S2W12 Bills @ Skins

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    Aug 24, 2012
    BILLS 23 SKINS 17
    1st qtr:​
    Spiller broke a long run to get the Bills down to the Skins 9yd line. The skins defense was able to force a fg. 3-0 Bills​
    Skins answer with fg. 3-3​
    2nd qtr:​
    Bills forced to kick another fg after an int in Skins territory. 6-3 Bills​
    Bills get another fg before half to go up 9-3 at the break.​
    3rd qtr:​
    Warner hooks up with Spiller on a short pass and Spiller takes it to the house. Bills 16-3.​
    Skins finally reach the endzone to cut the score to 16-10 Bills.​
    Warner finds Thomas deep and all along for a long td pass. Bills up 23-10.​
    4th qtr:​
    The skins were able to score on a td pass from Griffin to cut the score to 23-17 but that is how this game would end.​
    Game Leaders:​
    Griffin: 17/29 270yds 2tds int​
    Warner: 11/23 256yds 2tds 3ints​
    Pierce: 17att 100yds 4rec 120yds td​
    Spiller: 11att 124yds​
    Yarborough: 3rec 66yds​
    Mario Williams: 6tack 4tfl 3sks​


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