoff push. Carr would throw for 3 touchdowns to 3 different receivers, but that would not be enough to keep San Diego down. Phillip Rivers showed that he approved of the new head coaching hire by throwing for 5 touchdowns a few of which were late in the 4th quarter to make this one closer than this should've been. The first half was your typical half. Both teams looked strong on both sides of the ball, but Oakland looked to be confident going into the half up 21-14. The last minutes of this game is what it will be remembered for. With less than 3 minutes left Phillip Rivers was able to find Antonio Gates for one of his 3 receiving touchdowns to bring the Chargers within three. San Diego would then try for an onside kick, but the kick was returned by a ...person...(TE,FB,LB?) for a touchdown. Up by ten, Oakland looked to it's defense to live up to its NFL ranking, but Rivers had other plans. Phillip Rivers drove right back down and scored in under 45 seconds without using a single timeout. Again, down by 3 San Diego tried for an onside kick, but instead of giving up a touchdown they would force a fumble. With a minute left in the game and Oakland's defense reeling San Diego looked ready to steal the win out from the Raiders. After Rivers' air attack brought the Chargers within field goal range Keenan Allen would be given an opportunity to seal the comeback. Rivers dropped back and found Allen over the middle around Oakland's ten yard line, but the veteran safety Charles Woodson was able to strip the ball away from Allen. The Raiders, backed up at their own 5 yard line were able to run the ball for a first down and secure a much needed win 38-35.

    • The Chargers are not to be taken lightly. Expect this new coach to turn this team around.
    • Derek Carr has developed into a quarterback that could be Oakland's answer. (ROY nomination)
    • Oakland has a playoff caliber team, but lack talent at WR

    Key Players:
    Derek Carr: 18/19 212 yards 3 touchdowns
    Nick Roach: 11 tackles 2 sacks

    Phillip Rivers: 38/47 440 yards 5 touchdowns
    Antonio Gates: 14 receptions 149 yards 3 touchdowns
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  3. Freakskull

    Freakskull Lobsters are mermaids to scorpions.

    Sep 10, 2014
    I have been playing Madden since John Madden was skinny, and I ain't NEVER seen an on-side kick go for a TD. My vote for play of the year.
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  4. sir felgar

    sir felgar Walk On

    Oct 8, 2014
    With the Chargers anything is possible
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  5. Mozaaik

    Mozaaik Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014

    Please tell me someone remembered to say xbox record that lol.
  6. XWarriorMonk

    XWarriorMonk Walk On

    Sep 18, 2012
    I've got it on my page lol
  7. Masterfocker

    Masterfocker Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014
    The New York Giants are now 4-6 on the year as they beat the San Francisco 49ers 27-13 at home.

    It was a great game as every time the 49ers would get a good drive going, Kaepernick threw an INT and turned the ball over. The 49ers defense was stout and almost always stopped the Giants, but still. You can't turn it over so much. Because of those turnovers, the defense got more and more tired, and allowed Giants points in the second half. It was a Hell of a game, LemonLie-m


    Eli Manning: 11-20 170 yds. 2 TD 0 INT

    Eli threw a lot of balls into coverage (My fault). Luckily, none of those balls were intercepted, although they should've been. Eli was basically the definition of a game manager in this game.

    Rashad Jennings
    : 22 rushes for 102 yds. 0 TD

    Rashad Jennings struggled in the beginning, but really opened up when he needed to; as the Giants shaved down the clock in the 4th quarter.

    Andre Williams: 1 rush for 27 yds. 1 TD

    The rookie had a great run for a TD. He received an outside handoff, got inside one guy, and then dodged another for the TD. Lemon usered the people who were supposed to tackle him, and messed them up, which allowed Williams to get in for the nice TD.

    : 4 rec. for 76 yds. 1 TD

    ODB made some nice catches, including a contested catch for a 1st down early in the game, and a TD catch inbetween 3 defenders to really put the Giants in the lead. He's really growing into a solid WR, and if he keeps it up, can become the Giants #1 pretty soon.

    Rob Housler: 2 rec. 46 yds. 1 TD

    Housler caught 2 balls on the day. One in the seam for a big gain, and another on an out route for a TD. On the out router, he was Eli's 4th read, and beat the zone coverage to allow a scrambling Eli to get him the ball. He broke a tackle or two and fought his way against a defender into the endzone. Just a great performance by Housler.

    Cruz: 2 rec. for 18 yds. 0 TD

    Cruz was a non-factor in this game. He was never open, even when he was a first read. He was just shut down. At least he's healthy in Madden :'(

    Reuben Randle: 2 rec. for 29 yds. 0 TD

    Another non-factor game for Randle. The defender was always covering him good. Almost never saw separation from him. For a #1 WR, he's sure not playing like a #1 WR. If he keeps this up, he won't be on the Giants for much longer.

    Jon Beason
    : 8 tackles

    He wasn't great in defending the pas,s but he helped greatly in the run.

    Damontre Moore: 7 tackles 4 sacks 6 TFL

    Damontre Moore was a monster. He helped in the run game, he reached the QB 4 times, and he was just a disruption. he had 2 sacks on the 49ers last drive to force a turnover on downs and win the Giants the game.

    Stevie Brown: 7 tackles

    Stevie Brown missed some tackles, which is worrisome. he came out with 7, but his play is worse than his stats suggest.

    Antrel Rolle: 8 total tackles

    Antrel Rolle, as always, had a lot of tackles. He also batted away a 1st down pass from Vernon Davis. A good game for Rolle.

    DRC: 3 tackles 4 INT

    DRC was always in the right spot when Kaepernick threw the ball. He was on the receivers like glue in this game. All 4 of his INT's came in the redzone or close to it, with one being in the endzone. He now leads the NFL in INT's by 2.

    Jacquian Williams: 3 tackles 1 sack

    His sack came early, and that's where he basically ended. Maybe it's because I played a lot of different defensive formations, but he had a really quiet game.

    Robert Ayers: 2 tackles 1 sack

    Had a sack due to Kaepernick running out of the pocket. Aside from that, did basically nothing.

    Cullen Jenkins: 1 sack

    He may only have that one stat (Which was vital, as it was the sack that preceded Moore's game ending sack), but he collapsed middle running lanes, along with Hankins, all game. He had a quietly good game.
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  8. greatnessdc

    greatnessdc Walk On

    Aug 9, 2014
    Int jesus....
  9. Masterfocker

    Masterfocker Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014
    Tell me about it.

    Also, you see those 4 sacks from Moore? That's the reason I traded JPP lol.
  10. RFF

    RFF Walk On

    Aug 13, 2014
    Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals

    This was a nail-biter that could have gone either way. After forcing a Cardinals punt on the opening drive, the Lions put together a long drive on the back of Reggie Bush that culminated in a Matt Stafford TD. After that, teams traded a couple of punts and the Lions threatened again, settling instead for a FG to make it 10-0. At the end of the half and knowing they would get the ball back, Detroit knew a stop in the final 2 minutes could open up a window to take a commanding 3-score lead. However, Fitzgerald (who was responsible for nearly all of Palmer's completions, racking up 10 catches for 150 yds) had other ideas, and Palmer caught him over the top of the too-slow defense to make it 10-7 at halftime.

    Detroit was forced to punt again to open the second half, and Arizona drove downfield into the redzone to take the lead. However, MLB Stephen Tulloch, the captain of Detroit's sturdy defense, picked off Palmer inside the 5. Detroit would extend the lead to 17-7 after another long drive at the start of the 4th. Arizona repeatedly punished Detroit's secondary with Fitzgerald's streaks and posts, but again the Lions came through. With Arizona having a 1st and goal on the 2, down 17-7 and about 5-6 minutes left in the game, the bend-but-don't-break Lions D stopped 3 stuffed goal line runs, and Arizona elected to take the points to make it 17-10.

    Twice on the final drive, Detroit found themselves in third-and-6+ needing a first down to keep the clock moving and keep the ball out of Arizona's hands. Both times they converted with quick passes to Cribbs & Megatron. Then, with the final 3rd-and-9 presented and all of the Cards' timeouts spent, the Lions opted to run, burn an extra 40s off the clock, and punt it back to Arizona. The score was 17-10 with just over 1 minute on the clock and AZ had no timeouts. After a couple of big yardage pickups, the Cards were again moving downfield with Fitzgerald, until as they had all day, they went deep into 1on1 coverage against Pacman Jones, who this time came down with the pick to seal the win, 17-10.

    Detroit got absolutely zero pressure all game--even when rushing 5-6, not even so much as a hurry--as the Cards O-line again and again gave Palmer all day to throw downfield. However, they completely swallowed up the Cards' run game, holding them to just 56 yards on 22 carries, none more important than those 3 at the goal line late in the 4th. Stafford didn't put up eye-popping numbers, but he was efficient and effective on third down, executing the Detroit coaches' conservative gameplan as hoped. Versus a defense as incredibly scary as Arizona's, they asked him to go downfield less often and let the run game & defense do the heavy lifting. The key to victory for Stafford & the offense was 0 turnovers--an issue that has periodically plagued this team in weeks' past. Both QBs threw 2-3 errant passes that hit defenders in the hands but fell to the ground, so Stafford's performance was not entirely clean--but luck fell in his favor today.

    Huge road win for the Lions vs a superior Cardinals squad that has looked as strong as anyone this season. Detroit is trying as best they can to hold off the Packers for the division, so this win was absolutely crucial.

    GG TheNathanHolmes, you are probably the better player, but today the breaks fell my way. That was intense. A part of me hopes we don't play again, lol.
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  11. dubblechzburger

    dubblechzburger Walk On

    Aug 6, 2014

    Good game RaunchyTacoBowl going to keep the summary short and sweet as the video has all the main highlights. Any big plays and all scoring (non FG) plays. So anything not featured is either a punt or field goal (as far as ball changing hands)

    Aaron Rodgers 13-18 247 yds 4 TDs
    Nick Foles 19-29 235 yds 2 TDs 3 INTs
    Eddie Lacy 26 Att. 141 yds 2 TDs
    James Starks 7 Att. 36 yds
    LeSean McCoy 17 Att. 58 yds

    Darren Sproles 4 Att. 35 yds 2 TDs

    Jarrett Boykin 7 Rec 170 yds 4 TDs
    Randall Cobb 3 Rec 48 yds
    Eddie Lacy 2 Rec 26 yds
    Darren Sproles 7 Rec 90 yds

    Riley Cooper 4 Rec 72 yds 1 TD
    Jeremy Maclin 3 Rec 46 yds
    LeSean McCoy 3 Rec 12 yds 1 TD
    Clay Matthews 7 tkl 5 TFL 1 sack
    Ha Ha Clinton-Dix 6 tkl
    AJ Hawk 5 tkl 1 TFL 1 INT
    Casey Hayward 4 tkl 1 INT
    Nick Perry 2 tkl 1 INT
    Earl Wolff 9 tkl

    Mychal Kendricks 7 tkl
    Connor Barwin 7 tkl 3 TFL 1 sack
    Bennie Logan 1 tkl 1 TFL 1 sack
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