S2 Wild Card Playoffs Denver at Pittsburgh

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    Jun 13, 2012

    This was a great game as both teams went back and forth for 3 quarters. The steelers started the game off with the ball and on a 3 & 14 from mid field Ben Roethlisberger bombs a 55 yard TD pass to Mike Wallace to take the early 7-0 lead. The broncos would answer back though with a 2 yard run capped off by Ronnie Hillman, 7-7 after 1Q. The 2nd quarter didn't have much action as both teams didn't move the ball until towards the end of the half Denver was able to establish a nice drive which ended in a 3 yard touchdown catch by Hayes, 14-7 Broncos at Half. The start of the 3rd quarter Broncos were put in a 3rd and long situation but were able to complete a 15 yard pass to Decker and he did the rest for a 76 yard TD. To answer right back though Josh Cribbs returned a 106 yard kickoff return, 21-14 Broncos. Next drive for Denver was a great one as they were able to establish the run which eventually would have Ronnie Hillman running a 5 yard TD run. Only 14 seconds later Mike Wallace got a 75 yard TD catch to bring the score back to 7. The Steelers at this point needed that big stop on defense and they got it as Denver went 3 and out. Mike Wallace again got a huge catch for 45 yards to tie up the game at 28. Coming down to the 4th quarter both teams knew this was it. Broncos started there drive with a big completion to Decker that would help cap off Ronnie Hillman's 9 yard TD catch to give the Broncos back the lead. After a Quinton Carter INT Denver was back on Offense to finish the game. Aldean Jacobs did that by catching a 1 yard TD pass from Brock Osweiler to end it.

    Player of the game- Brock Osweiler 21 Completions on 30 Attempts for 319 yards with 4 TDs.

    GG Troy J.
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    Great game man good win!

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