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S3 W10: Jaguars 10 @ Dolphins 37

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by yogibear, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. yogibear

    yogibear Walk On

    Nov 9, 2012
    This weeks game was definitely the home cooking the Dolphins needed when innerstate Jacksonville came to visit. Tannehill had his best game of the season with a 141.3 passer rating and his first game with no picks. Reggie Bush also rushed for 123 yds this game.

    The first quarter started with the Dolphins taking the lead with a 2yd P. Hillis TD run (yes he’s still in the league) to open the scoring with 1:41 left in the 1st qtr. 1st qtr. Mia 7 - Jax 0.

    In the second quarter Jacksonville opened the scoring with a 35yd FG. Miami answered with a 45yd fieldgoal, and a 15yd pass to potential Probowl TE Fleener to take a 14 point lead into the half. Mia 17 - Jax 3.

    The 3rd qtr belonged to the Dolphins where they added another 10 pts to their lead with a
    25 yd fieldgoal and a 25yd TD pass to Williams. Mia 27 - Jax 3.

    In the 4th qtr P. Hillis scored his second touchdown of the game and Miami kicked another fieldgoal. Jacksonville scored a late garbage time touchdown from Gabbert to Likely to make the final score. Miami 37 - Jacksonville 10.

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