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S2 W11: Redskins @ Seahawks

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by fuzzyl0gic, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010
    31 [​IMG] vs. [​IMG] 38​

    These two coaches are no strangers to each other, and have exchanged some pleasantries in past meetups. Coach LSUTRUTH is known for his tough run game and stiff defense that loves to prey on ill advised passes by opposing QBs. The Redskins came in flying high with a three game win streak, while the Seahawks have lost three out of their four last games and have looked lost at times. They would receive the ball first in this game, and the first half was a tightly contested defensive battle. The Skins would strike first after forcing a punt, RGIII kept the ball on a read option and coasted into the endzone for a 20 yard TD.

    Seattle responded with a nice drive, but they were held to a 31 yard FG. Washington drove down the field once again, and this time RGIII hit Paul on a 4 yard hitch route in the endzone to take a 14-3 lead at halftime. The Redskins got the ball first in the second half, and really looked to take command of the game with an 11 point lead. On an 8 yard run play, the Redskins HB coughed up the ball on a big hit from Kam Chancellor, and the Seahawks defense jumped on the loose ball. Momentum really seemed to swing in Seattle's favor, as a few plays later Karl Winslow caught an 11 yard TD pass from Russell Wislon. 14-10 Redskins.

    Washington composed themselves nicely, and had a nice drive going. Another solid carry from the HB, and another huge fumble caused by the Seahawks defense. Earl Thomas scooped up the loose ball and sprinted to the endzone for a 58 yard fumble recovery. 17-14 Seahawks, they gained the lead for the first time all game. RGIII seemed completely unphased, as a few plays later he hit an open Hankerson for a 66 yard TD pass to reclaim the lead 21-17 going into the fourth.

    The fourth quarter of this game was full of action, as both defenses seemed to come undone. Wilson hit Baldwin on a corner route for a 14 yard TD pass 24-21 Seattle. The Redskins were limited to a FG on their next drive, tying the game up with 7:25 left. The Seahawks drained the clock with a long drive that was capped off with a 3 yard TD run by Washington, going up 31-24 with 2:11 left. Moss beat the press on the next offensive series, burning the Seattle defense with an 81 yard TD pass and tied the game once again. Not to be outmatched, Russell Wilson hit Hester on an out route on the wide side of the field, and Hester blazed by all defenders for an astounding 79 yard TD reception. Seattle reclaimed the lead (38-31), and RGIII was unable to make anything of their last drive. A sack, a tackle for a loss, and two batted down passes meant victory kneels for Wilson and the Seahawks. Seattle improves to 7-3 on the year, and gets a big win after critics had a field day with a slippery sure-fire win over the 49ers in OT in week 9 that eluded them with dumb calls by the HC. GG LSU, it was a ton of fun.
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  2. Randiesel75

    Randiesel75 Walk On

    Aug 11, 2010
    Nice recap fuzzyl0gic, looks like another close matchup here in week-10.

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011

    It was a good game. The RG3 TD was designed for the QB the whole way. QB Wrap. Basicly a counter but with the qb.

    Game was very good. I had fun

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