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S1W14 Summaries

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Masterfocker, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Masterfocker

    Masterfocker Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014
    You know what to do.

    Praise Based Housler.
  2. Masterfocker

    Masterfocker Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014
    The Giants secure their fifth win of the season against the Titans, 37-27. It was a hardfought game, but the Titans' turnovers were just too much for them to overcome. Good game johngalt10


    Ryan Nassib: 18-25 361 yds. 3 TD 1 INT

    Ryan Nassib had a good game in his first time as a starter. Aside from one interception that was completely my fault, he threw accurate passes. There was one throw that was supposed to be on the sideline, but instead hit the middle of the field. So yeah. But still.

    Rashad Jennings: 28 rushes for 116 yds. 1 TD

    Due to the Giants going ahead early, or at least not being down 21 points within 5 minutes, the Giants were able to get their running game going. This opened up plenty of play-action passes for Nassib, while also netting Jennings his best game in a while.

    ODB: 4 rec. for 164 yds. 1 TD

    ODB started the game with an 80 yard touchdown catch. He then caught more passes and had some great YAC. He should've had 2 TD's, but Nassib threw a sideline pass on a play where ODB was wide open (Didn't expect him to be wide open). Either way, ODB has solidified himself as the #1 receiver on the Giants.

    Rob Housler: 5 rec. for 99 yds. 1 TD

    Housler didn't get a lot of targets, but when he did, he caught the ball and got some YAC. He was used in the seam, as a dumpoff, and on wheel routes. His TD came from a seam where he was wide open in the redzone.

    Victor Cruz: 3 rec. for 24 yds. 1 TD

    Due to ODB's dominance, and the rejuvenated run game, Cruz wasn't asked to do a lot. However, he did haul in a TD while he was wide open in the endzone on a cross. A lot of our WR's and TE's were wide open this game. The run game helped with this.

    Corey Washington: 2 rec. for 36 yds. 0 TD

    Targeted several times deep, Washington was never able to haul them in. He either didn't go for the ball, or dropped it when it was contested. He didn't do much this game.

    Reuben Randle: 2 rec. for 25 yds. 0 TD

    Randle is the #4 receiver now, but he stepped up big when he turned a crossing route on a 3rd and 18 into a first down.

    Antrel Rolle: 4 tackles 2 INT's

    Antrel Rolle finally got INT's into his stat sheet as he hauled in 2 on the day. Usually, he's a monster in the run game, and weak in coverage, but today was the opposite.

    Damontre Moore: 4 tackles 1 sack

    Damontre Moore was a moderate help in the run game, and brought his sack total up to 11. Da'Monster Moore baby.

    Johnathan Hankins: 2 tackles 1 sack

    Although he wasn't a force nin the run game, he was able to get a sack. This brings his total up to about 5 I believe.

    Devon Kennard and Cullen Jenkins: 1 sack each

    They got to the QB

    Walter Thurmond III: 5 tackles 1 INT

    His INT came from a throw that was right to him. His 5 tackles were due to not being great in coverage.

    Jacquian Williams: 5 tackles 1 INT

    Jacquian Williams made a great play and stretched out to grab an interception from an errant throw by Mettenberger. On top of that, he did pretty good in the run game.
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  3. Mozaaik

    Mozaaik Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014
    Not much to say here other than the Colts blow out the Browns 38-7.


    The Browns received the ball first but a pick in the end zone would end their early chances. The Colts were able to get up the field and score on their first drive, taking the early score 7-0.

    The Colts go onto to add three more touchdowns, getting torched deep on numerous plays and unable to stop Richardson from powering his way up the field. The Browns were running out of time and hoping for at least a field goal before Manziel is sacked and forcing them to try to get within range. Manziel throws a horrible pick six to end the half.

    After a few defensive battles back and forth and a bunch of over throws by Manziel the Colts are and to add to their lead with a field goal.

    Browns were able to get the ball moving after Manziel found an open Cameron on a few cover 2 reads. Before firing to Hawkins who manages to grab the ball over the defender in the end zone (see below). The Colts answer with their last touchdown of the game. The Browns fought back up the field but were stopped on fourth down.


    Good game Cole Walters. Thought my defensive was going to have a good game early but struggled when I needed them. My unsurprised offense struggled as usual lol. Your run game is good man. Good luck with the season.
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  4. Cole Walters

    Cole Walters Walk On

    Oct 14, 2014
    Thanks man, I'm sure you'll turn Cleveland around!
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  5. ZCar352

    ZCar352 Keep Pounding...Go Panthers!!!

    Aug 26, 2010
    Jacksonville 27
    Houston 24

    Houston traveled to Jacksonville this week to take on division rival and leader Jags. The game started off sluggish for Jacksonville's offense and Bortles was picked off which led to a Houston field goal 3-0 at the end of the first. The second quarter was a different story as the Jags defense played outstanding with a little help from the stone hands of some of the Texan receivers and a fumble from Arian Foster that led to two Bortles TD passes to Allen Robinson and Justin Blackmon to give Jacksonville a 14-3 lead at the half. The third quarter saw two Jacksonville field goals and a Houston TD from Le'Ron McClain to make it 20-10 heading to the 4th. The 4th quarter was pretty stressful for Jags fans Houston scored early in the quarter to cut the lead to 3 but the Jags running game milked some of the clock and Fred Jackson ran in for a TD from 31 yards out to push the lead back to 10. Houston wasn't done as the put together a very methodical drive and got into the endzone with 2:03 left in the game. Houston elected to kick it deep and go to the 2 minute warning. After back to back runs and timeouts the Jags faced a 3rd and 10 and threw an incomplete pass that was almost picked off which was a huge relief that it wasn't. Jacksonville punted and Houston was set up just inside the 50 and almost in field goal range for Bullock. The first play was a nice 10 yard pass to get into field goal range then another decent gain. Then the Demetrius McCray was able to jump the pass from Mallet and pick it off and ended the game. Jags improve there record to 8-5 and are riding a 6 game win streak and take a firm grasp on the AFC South. Good game again Brian had some tough breaks but see ya in a few weeks.

    Blake Bortles 14-21 148 Yards 2 TD 1 INT
    Lache Seastrunk 16 Att 126 Yards Fred Jackson 12 Att 69 Yards 1 TD
    Justin Blackmon 6 Rec 48 Yards 1 TD
    Demetrius McCray 3 Tackles 1 INT

    Ryan Mallet 19-44 268 Yards 2 TD 1 INT
    Arian Foster 13 Att 65 Yards
    Andre Johnson 6 Rec 108 Yards 1 TD
    Jerome Murphy 4 Tackles 1 INT
  6. Masterfocker

    Masterfocker Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014
    Sounds familiar...
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  7. greatnessdc

    greatnessdc Walk On

    Aug 9, 2014

    A solid win but at what price....

    In a match up of two teams aiming for a prized seat at the playoff table in the NFC, the 8-4 Falcons traveled to Green Bay to take on the 8-4 Packers. Both teams in the hunt to win their division and both teams hoping for a chance to still get home field advantage in the playoffs. The playoff implications of this matchup was undeniable

    The Packers would get off to a lighting hot start going up 14-0 in the first quarter. After the first quarter however their offense would fail to convert key third downs punting the ball in Falcons territory a few times in this game. The Falcons however got off to a slow start. After the first quarter the offense finally got into a rhythm and notched their first TD of the game with a 3 yard goal line run from Devonta Freeman.

    The third quarter the hit that was heard all over Atlanta was made. No footage was found to see who the hitman was but Matt Ryan left the field with a broken collarbone and will miss the remainder of the regular season with a slight chance to return at some point in the playoffs. In steps back up T.J. Yates who was acquired from the Texans in a trade for Akeem Dents in the preseason.

    In the 4th quarter it was all Atlanta pounding the ball away against the Packers defense with TJ Yates making key third down throw after key third down throw. Atlanta would come roaring back to a miracle 21-14 lead thanks to Freemans 3rd TD run of the game.

    Green Bay moved the ball down the field relatively easy getting all the way down to the ATL 1 yard line. 2 goal line stands later then a 3 yard loss from another attempted Lacy run lead to the defensive play of the game. On 4th and goal from the ATL 4 yard line with time running at:


    Neither team with any turnovers. Only one sack in the game period. A very different game from what I have experienced the last several.


    This is going to be a different team with TJ Yates or whoever ends up getting the starting job at qb at the helm. Freemans emergence these last several games couldn't have came at a better time.

    gg dubblechzburger The most intense finish of the season for me. And a very likely rematch looming in the wild card round possibly. GL the rest of the season.
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  8. dubblechzburger

    dubblechzburger Walk On

    Aug 6, 2014
    Nice write up man and gg to you too. Hopefully we can both overcome our tough road to the playoffs. I'd love to play you for the 2nd, I mean 5th time haha
  9. Hordan54

    Hordan54 Walk On

    Aug 8, 2014
    Been a while since I have done one of these..

    Dolphins @ Patriots.

    This game was over at half.

    Dolphins got the ball to start the game and threw a pick 6 to Revis island. A drive or two later, Browner came up with the pick and took it to the house. 14-0 Pats.

    Likely the next drive, Tannehill threw yet another pick, but the Pats offense continued to struggle and only came up with a field goal.

    By the end of the second quarter, and 3 picks later, the score was 38-0.

    The Pats played it pretty conservative the rest of the way out only scoring 9 in the second.

    Phins defense forced a fumble and picked off Brady in the 3rd yielding 3 points. They also recorded 5 sacks on the day.

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