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    Oct 8, 2014
    First off, let me apologize for missing the past 2 weeks. With the holidays I got a little too busy. But we're back, and do I have a game for you this week:
    Cincinnati Bengals (6-1) vs Dallas Cowboys (6-1)

    The Bengals boast a great offense led by Brock Osweiler (111.9 QB rating, 2407 yds, 16 TD, 8 INT). AJ Green has had a phenomenal season thus far. With 55 Rec, 740 yds, and 4 TDs. The rookie WR Marquese Powers has played very well and given Osweiler a legitimate second threat. The Bengals have used a 2 running back system with Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill. Bernard with 89 atts for 573 yds 2 TD and Hill with 87 atts 445 yds 6 TDs. This offense ranks near the top in all categories but will get their test against a very good Cowboys defense. The Cowboys come in with the 2nd best overall defense, having the 6th best pass and 5th best rushing. The Cowboys have a done their best work this year in getting to the quarterback, with a league leading 27 sacks. The Cowboys offense is no slouch, either. They have 6th most total offensive yards gained. Rookie QB Ronny Ferrell has done a wonderful job under center. He has a QB rating of 114.5, 1641 yds, 18 TD, and 6 INT. The big man Dez Bryant has been his go to guy, but Ferrell has done a very good job in spreading the ball around. RB Zac Stacy has had a very good year on the ground. Stacy with 154 atts, 853 yds, and 6 TDs. He is coming off a career game where he had 30 atts for 218 yds. The Bengals defense has been solid this year. They have they 8th best rushing D but only middle of the road, 18th, in pass defense. The Bengals will need to step that up against Bryant and co. if they look to keep it close.

    Big's Facts of the Game
    • Both teams are averaging over 34 points a game (DAL: 36.1 CIN: 34.3)
    • DAL turnover diff: +6 CIN turnover diff: -2
    • Cowboys have only allowed their opponent into the redzone 16 times this year, 1st in the league.
    • Bengals have only allowed their opponent in the redzone 17 times this year, T2 in the league.
    Cincinnati Bengals- 34 Dallas Cowboys- 37

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