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S3 :: Coaches Corner

Discussion in '4th Horseman' started by IXI DECAY IXI, Nov 8, 2011.



    Dec 19, 2009
    Welcome to "Coaches Corner"! Coaches Corner is here to provide you insight from 12 of the NCAA's top growing college coaches! Your hosts Hugh G Rection, and Buster Cherry are here to give you the thoughts and insights behind all of these upcoming coaches!

    The first edition of "Coaches Corner" will feature Army Universities head coach G Mangs!

    Stay tuned!
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    Dec 19, 2009
    "Coaches Corner :: Segment 1"
    2013 Season, Week 1

    Welcome to our first segment of the "Coaches Corner"! Hugh G Rection here to provide you with our inaugural segment! Were excited to bring in the young and upcoming head coach from the University of Army; G Mangs! G Mangs led his 2012 Army team to an unexpected successful year and he opened a lot of eyes with the progress he made with a sub par squad!

    Hugh G. Rection: What is your thoughts on your 2012 season and first season in college football as a head coach?

    G Mangs: The first season was pretty good. We were able to have a winning season and win a bowl game. Should have been able to win a few games that we lost, but overall satisfied with the season. Malcom Brown our senior running back set school records for rushing and was the backbone of our team. He will be missed very much. I had a tempting offer to be the OC for Southern Miss, but decided to stay with Army for another season.

    Hugh G. Rection: What is going to be your approach to the 2013 season and what are your expectations?

    G Mangs: Going to try to have a strong running game again. We lost a pretty good QB in Steelman and it's going to be difficult to move the ball in the air this season. Want to finish over .500 and win another bowl, no matter how big.

    Hugh G. Rection: What was your most memorable moment from the 2012 season?

    G Mangs: Getting revenge on Temple in the bowl game after losing to them early in the season. It was a game we should have won the first time, but mistakes caused us to blow it. Also seeing the success of Brown was memorable.

    Hugh G. Rection: Who is your favorite player from your 2013 roster?

    G Mangs: Running back, Tahj Kimble, 86 ov. Was a transfer player last season and will be playing this season. He will fill the loss of Brown due to graduation and then some hopefully. Should have a monster year. If he does, hopefully he stays for his senior season and helps us build a decent core of players around him.

    Hugh G. Rection: Who your biggest rival so far?

    G Mangs: Navy as always. For users it would be Chuck at New Mexico St.

    Hugh G. Rection: What are your thoughts about your upcoming game against New Mexico State and coach ChuckDzzNuts? I hear you two are pretty close.

    G Mangs: We have known each other for a long time. Whenever we play it gets pretty ruthless and heated. Should be a very good and close game. The key is having very few turnovers and getting the running game going. Both of our programs are struggling at the moment and trying to turn things around for the future. Every game is important for both schools.

    Hugh G. Rection: What is your most important goal for the 2013 season?

    G Mangs: Beat Navy and win a bowl game.

    Hugh G. Rection: What is your thoughts on your recruiting class from 2012?

    G Mangs: Two freshman DTs, McGee and Sanders, will be starting for us this season. Bratton, also a freshman, will be starting at TE. Jones should turn out to be a stud punter. Solid class for our first season, but still may holes to be filled.

    Thanks coach! It was great to have you on this week! We really appreciate your time and your thoughts for this season! We wish you the best of luck!

    Be sure to tune in for our next segment!
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  3. ChuckDzzNutz

    ChuckDzzNutz Walk On

    Aug 6, 2011
    I don't know if these are meant to be direct jabs from you fellas, but New Mexico STATE is Scum, and TEMPORARY holders of the Rio Grande Rivalry trophy. It will be returning to it's rightful home very soon . . . THE University of New Mexico.


    Dec 19, 2009
    "Coaches Corner :: Segment 2"
    2013 season

    Welcome to our second addition of "Coaches Corner"! We have a big week for you this as we were able to get an interview with Coach Lopez who was the Offensive Coordinator for the University of Florida. Needless did we know, coach Lopez was released from the Gators football coaching staff for some illegal on field acquisitions.

    Hugh G Rection: What are you thoughts on being the new offensive coordinator for Florida?

    Coach Lopez: Its great, I really enjoy running a powerhouse. I'm used to playing with small schools so the amount of talent I have at my disposal is a lot of fun. Also, I can't wait for the opportunity to be playing for a national title is great to look forward to, just hope I can run the table against the great SEC.

    Hugh G Rection: Do you miss being a head coach and having full control?

    Coach Lopez: Sometimes I do, when the team is in a critical situation where we need a stop, I would rather be calling the shots. However we have a really solid defense, so I'm pretty satisfied with running this high-powered offense.

    Hugh G Rection: What are you thoughts on your recruiting class so far this season?

    Coach Lopez: Its going pretty solid even though I don't have any commits yet. I've got a couple 5 stars and alot of four stars I'm in the lead with, I'm looking forward to eventually getting them to sign. I've got a few really great D backs, a QB I'm really excited about and a few good lineman. Oddly enough, even though I'm the OC I'm attracting some great defensive recruits.

    Hugh G Rection: How did you feel about the big win over Texas Tech?

    Coach Lopez: It felt great, the game really went exactly as planned. Started out pounding the ball and was about to get some really good bursts up the middle. Combined with a solid passing game, we were able to hang a good number on Tech. Then of course our defense came up big with some crucial stops. A red zone INT and early fumble recovery were two huge plays that lead to the win.

    Hugh G Rection: What are you thoughts heading into your matchup with Kansas?

    Coach Lopez: I'm really looking forward to it. User games are never easy, but after a good win over tech I think I'll be able to take coach Jman. His squad is looking good this year and is coming off a great win. But I think if we can stick to our gameplan offensively and get a couple of stops defensively we'll be able to pull out the win.

    Hugh G Rection: Are the thoughts being brought about you running the table this season?

    Coach Lopez: We plan on it. Florida has a tradition of winning and we were set on continuing that from day one. Our goal is and has always been to win the SEC, and with our talent I really believe that we can do that.

    Hugh G Rection: Who is your standout player this season so far?

    Coach Lopez: Have to go with Mack Brown. This kid is electric in a bottle, much like Boe Brand last year. He run inside the tackles and drag guys as well as burst to the outside with amazing speed. We've had a couple of games that started out close that he was able to blow open with a couple of big plays. He's been really good for us and I think if this keeps up he'll have some hardware to show for it.

    Hugh G Rection: Do you miss Boe Brand any? Seems that he is doing quite well this season and keeping his heisman hype up.

    Coach Lopez: Oh yea, theres not another player in the country like him. I remember he was 6th on the depth chart as a WR, but had some good moves so I told him to take some carries. It took him alot of hard work, especially getting used to running through the tackles, but when Morgan went down last year, he really stepped up for the whole team. Had a great first game so I kept giving him the ball and he kept making plays. Before we knew it, he was getting alot of Heisman hype and he ended up winning, it was amazing. He's a great player, so I'm not surprised that he's living up to his trophy, I expect him to continue to have success until he starts playing on Sundays.

    Hugh G Rection: Are you with Florida for the long haul or will you jump on the first HC job you can get?

    Coach Lopez: Honestly I'm not sure. Coordinating is nice but i miss the defense sometimes. I do love Florida though, its the kind of atmosphere coaches dream of. Though if I could get them helm somewhere I would definitely consider it.

    Hugh G Rection: What are you thoughts on Mack Brown and D.J. Adams battling it out this season for the top RB?

    Coach Lopez: Well I always love some healthy competition, but Mack is my guy. His ability with the ball is amazing and I've seen him take over games completly. A guy who can do that in the SEC is really a special player and should be near or at the top of the list of best RBs.

    Coach Lopez's on field acquisitions have not been released yet but we will be sure to update you on the situation of the ex Florida coach. Stay tuned!

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