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S2 W12 Bengals vs Colts

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by DU55, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. DU55

    DU55 Walk On

    Jul 8, 2012

    WEEK 12

    The Bengals and the Colts met up this week with both teams riding win streaks. Both teams have played good football in the past few weeks, and this would be a explosive game from beginning to end.

    A big time hit, fumble recovery, and TD, along with a punt return by "Young Baby Hawk" Andrew Hawkins had the Bengals up big early.The Bengals jumped up to a 3 score lead in this game pretty quickly and thought they could just coast through the rest of it and come out with a win. Big time wrong. The Colts played stellar defense, amazing offense, and caught back up and tied it at 28. The momentum in this one swung like a pendullum, although the Bengals kept the lead nearly the entire game. Just when Gngsta4Lyphe looked like he was gonna take the lead, my defense would get a interception of big stop.

    Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne were unbelievable this game. Wayne ended the game with over 200 yards receiving easily. Continually Luck would find him in the middle with room to run, or on the sidelines on a comeback route. Luck would throw 3 interceptions in the course of the game, with the last one being the difference maker in this one. The Colts run game was successful, though for whatever reason they did not run the ball very much, even when the game was close.

    The Bengals relied on the legs of their go to HB Maurice Jones-Drew. Multiple times in the game he broke big runs of 50+ and could simply not be outran by the defense. Andy Dalton made some nice throws in this game, although he threw 3 interceptions. His highlight of the game was on a 3rd and short with the defense crowding the line and obviously expecting run. Seeing 1 on 1 coverage on A.J. Green, Dalton floated the ball into his hands on a streak for a 40+ yard TD.

    Neither team played very good defense in this game, as the score ended up being a basketball score that I'm sure people are going to rant and rave over, but it simply couldn't be helped. Big plays abounded in this one, but neither of us were running 4-5 wide sets or anything ridiculous like that. Anyways, it was a SUPER tight game that came right down to the wire. When it was over I could feel myself let out the breathe that it felt like I'd been holding the entire 2nd half. GG @gangsta4lyphe you played a great game and I can see why you've done so much winning in TLY, hope to see ya down the road in the playoffs.




    28 rushing attempts, 284 yards, 3 TDs, average carry of 10.1
  2. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    My achilles heel is stopping the run and Jones Drew made it very obvious, same thing happened in the super bowl. Couldnt stop AP. MJD outplayed my entire defense, but yeah this one was definitely a shootout and was only a 3 point game til the very last interception.

    I'll see you in the conference championship unless we meet in the divisional round ;)
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