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S2 Wildcard Round: Bengals @ Patriots

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by whoozy11, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. whoozy11

    whoozy11 Walk On

    Oct 1, 2012
    The Patriots barely made the playoffs at 7-9 and they hosted this game against the Bengals who have been on a roar after acquiring MJD from the Jags. Patriots HC Patrick Cordell was facing his first playoff game and was hungry for playoff action. For the Bengals HC this was nothing new since he made the playoffs last season. But there is nothing bigger than a playoff game and both of these teams were ready for there chance to advance.

    The Bengals began with the football and pretty quickly made their way into the redzone and on third down J. Mayo came up with a big interception in the end-zone! Brady took over on the 20 and put together a drive of his own capping it off with at 13 yd td pass to Brandon Lloyd. The following possession Dalton threw another interception giving the Pats great field position and Christ Johnson scored the Patriots second TD on a 5 yard run. The Bengals kept in the game relying on A.J. Green to work his way into the endzone on a 18 yard pass bringing the game within 7. The following drive by the Patriots would be crucial in keeping momentum and momentum is just what they got after Brady got credit for a 60 yard TD that he threw behind the line of scrimmage! Johnson took the rock 60 yards to take back momentum and go ahead by to TD’s. With only one minute left the Bengals were able to pick up yards quickly and put themselves in good position to score a TD but the Pats played bend don’t break defense in order to keep the Bengals to a FG before half.

    With a 11 point lead the Pats were receiving the ball at the second half and Chris Johnson broke off a 67 yard TD run with his breakaway speed being the difference in a long attempt and a TD. This put an exclamation point on the Patriots day and the Bengals answered back with a FG but would run into some misfortune as they gave up two fumbles and a 91 yard pick six in the fourth. The Patriots showed up to play their best game of the year just at the right time winning 41-13. GG DU55 it was great matching up against you again (you got me pretty good last time we played). You’re a great player and I look forward to our next matchup.

    The dilemma the coach Cordell had in this one was to figure out who to give the player of the game award to…. I know, not a bad situation to have to be in. But all three of these players by far had their best game of the season. Should it go to:

    Tom Brady who had a perfect passer rating going 10/12, 215 yards, 2 TD’s 0 int’s?

    Christ Johnson who had 17 carries for 138 yards (7.2 ypc) 2 rushing TD’s and 2 catches for 72 yards and a receiving TD?

    ***J. Mayo who had a team high 6 tackles 1 TFL, 3 Int’s, and a 91 yard interception return???

    After long deliberation Coach Cordell went with J. Mayo since his turnovers were what lead to most of the offense in this one.

    The Patriots now place their sights on the Raiders who have proven to be one of the toughest opponents of the Pats all season. Will their momentum after this one be enough to overcome one of the top defenses in the NFL? Coach Cordell certainly hopes so!
  2. Ace847

    Ace847 Walk On

    Jun 15, 2012
    Great write up man! I should have never doubted you. How did good ole Gates do in this one? Is he on IR yet? Has he announced retirement? Shin splints??? Hernandez was solid for me this season! But he's not in the playoffs I know..... Good luck against the Raiders! I'm pulling for you.
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  3. DU55

    DU55 Walk On

    Jul 8, 2012
    GG whoozy11. You played a mistake free game. After that 1st interception in the endzone on my first drive it felt like nothing went right. Interceptions, fumbles, and drops oh my. Only takes two things to beat me, bottle the run and make me 1 dimensional and cause turnovers and you done them both.

    I do believe that's the worst loss score differential I've had in the 2 seasons of TYL.

    Good luck in the remainder of the playoffs and I look forward to a chance to break our 1-1 overall record tie.

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