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S2 Divisional Round New England Patriors vs Oakland Raiders

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Kidofcrash23, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Kidofcrash23

    Kidofcrash23 Walk On

    Aug 17, 2011
    Raiders Head to AFC Championship after Beating Pats 31-16

    Coming off a divisional round loss last year, the Raiders wanted to take the next step and be a Super Bowl contender and they are now one step closer after beating the Pats 31-16 in this years divisional round.

    Raiders were refreshed coming of a bye week while the Pats had much momentum after beating a heavily favored Bengals team in the Wildcard round pretty handily. Nobody saw the 7-9 divisional winner in the AFC East being the 11-15 Bengals, but that is why they play the games.
    The Patriots were able to get on the board first by putting together a long opening game drive that took up most of the 1st quarter to go up 3-0. Pryor who as the first year starter made the ProBowl squad has been having cases of the INTs throwing over 10 in his last few games and the bug struck him again early trying to hit on DHB. The Pats capitalized, but not in the way they should and finished off with a FG to start the 2nd, the Pats who controlled most of the 1st were now up 6-0 in the 2nd quarter.

    The Raiders responded as they have done all season and put together a scoring drive when Pryor hit DHB between two defenders and scrambled his way to a 49 yard TD to give the Raiders the lead. The Pats put together another potential scoring drive right into the red zone. The Pats had a chance to go up with a FG or take a larger lead with a TD, but a bad pick thrown by Brady in the end zone stopped the momentum. When they say misery loves company it is true, at least for the Pats because DMac who wasn’t able to get on track early broke out for a 65 yard TD run to give the Raiders a 14-6 lead right before halftime. The Pats did respond well and drove down the field as time was expiring in the 2nd and actually got to the 1 yard line with 1 second left. With a tough decision, the Pats took the conservative route and kicked the FG for a 14-9 score at halftime for the Raiders. Pats had many opportunities, but coming away with just FGs hurt them eventually.

    The Raiders took the opening 2nd half kick and again, Dmac broke off another run for 59 yards for a score. Dmac finished the game with over 200 yards rushing and two back breaking TDs and all of a sudden, the Raiders were up 21-9. Pats had opportunities, but turnovers by Brady hurt them and killed some potential scoring drives in the 3rd. The Raiders took advantage and put together a 10+ play clock eating scoring drive. Pryor was able to find DHB on a playaction where DHB bounced off a hit and pounded his way to the endzone and the Raiders now up 28-9 into the 4th.

    The 4th was not much different as the Raiders controlled the clock and was able to run throw the tired Pats defense. The Raiders eventually added a FG and the Pats added a late game TD with a little under two minutes left to bring the score to 31-16. A penalty on the onside kick gave the Raiders the ball and eventually Taiwan Jones closed it out with one 1st down to seal the game. Raiders now head to the AFC Championship against Colts or Broncos.

    gg whoozy11
  2. whoozy11

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    Oct 1, 2012
    Nice write up bro. Hard to beat you with mistakes. Good luck the rest of the way bud Kidofcrash23 I don't envy your opponents.
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