S3 Week 1: Titans @ Bengals(cpu)

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    Feb 24, 2012
    Banks lights up Bengals(CPU)

    Titans: 44
    Bengals: 14

    The Titans would come into week 1 fired up. Coach Browns main gameplan in this game was to stop MJD. With that said MJD would be shut down to a career low. Andy Dalton would not turnover the ball but held a low completion rating. He would manage to score two late TD's. The story of the day would be Jeremiah Banks and the Titans O-Line. Banks would run the ball 32 times for 234 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns. Payton Manning would have a sub par performance. Manning would throw 1 INT and 1 TD. Rookie first round pick LOLB TeQuan Taylor would have a great pro debut. The rookie would record 2 sacks and lead the team in tackles.

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