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S2 W7 Lions vs Seahawks

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Anthrax78, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Anthrax78

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    Aug 7, 2012
    Lions Pull Off Huge Upset Victory Over Seahawks, 33-21
    Matt Stafford, the much heralded former number 1 pick has had many setbacks since coming into the league. First he had injury issues, and then a disastrous 2012 campaign that had many fans wondering if he was the guy this team needed to get back into contention. "He needs to make fewer mistakes with his throws and be more of a leader, on and off the field" Coach Westcott said "Leaders walk their talk too, and today he certainly backed it up against easily one of the toughest defenses in the league, I don't care what anyone says."
    Stafford went out and had his best game since Martin Westcott took the coaching reigns late last season, completing 15 of 21 passes and no interceptions. "Turnovers kill you everytime! It's a testament to how good that Seahawks team really is under coach Matt Wood and how intense their defense really is. We were plus 5 in the turnover category and it was still very close in the fourth so we got some breaks." Coach Westcott said during the press conference after the game.
    The Lions started the game with a field goal and trying to balance their attack with a running game that was going nowhere. "It's like running into a brick wall everytime." rookie RB Ladarious Mitchell said after the game. "There were no holes to be had."
    Luckily for the Lions, they met the Seahawks fierce running defense with some of their own. The Lions held Seattle's Marshawn Lynch to only 11 yards on 11 carries. "The defense really made the difference today, the entire unit. It was either forcing turnovers or plugging gaps that turned the tide" Westcott commented.
    The first half looked like the same ol' Lions as they opened up with a field goal that was matched with a touchdown with Seattle's potent play-action passing attack keeping Detroit guessing every play. With the half winding down and Seattle up 14-6, Detroit drove down in the remaining seconds and hit rookie of the year candidate,Walker Stream with a touchdown strike to get back in the game down 14-13 at halftime.
    The second half Detroit kept up the pressure, keeping Seattle out of their comfort zone with amazing rushing defense from the front 4 and then the secondary made some plays with Chris Houston leading the way with 2 INT's in the second half and DeAndre Levy getting a pick 6, giving the Lions the momentum they needed to pull away with a small lead in the fourth quarter. The Lions clinching the game with another pick from Louis Delmas to help keep their thin playoff hopes alive going into the bye week. "This is obviously my biggest win since taking over this team and I'm happy with the win." Westcott concluded "When you beat this team in this hostile of an environment (CenturyField) and how well coached they are with Matt Wood you need to build off of this and keep the morale up with the team."
    Stafford 15/21 257 yrd 2TD​
    Wilson 17/31 287 yrd 3 TD 4INT​
    Mitchell 40 yrd 21 att 2 fum​
    Lynch 11 yrd 11 att 1 fum​
    Stream 4 rec 73 yrd 1TD​
    Baldwin 6 rec 114 yrd​

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