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S3 Quarterly Reports- Division Watch

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by thebouncer24, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011

    I know this is Quarter 3 (almost) sorry for no Q2 version, THE REAL PSU (Pitt State) :D has been working their way through the D2 Playoffs, all home games, check out the national championship game vs Wayne State Saturday at 10 am cst ESPN2!! GO GORILLAS!!

    Alright on to HK updates, this season has been a good one with new faces appearing at the top, always a good thing to see. Top 5 according to XFN Power Ranking is 1. NYJ 2. Rams 3. Bengals 4. Panthers and 5. Titans. Nice to see Bob's Panthers rocking it out in the NFC along with Zik's Rams. Keep in my AFC still tops this fight yet again :D 3 to 2 haha gotta love the AFC! (yet my super bowl pick was the NFC Giants)

    Let's get started

    NYJ(9-1)-Jets impressive feature is the defense as expected by the Jets they have only allowed 120 points while scoring 266. They lack in Offense but look out for that D. Apparently Tim Tebow wasn't working out for the Jets and the 'Tebow Time' was just a hoax as Orton has entered and still winning.
    Bills (4-6)- Offense is 23rd in points..can't win without putting up points. Defense is good but can't keep the score low enough for the offense to help win. Looks like they have found a leader in Manning and did away with 'Amish Rifle'.
    Dolphins (4-6)- no offense and no defense.. recipe for disaster
    Patriots (2-8)- This team has the passing attack to win some games just can't find the endzone, with Welker out for the year and Barksdale out for a couple more weeks they will need to find a different WR to lead the team, with a tough Titans D passing may not help them and then Bills in before they get Barksdale back, they need him back quicker.

    Predicted Winner NYJ- 9-1 so far and no signs of slowing down, monster.

    Bengals(8-2)- back on top and leading HK's strongest division with only 2 losses, this team seems to have complete control of the scoreboard scoring 301 points and only giving up 169. They have the 2nd best offense as of points and lead by the rushing attack ranked 5th. Defensively outstanding as they are 2nd in points 3rd in yards 1st in rush yards, some teams are passing on Bengals, probably because they get down so quick but Bengals rank 19th in pass yards allowed, don't assume you can have a passing highlight against this team though.
    Browns (7-3)- Hello Romo, he took control of this team and the Browns sky rocket to compete with Bengals for AFC North title. Best move in HK so far. Offensively they rank 1st in points 2nd in yards 2nd in pass yards OUTSTANDING ROMO! MVP MVP MVP!!
    Steelers (6-4)- This CPU team is led by that D! NO offense in Pittsburgh all Defense
    Ravens (2-8)- This is HK's Season 2 champs right? alright apparently something is wrong in Baltimore, They cannot run the ball but will throw all over you, Mike Wallace is a monster. Ravens recent history is Defense correct? well that is a thing in the past this D needs to keep the team in games and they will be ok, I expect a good offseason run for coach cp and we will see this team back next season.

    Predicted winner: Browns in a close one, Both them and Bengals will make playoffs but I think with Romo in the helm this team has a shot to win the North

    Titans (7-3)- really slow start but have turned it around winning 5 in a row and back on top of the South. This team struggles offensively but you can normally count on the D. Offensively horrible throwing and 1st in running. Defensively solid 3rd in poins 9th yards 15th passing and 8th rushing
    Colts (4-6)- Flash back to my Q1 segment, this team was 4-0 running the South saying whats up Titans. Now a 6 game losing streak and they are 4-6...What happened? Defense is strong and keeping teams in the game but wake back up offense. I predict they make a run and push Titans for the lead in South
    Texans (3-7)- they really miss their old coach Bobjr but they is no offense on this team.
    Jaguars (3-7)- Shows signs of a breakout team, maybe next season, lacks offense big time and Defense struggles to keep the team in a game. Have this coach around for offseason and this team will compete next season.

    Predicted winner: Don't like to do this but Titans, with the way the team has been playing and the roll they are on and the major slump Colts are in this seems logical.

    Broncos (6-4)- Not sure how they have a winning record when they have gave up more points then scored but this team is doing it, maybe tebow mania leftover some luck. This team uses the passing on offense and the D tries to keep the team in the game.
    Raiders (4-6)- shows signs of a great team but can't put together a string of games. Good rushing attack with a decent defense should be great team.
    Chargers (4-6)- lacks offense with a mediocre defense.
    Chiefs (3-7)- tough injuries and no offense tough to win games.

    Predicted Winner: I think the Broncos can pull off a couple of games to maintain their lead

    I know you guys hate this but I have a craving for some food right now. I'm going to go eat a lot of food and pig out and finish this up PROMISE
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  2. cp0990

    cp0990 Walk On

    Aug 23, 2011
    good stuff man
  3. biggcoug65

    biggcoug65 49er for Life

    Aug 30, 2011
    Broncos have given up more than they've scored because they were 2-3 when I took them over and had given up a ton of points, plus my wins have been by 1 score usually
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  4. Zikry

    Zikry Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    " I'm going to go eat a lot of food and pig out and finish this up PROMISE"

    LEGGO!!! Need something to look forward to reading once I'm done editing this POS thesis! :)
  5. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009
    NO NFC?!?!

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  6. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011
    Alright, got my food in and some High School Basketball.

    Told you guys I'd make it back. With AFC wrapped up we will move on to the NFC, this is for you CA.

    First notice is that you guys have played a lot of games since I was gone, I will post the record that XFN has at the current moment.

    Giants (8-3)- Giants have this lead currently due to them having played current week already and Cowboys haven't yet, But that doesn't matter cause this is the team i have created the bandwagon about since week 1, refer to my media day reply, i'm not sure what I have about this team, but this team is currently outscoring the teams by 119 looks like the QB Shane Boals has settled into a groove, stats look good. Their Offense is solid, ranks 4th in pts 4th in yards, 12th in pass and 3rd in rushing. Defensively they are solid all around as well.
    Cowboys (7-3)- Cowboys without Romo doesn't seem to be an issue as they are still battling for the top spot in the division. They still have one of the top offenses but they are shaky on defense. If this team is going to beat you it's going to be a shootout, if you can't score on them it will be a blow out for Cowboys.
    Eagles (3-7)-Coach needs to readdress his team, Vick and McCoy and you got nothing, figure it out.
    Redskins (3-7)- very solid defense ranking 1st in pass and 2nd in total yards..this defense is giving up a lot of points though. Offense is still working on what they want to do.

    Prediction: of course my vote stays with Giants. Cowboys will make playoffs regardless but I feel it for the Giants this year.

    Bears (7-4)- not outscoring people by much for the season total. Offensively this team can do anything as they have great stats all around the board, defensively the only weakness is that teams are running well against them. This team also started off slow but in the last 5 games they are 4-1 great turnaround.
    Vikings (6-5)- taken a huge hit with AP sitting on the sidelines with a herniated disk (ouch) without AP I don't see much with this team, they can throw the ball good and still put up points. Defense also is stacked. They have the potential to make the playoffs.
    Lions (5-5)-Calvin Johnson show still remains in Detroit but it's different this year. The man is no longer leading receiver. He isn't the topic to talk about anymore. This team is struggling as it appears Calvin is taking a vacation season.
    Packers (3-8)-Hello Aaron Rodgers! What no Discount Double Check anymore?

    Prediction: Bears will win this division...stop wait whoa dere don't over look these vikings. they will continue to make a push and give the bears a run.

    Panthers (8-2)- this team jumped out to an 8-0 run what a statement to say hello HK i'm here. the past 2 weeks suffered a loss to Giants and a close battle to Cowboys. Apparently strength coach needs to work on the abs, 2 players out for length of time due to abdominal tears smh. Cam Newton is leading the team well although he has more int's then TD's but he has improved greatly since last season.
    Falcons (6-5)-up and down season for the Falcons who have historically dominated the South. This offense is average statistically and below average defensively. Great coach in the helm but team isn't producing right now.
    Saints (5-6)-Peyton's come into the Saints looking to make a name in the South. Manning is doing a decent job at QB 20 td to 26 ints not top tier material but thats alright. Hillis is a name popping up on peoples MVP list including mine. However the defense is not existent. giving up too many points and yards.
    Buccaneers (3-8)-they lost the kicker for the season thats why they are 3-8...kicker solve everything right Detroit? haha all jokes

    Prediction: Panthers win this division this season and make a good push in the playoffs. I'm a Cam Newton believer.

    Rams (10-1)- a great season, if you can make it through HK season with only one loss then more power to you. A very highly explosive offense led by QB Sam Bradford 22 tds to 10 ints with 2582 yards and Steven Jackson 217 carries 1241 yards 13 tds. Defense is also playing lights out. Really no flaws to look at when you only have 1 loss. Only crease you have is passing on this team. Then again refer to my quote about Bengals, these teams get on top so quick you can't run the ball. all the yards come from passing. So when your passing all game every throw.
    Seahawks (7-4)- Great team living in the dust of Rams. only way to explain this, this team gets it done but can't get the glory due to Rams. Offensively i'm not real sure how they put up points but they do. As a team rushing and passing is on the lower end.
    49ers (5-6)- horrible offense, strong defense. Will win 1 or 2 more but thats it.
    Cardinals (4-7)- offensively this team loves to pass the ball and with Fitz and Heap why not, I'd throw too. Arian Foster you would think this team would run more to help the team out. Maybe they are still figuring things out. All in all good coach and this team will figure it out eventually.

    Prediction: Rams, really 10-1, i don't see much of a contest although i will say Seahawks make the playoffs as well.

    This wraps it up for me in this segment.

    I do encourage all of you who have nothing to do tomorrow to tune into ESPN2 10am cst to watch the D2 National Championship, don't have to root for Pitt State just think it should be a good game and HK's own is a student at Pitt State so GO PITT!!
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  7. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009
    Thank you sir! ;)
  8. Emmdotfrisk

    Emmdotfrisk Working half days on my days off.

    Oct 8, 2009
    Great work bouncer! I might be out of the playoff picture though
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  9. BobJr

    BobJr To each their own

    Jun 3, 2010
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    Good stuff bouncer!
  10. MG

    MG Watching Folks Swim

    Jul 21, 2010
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    Nice job man.

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