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S1W17 Summaries

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Masterfocker, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Masterfocker

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    Aug 5, 2014
    You know what to do.
  2. Masterfocker

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    Aug 5, 2014
    A divisional matchup to end the season pits the New York Football Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles against each other in Metlife Stadium. The Giants come in with the momentum, and they capitalize on it as they beat the Eagles 48-24. There was 28 points scored alone in the 2nd quarter by the Giants. That's what really sealed this game.

    GG RaunchyTacoBowl


    Ryan Nassib: 18-26 291 yds. 6 TD 2 INT

    Yep, Ryan Nassib threw 6 INT's, and threw only 18 completions and less than 300 yards. How? Short fields over and over again, and the inability to run the ball in for the score. The Giants tried, they did, but it just wasn't happening.

    Honestly, I never even realized Nassib threw 6 until Raunchy had told me. I wouldn't have thrown 6 if I knew I was close to throwing 6 lol.

    Rashad Jennings
    : 31 rushes for 145 yds. 0 TD

    Rashad Jennings was stuffed early, but gained more and more yardage as time went on, and the defense got tired out. His 31 rushes is a season high, and shows that even with 6 TD passes, the Giants weren't just passing over and over and over. His 0 TD's comes from the inability to get into the endzone from short yardage.

    Andre Williams: 11 rushes for 39 yds. 0 TD

    After I realized Jennings had ran 30 times, I replaced him with Williams. He got 1st downs when needed. He was serviceable.

    The Giants ran 42 times total this game. Just wow. Talk about a running game. I finally know what it feels like.

    : 6 catches for 148 yds. 3 TD

    When ODB had a slow start in the beginning of the season, the Giants wondered if he was going to have an impact this season. Well, he answered that question himself. In this game, he beat safeties and CB's deep for TD's, beat zone coverage, and caught a ball in double coverage for a TD. Talk about a monster.

    Cruz: 5 catches for 90 yds. 2 TD

    Cruz was his usual self as he was a TD magnet, but he also caught a 10 yard in route and took it 56 yards to the house thanks to a user error when trying to tackle him.

    Rob Housler: 3 catches for 25 yds. 0 TD

    Housler was used this game as a dumpoff/easy pass for Nassib when Philadelphia ran its complex defensive scheme. He did his job, but he never got anything going in the intermediate-long passing game.

    Rashad Jennings: 3 catches for 24 yds. 1 TD

    Rashad Jennings didn't catch many balls, as screens generally never worked, but he did end up scoring on a screen where he had great blocking from about the 5 yard line. That final score is what really sealed the deal.

    Johnathan Hankins
    : 3 tackles 1 sack

    The DT, who's supposed to be a run blocker, had another sack this game. The Eagles never really ran, so he was never really needed in the run game, hence his 3 tackles.

    Jon Beason: 5 tackles 2 INT's

    Beason, who is usually terrible in coverage, was able to finish the game with 2 questionable INT's. That brought his season total up to 6, if you can believe it.

    Jacquian Williams: 6 tackles 1 FF

    This defense had trouble with forcing fumbles, but Williams made up for it this week with a forced fumble on Sproles. The Eagles recovered, but he still gets the stat on his record.

    Antrel Rolle: 4 tackles 1 INT

    Antrel Rolle was great in coverage today as he sprinted to get in the way of a route by the TE, intercepting it and getting some yards in the process. That was his 3rd of the year.

    Walter Thurmond III: 3 tackles 1 INT

    After making a splash in his first game as a Giant, he never really made any more splash plays. He had good coverage, and was a good slot corner, but that's about it. However, he picks this ball off in the redzone, and prevented an Eagles score. I hope the Giants keep him.
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  3. Hurricane GL

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    Sep 9, 2014
    Hou&Jax.jpg Divisional Matchup w/ Playoff Implications

    Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

    Jacksonville came in needing a win to secure a spot in the playoffs. The coach was uneasy with a road game being the deciding factor. Last time these two matched up it came down to a INT thrown by Mallet in the last minute for the Jaguars to secure the Win. The Texans coach would say that real difference in that game was the Jaguars ability to hold on to the ball for receptions and the Texans' consistent lack there of.

    The story of this game coming in was Blake Bortles. 30 TD to 9 INT coming in. There is a guy who can protect the ball.

    The first quarter showed that Turnovers would play a HUGE part in this game. Bortles started the game with 2 INTs including the craziest one ever seen of 2 or 3 tips by Kareem Jackson. Mallet added one of his own. To throw more into the mix, Foster once again coughed up the ball. That's right 4 Turnovers in the first quarter.

    Due to these Turnovers Houston was able to jump out to an early 14 to 3 lead.

    Jacksonville, once again, showed it's commitment to the run. However, Houston's Red Zone defense showed up denying several TDs and making the Jags settle for FGs.

    Through out the 2nd and 3rd quarters we had just one turnover of an INT by Mallet.

    The game came down to the 4th quarter once again. This time we saw Jax take a 29-28 lead with 3:35 seconds left in the game. Jacksonville then kicked off to Houston to see the Returner FUMBLE the ball and it get recovered by the Jags. Houston decided that the best course of action was to sell out and all out blitz on 1st & 2nd down utilizing their last timeout and the 2 min. warning to stop the clock. It was clear that Houston coach was trying to let the Jags score and go up by 8 to have an opportunity to tie and go to OT. With a 3rd and Goal from the 6 yard line, Houston determined the Jags HAD to throw and called a Cover 2 defense. All with the hopes of holding them to a field goal. Bortles went with a slip out route for the play. Jonathan Joseph jumped the route.....INTERCEPTION. Joseph then returned the ball 98 yards for the TD. Houston went for the 2-pt conversion to make it a 7 pt game and was SUCCESSFUL.

    Now Jacksonville had about 90 sec. to respond with a TD. However, their hope for a win and a definite playoff spot was dashed when Bortles threw his 4th INT of the game.

    FINAL SCORE: Jacksonville 29 - Houston 36
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