S3 Yearly Awards

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    Sep 10, 2014
    @arlennn (Dolphins) Tannehill MVP

    RaiderRed90-Cowboys Coach of the Year

    @arlennn (Dolphins) AFC POTY Tannehill

    akutozo (Browns) AFC DPOY Kendricks

    @Mosinator - BK's AFC OROTY Parks

    McStrauss (Jets) AFC DROY C. Rodgers

    @arlennn (Dolphins) AFC Bets QB Tanne

    @arlennn (Dolphins) AFC Best RB Miller

    bjbdahitman (Colts) AFC Best WR Hilton

    akutozo (Browns) AFC Best OL Bitonio

    @Mosinator - BK's AFC Best DL Fowler Jr.

    akutozo (Browns) AFC Best LB Kendricks

    Freakskull (Steelers) AFCC Best DB Steele Bishop

    @arlennn (Dolphins) AFC Best K Franks

    RaiderRed90-Cowboys NFC OPOTY Michael

    greatnessdc (Falcons) NFC DPOTY Beasley Jr.

    greatnessdc (Falcons) OROTY Vereen

    Masterfocker - #elite Giants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DROTY Tre Priester!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RaiderRed90-Cowboys NFC Best QB Russell

    @The Reigning Super Bowl Champion Vikings NFC Best RB McKinnon

    RaiderRed90-Cowboys NFC Best WR Dez of course!

    RaiderRed90-Cowboys geez NFC Best OL Z. Martin (Cowboys took #1, 2, 3, and 5)

    greatnessdc (Falcons) NFC Best DL Beasley Jr.

    RaiderRed90-Cowboys NFC Best LB McElroy

    hskr8128 (Packers) NFC Best CB Hobbs

    @Colton-HoundsOfHowl-Eagles NFC Best K Parkey
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