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Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by greatnessdc, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. greatnessdc

    greatnessdc Walk On

    Aug 9, 2014

    The start of the NFL season is always something to behold. Teams get to put their shiny new players on the field and see what they can do. The Falcons first game of the season was something similar except old and new players stepped up to the table.


    Story of the game was turnovers. It is pretty much that simple.


    Offensively was exactly what I expected it to be. There was very little room for Peterson in this game but the deep ball was there numerous times. Stills and Jones both showed their explosiveness and Ryan played possibly one of the best games of his career.


    uhh will the real Chris Cook please stand up? Chris Cook looked like he had his own isolated island all day as he was a monster cutting off the entire left side of the field. 3 Forced fumbles in the game is a positive sign. And Southwards speed at safety allowed him to help cut off the edge runs.

    All in all I am a very happy camper after a near perfect week 1 performance. Settled for FG's a few drives but was a very solid effort.
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    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Bengals bring it all the way back.

    In a game that seemed like it was over at halftime the Bengals rallied behind Coach Ted Beard for an improbable comeback. Lets start at the beginning

    The Browns masterfully got the ball and went 80 yards on a series of quick passes and nice moves by their WR scoring easily on a highly regarded defense. Gordon made silly work of the defense juking and mossing people all game this was just the beginning.

    On the ensuing drive the Beard led bengals went 3 and out with 2 yards of offense. At that point it looked as if this bengals team hadnt practiced ever. The punt would have a nice return with it and the Browns went back to work. The 4 and 5 WR sets had the Bengals off balance as the Browns were just racking up yards and points. They would easily march for another td. 14-0 Browns. The Bengals would get a nice kickoff return out past the 30 only for on 1st down Eifert to catch a pass in the flat and fumble the ball, the browns would recover. The Bengals however, showed a bit of pride and only allowed a FG. 17-0 Brownies.

    The 2nd quarter would be quiet as the Bengals often looked lost failing to run the ball effectively and throwing the ball wildly. The Brownies would go up 20-0 at the half. As Coach Beard was walking to the locker room he had a smirk on his face. When asked about it he later replied "I got all the faith in the world in my guys. The dudes have busted their tails. We havent seen this offense before. Coaches are going to get together fix this sh** and we are going to come back."

    The 3rd quarter began with the Bengals getting the ball. As you would expect not much changed from the 1st half. They were still struggling to move the ball. Osweiler was still wild but they had figured some things out. If they could just get in a groove they could do somethings. Then Browns be forced to punt. The Bengals answered with a nice drive that resulted in a FG. Then another Bengals stop. The Bengals would then hit AJ green on a long streaking pass down the sideline. 20-10 Bengals. However the Browns would answer with a TD drive of their own. It would be the last time the Browns would score. 27-10 Browns. Then Bengals would own the 4th as Osweiler heated up beyond belief. At one point and time Keller said he was 9/9 since he started watching. The Bengals would go no huddle on their next drive for a few plays mixing in the run and pass they were able to spark so momentum and score a touchdown 27-17 . After forcing a Browns punt Gio Bernard would break a long run set up by AJ greens pancake block and he would bring the team within 10 yards from scoring again. The Bengals would have 4 plays from the 7. First down they would get stuffed. 2nd down they get 4 yards down to the 3. 3rd down they get to the 1. On 4th down they get stopped for no gain. Browns ball with just over 5 mins left. The Browns would move the ball some but would be forced to punt again. The Bengals rookie was taking over. Powers catches 3 passes and the Bengals score an easy TD making the score 27-24. However clock was not on their side with just over 2 minutes and 30 seconds left. The Browns however would not run the ball 1 time on the final drive allowing the Bengals to keep their 2 remaining timeouts. Powers would not be stopped again constantly finding seems. Amaro made a big catch down the seem. Bernard had a big catch on 2nd a 6 in the flat. The Bengals had turned it on and looked like what many people thought was one of the best teams in the Lg. The Bengals then punch it in wit just 18 seconds remaining. The Browns would get the ball back but do nothing and the Bengals would win 31-27.

    Good Game Mozaaik
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  3. XWarriorMonk

    XWarriorMonk Walk On

    Sep 18, 2012
    The Oakland Raiders had a lot to think about this season. After losing in the AFC championship two years in a row, many fans seemed worried about the mental health of coach Troy Harris. As we saw some strange moves in the offseason (signing two kickers in the draft). With the regular season schedule coming out fans were unsure of what to expect after such a heartbreaking loss. Well Oakland fans I don't think you have anything to worry about.

    The Raiders hosted the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday, and well...They dominated all areas of the game in a crushing 43-10 blowout. Oakland lost Derek Carr for the majority of last season, and he came out looking like a man on a mission completing 20 of his 31 passes, throwing two touchdowns to his new favorite receivers Torrey Smith and Charles Clay. He only threw an interception on a poorly timed play action, but the Oakland defense forced three and out on the following drive as they did all game long. The Raiders added some key pieces to their defense in the past two drafts including DT Lamar Howard, MLB Cameron Mckenzie, DT Kamron Austin, and CB Gussie Anthony. All four players started against Jacksonville and would have major impacts on the defensive effort that would allow only 250 total yards ;56 of which came from a Jamaal Charles run up the middle for Jacksonville's only touchdown of the day. Oakland's first round draft pick in the 2016 draft Lamar Howard wound up with 4 tackles and a big sack on third down causing coach Harris jump for joy on his sideline. With such a dominate win to start off the season I think Oakland fans can sit back and enjoy the show as Oakland tries to get back to Super Bowl contention.

    Raiders game ball: Derek Carr 20-31 265 yards 3 TD 1 INT

    Takeaway: Troy Harris has created a football culture in Oakland that we haven't seen since John Madden. Look for the success to continue against Cleveland as coach Harris was unhappy about his attempts to acquire Johnny Manziel were rejected by Mozaaik Im coming for you :)

    tough game ZCar352 good luck the rest of the way

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  4. integra14

    integra14 Walk On

    Aug 7, 2014

    Video Summary at the bottom of post:
    The Seattle Seahawks game out with a dominate win on the road against a tough opponent. Seattle's tough defense hassled Shady and Foles all day while the Philly defense stuffed Seattle's RBs all day. This lead both teams to find yards through the air, something which Seattle has struggled with as of late. Wilson used his legs to extend plays and with the lack of a run game Seattle used end around to great success. Big off season acquisition Brandon Marshall had a solid day both on the ground and through the air. (Both the EA website and DL doesn't show the rushing yards for end arounds).


    Both Lynch and McFadden could not gain and ground in this game and rushing stats for RBs are uninspiring. Seattle went into the offseason knowing their weakness was WR and Pass Protection for Wilson, this game seems to point that Seattle is heading in the right direction. Seattle did plan on running a running back by committee approach, but that quickly disappeared in favor of the old workhorse Lynch, as he was the only Seattle RB who could get any yards.

    Seattle signed Wilson to a huge 7 year deal, and he proved he was worth it today going 6-6 for 150 yrds in the 1st quarter. The first half was all Seahawks although they sputtered towards halftime. This cool down carried over into the 3rd quarter where they only managed 3 pts and Philly scored a TD and FG to bring it to a 3 point game. While Seattle D started to cool in the 2nd half it held on long enough to allow the offense to drive down the field and score in the 4th effectively sealing the win.

    Here's my first ever video summary/highlight reel. Any tips to improve are welcome.
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  5. integra14

    integra14 Walk On

    Aug 7, 2014
    Damn 6 takeaways and it was that close of a game? Or is the score reflective of garbage time?
  6. greatnessdc

    greatnessdc Walk On

    Aug 9, 2014
    Garbage time and relaxed 2nd half playcalling
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  7. Mozaaik

    Mozaaik Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014
    Nice write up and good game. Choked at the end. Anyways, wanted to share Newsome's first td catch.

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  8. Coachmedicis

    Coachmedicis Walk On

    Feb 21, 2013
    Lions have Super Bowl Hangover

    The Detroit Lions were presented their Super Championship rings from the previous year prior to Thursday Night's season opener. All eyes were on this game, as it presented the last 2 NFC champions facing off in an early showdown. The previous 3 games, all were close and most of the experts expected the same in this one. However, someone forgot to tell the Lions when the game started.

    The Vikings came out from the start and showed off the strength of their team, on the o-line as they drained 7 mins on a long drive. Blair Walsh kicked in a fg and the Vikings led early 3-0. One play later, Matthew Stafford dropped back to throw, was pressured by Linval Joseph who he threw off him like a rag doll. Unfortunately for him Ronald Sturdivant was right there, sacking him for a safety early on and the route was on. Rookie WR Bolajaii Ajala took a 15 yard pass to the endzone to make it 12-0. Then the RB duo of De'Anthony Thomas and Otha Buchannon took the game over. For the game, the 2 rb's combined for 39 carries, 220 yards and 3 td's.

    On the other side, Detroit struggled (due to lag on his end). Matthew Stafford went 5-21 for 86 yards and 4 interceptions. The running game became nonexistant and so he was forced to pass into the heart of the Vikings defense. 4 times he was picked off, many times, interceptions were dropped...but one thing was certain, Matthew Stafford didn't look himself.

    Final Score

    Vikings - 53
    Lions - 0

    Vikings MVP

    Otha Buchannon 19 carries 118 yards 2 Tds.

    Next week the Vikings take on the Washington Redskins.
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  9. Hordan54

    Hordan54 Walk On

    Aug 8, 2014
    Patriots host the Broncos. The storyline coming into this game is the QBs. Rookie Alexander Broussard has taken over for Peyton Manning, and second year Paris Chapman for Tom Brady; these guys put on a show!

    Patriots came out roaring jumping to 14-0 lead. Chapman drove the field on the first drive for a TD and Broussard threw his first pick of his career to Darelle Revis that the Patriots turned into another TD.

    Broncos answered the call and tied it up 14-14 with just a couple minutes left in the half. Chapman threw his first interception and the Broncos scored a FG pushing the score to 17-14 at half.

    I had typed up the rest, but its gone now so in a nutshell.

    Second half was very close until the end of the 3rd quarter when Chapman threw his 3rd TD pushing the lead to 31-20.
    Broncos answered driving for a TD but missing the 2-point conversion leaving the score to 31-26 Pats
    Chapman threw his 4th TD pushing the score to 38-26 with ~6 minutes left in the 4th.
    A field goal and pick 6 pushed the Patriots lead to 48-26, but the Broncos scored one last TD giving the final score of 48-33.

    Gronk got hurt on the last play of the game. iSad... Now for some stats!


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  10. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Bills @ Texans
    Week 1
    This game was an absolute slugfest withe the winning TD coming with 4 seconds left in the game.

    Game started out well for the Texans forcing Bills into a quick Three-and-Out. They take over and systematically march down the field with a mix of run and play-action passing. Cap their first drive with a TD to Ryan Griffin. At that point Coach Keller is already cursing over how bad this game is going to go. The rest of the first quarter was a defensive slugfest until.....

    In the second quarter Buffalo gets a miraculous drive. First and 10 - EJ Manuel SACKED. Second and 20 - INCOMPLETE. Third and 20 - Screen Pass tackled for a loss.....but.....FACE MASK PENALTY ON HOUSTON. Next play....screen play to WR Ladarius Farris - 60 yd TD.

    The next drive Houston marches down the field and on a 3rd and 8 BUF was unable to get a play in, giving up a critical first down and getting HOU into FG range. The Bills defense stood strong and held them to the FG.

    Second half starts with more defense. And a lot of punts. Then as Buffalo starts to get their offense rolling CB Chris Houston makes an insane pick of EJ Manuel. The Texans take the ball and March down the field for a Anthony Sherman TD run.

    The fourth quarter then gets wild and crazy. Mid-way through, after playing The run SO well, HOU gives up a 57 yard TD run to the outside by Bryce Brown, bringing the Bills to within 3. The Texans respond by moving down the field until LB Kiko Alonso makes a spectacular recovery in coverage to pick Mallet off with about 4:40 left to play. Buffalo goes into clock kill mode. They run and pass they're way down the field simply chewing clock. Houston calls their second TO with about 1:30 left to play. First and Goal on the 7 yd line. FB Dive for the TD by Kiero Small. The man would not go down, he truly wanted that score, leaving about 1:25 left on the clock and HOU with one TO left.

    Houston returned to kickoff to the 20 yd line. Mallet orchestrated is best drive of the game going 8/8 on the drive, capped by a 2 yd TD to Ryan Griffin with 0:04 left on the clock.

    Ryan Mallet - 29/36 353 YDS 2 TD/1 INT
    Ryan Griffin - 9 REC 122 YDS Screenshot_2014-12-10-21-29-38.png 2 TD

    Screenshot_2014-12-10-21-29-38.png Screenshot_2014-12-10-21-30-13.png
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  11. Masterfocker

    Masterfocker Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014
    The New York Giants defeat the Baltimore ravens 48-17 in a blowout at home.

    Full Summary: http://daddyleagues.com/haw/gamerecap/678574


    Ryan Nassib: 13 of 18 for 286 yds. 3 TD 1 INT

    Nassib didn't have to do much tonight as the run game was hot and the defense was on fire. Even so, he threw 3 TD's and a couple of deep bombs to ODB and Cruz. His 1 INT came from a user error (Or as I like to call it, being an idiot). Nassib threw to Ballard too late, resulting in a pick-six.

    Interception: http://xboxclips.com/beasts r pwnage/24303805-263f-4c48-be56-7245f251844c

    Ben Tate: 24 rushes for 124 yds. 2 TD

    Ben Tate was on fire as his blocking opened holes for him all day long. He had 3rd down converting runs. he had long 1st down runs. Point is is that he's looking great, and he's already seen the endzone two times.

    Abraham Riddick: 16 rushes for 53 yds. 0 TD

    Coaches were high on this kid, but unfortunately, did not put him in a position to succeed. By the time they gave him any playing time, the Giants were doing nothing but running, and the Ravens were doing nothing but blitzing. Still, he got over 50 yards, and that's a good first game for the rookie. He got hit hard and never fumbled. Look for more - and earlier - touches for this guy.

    ODB: 4 catches for 155 yds. 1 TD

    ODB started out the day with a huge 68 yard catch which gave the Giants the lead. He later caught another deep ball that added to his big total. Although he only reached the endzone once, he was a constant threat, and forced the Ravens to always have to focus on him.

    Deep TD: http://xboxclips.com/beasts r pwnage/28813b6b-9dcc-499d-a0a4-a6c3d92f4706

    Victor Cruz: 2 catches for 46 yds. 1 TD

    Cruz had a relatively quiet day, although he did catch a contested deep streak and caught a TD on a post. He was always a threat, and opened up the run game.

    Cruz TD: http://xboxclips.com/beasts r pwnage/ea5a11f7-2f0a-4ec3-87ed-ba9a9f9e446d

    Housler: 3 catches for 45 yds. 1 TD

    Housler also didn't do much, although he did catch a quick TD pass on a 10 yard In Route on a huge blitz by the Ravens.

    Ken Ballard: 2 catches 21 yds. 0 TD

    Ballard had a quiet day, although that is because not only did we pass much, but he also has ODB and Cruz contesting for WR catches. I still want him to be a big part of the offense.

    Dondi Franklin
    : 6 tackles

    Yes, I know, not flashy, but he didn't need to be. He broke up multiple passes, stopped multiple runs, and hit the RB HARD a few times. He's still the centerpiece of the defense.

    Mario Williams: 3 tackles 2 sacks 1 FF

    Mario Williams got pressure often throughout the whole game, but his sacks came early when he basically stopped a whole drive himself with his sacks. His FF was recovered by the Ravens, but still pinned them down deep within their own redzone. He was a welcome addition to the Giants, and he's proving why.

    Dimitri Hobbs & Lester Moore: 3 tackles each

    Dimitri Hobbs and Lester Moore both had multiple pass breakups and should've had interceptions but, hey, whaddaya gonna do? Unfortunately, Dimitri Hobbs allowed a big TD pass, but it was my fault, and not his. I got confused on who I was controlling.

    TD Pass: http://xboxclips.com/beasts r pwnage/1e1d7cc0-9aac-4574-859e-762daba5a69c

    DRC: 5 tackles 1 INT 1 TD

    DRC started the game out right with a pick-six on the Raven's first possession. He scored the first Giants' points and got the game rolling.

    Prince Amukamara: 4 tackles 2 INT

    Prince Amukamara wouldn't let DRC have the spotlight, however, as he caught 2 INT's of his own.

    Pershing Rodgers: 2 tackles 1 INT

    But wait! Pershing wasn't about to let the 2 outside corners have all the fun. He needed to prove that he could do what they can, and he did, hauling in a nice INT using his 6'2 frame and by being in the perfect position

    INT: http://xboxclips.com/beasts r pwnage/42574c38-6fb3-4f9d-b2e5-e81bff257656


    The Giants' secondary. Seriously. They allowed nothing. Take away the 80 yard TD by that guy that was my fault for being dumb, and their leading WR has 35 yards. All 3 CB's got INT's, and they all shut down the receivers they were covering. The biggest gainer was Pitta at 4 catches for 71 yards, but a LB was covering him.

    The long TD play for rememberance: http://xboxclips.com/beasts r pwnage/1e1d7cc0-9aac-4574-859e-762daba5a69c
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