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S3 Week 1 - Falcons @ Cowboys

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by RynoAid, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. RynoAid

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    Feb 9, 2009

    These teams would meet for the 3rd time in as many games for Dallas. After playing in week 17 and then in the NFC Wildcard playoff round, these two coaches were very familiar with each other and it showed. The game was nip and tuck after Dallas fought back from a 14 point deficit to start the game.

    DeMarco Murray continued where he left off last season, putting up 144 yards on just 22 carries. The rebuilt Cowboys offensive line is finally showing some progress. With 4 of 5 starters in the group new in the last 2 years, you can tell this was a priority for upper management. They mauled the Falcons front, giving Dallas the TOP advantage against this high powered Falcons team.

    The Dallas run defense also stood up today and was counted. They allowed only 3 yards total rushing and that allowed them to focus on the pass defense. Although they gave up a lot of yardage to Matty Ice, they forced him into some bad decisions and interceptions, including the game turning mistake.

    With just 30 seconds left to go, Dallas had fought all the way back to tie the game at 27. Atlanta, seemingly happy to go to OT, called a running play on 2nd down deep in their own end. They gained little and the Cowboys called a TO with 24 seconds left. Atlanta decides to try and capitalize on this and use it to get into FG range. They complete a 12 yard pass and call another TO with 17 seconds and now they are within striking distance with a 20-25 yard completion.

    But the decision to push for 3 would end up costing them the game on the next play. Looking over the middle, Matty Ice tried picking on LB Sean Lee and the pass was picked off. Lee rumbled, breaking tackles and looking like Earl Campbell, all the way down to the Falcons 15 yard line. With 4 seconds left, Dallas pounded through their 3rd straight unanswered FG to win the game in regulation.

    Atlanta 27 Dallas 30

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