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S2 Week 11 Denver Broncos Vs Oakland Raiders

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Kidofcrash23, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Kidofcrash23

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    Aug 17, 2011
    Raiders Bounce Back with Win for Broncos 30-16

    After coming off a crushing lost against the Packers last week, the Raiders looked to rebound against divisional rival and build on their AFC West lead and they were able to do so with great defense and taking advantage of turnovers.

    The game didn’t go right for the Raiders at first as the offense sputtered for most of the 1st quarter. The Broncos played great defense by stopping McFadden and creating pressure on Pryor for most of the game. The Broncos took advantage by getting on the board first with a FG and then stopping the Raiders offense. The Raiders were forced to put and the Denver Punt Returner took it to the house to give the Broncos and early 10-0 lead. The Raiders finally put a good drive together through the passing of Pryor and got on the board with a FG. The Raider defense were able to force a fumble which resulted in great field position, but failed to get into the end zone and opting to kick a FG on 4th and inches. The Raiders cut the lead to 10-6.

    In the 2nd quarter, the Raiders took got into the redzone and Pryor hit Ausberry in the corner for the first Raider TD to give the Raiders the 13-10 lead. The Broncos however responded with a drive of their own to eventually tie the score with a FG.

    After the 13-13 tie, the Raiders defense stepped up putting pressure on the Bronco QB who was sacked four times and picked 3 times. The Raiders defense came through on two crucial redzone plays in the game to put the Broncos away. Before that, Pryor was able to his DHB for a big TD catch to give the Raiders a 23-13 lead. The Broncos responded by driving the length of the field and getting with the five yard line where Tommy Kelly was able to force a fumble where Aaron Curry scooped it up for a 95 yard fumble return for a TD. This was a backbreaker turnover as the Broncos could have gotten within 3, instead were now down 17. In the 4th, the Broncos got into the redzone again just outside the 10 and the Broncos qb looked to the middle of the field in the endzone for a TD and it was picked by Huff blowing up any chances for a comeback. Denver added a FG eventually with the final score 30-16.

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