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S3W10 Summaries

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by charter04, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. charter04

    charter04 Walk On

    Jul 30, 2010
    Post Here
  2. charter04

    charter04 Walk On

    Jul 30, 2010
    The Pats beat the CPU Bengals 45-0

    The only thing to write about is that Gronk got injured and will be out for the next 3 weeks. :(
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  3. biggcoug65

    biggcoug65 49er for Life

    Aug 30, 2011
    Texans - 24
    Titans - 14

    The team formerly of Houston hosted the team currently from Houston as the Texans and Titans battled it out in this AFC South rivalry game. The Texans came into this game atop the AFC South while the Titans were looking to get a win and bring themselves closer in the race in the South. This was a rather sloppy game, and it looked as though the Madden Gods were against the Titans in this one, as the Titans turned the ball over 7 times to the Houston defense. There were a couple great plays by the Texans D, but there were also a few ridiculous ones as well. And the turnovers definitely made the difference as the Titans out-gained the Texans by 100+ yards but the Texans defense held the Titans offense to 50% in the red zone while the Texans offense scored on all 4 possessions they had in the red zone. Leading the way in this game for the Texans on offense was Arian Foster, freshly back from his recent injury the former all-pro ran the ball 21 times for 94 yards and had 2 TD's. However, the player of the game had to be Johnathan Joseph as he had 6 tackles and 3 INT's, one of which literally fell into his lap while he was laying on the ground. The Texans held off a late push by the Titans to secure the victory and move to 7-2 and stay in front in the AFC South.

    Key Stats:

    Hundley - 12/20 165 yards 1 TD 1 INT
    Foster - 21 for 94 yards 2 TD's
    Daniels - 6 catches 79 yards
    Joseph - 6 tackles 3 INT's

    Locker - 24/40 269 yards 2 TD's 5 INT's
    CJ2K - 15 for 51 yards 5 catches 23 yards 1 TD
    TJ Jones - 9 catches 106 yards
    Casey - 5 tackles 2 sacks

    gg CWT 3000 you definitely had some tough luck in this one and I look forward to our next matchup
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  4. 1ke

    1ke D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.

    Jun 18, 2009

    This is a wrap up of the week 12 game involving the Chargers and the Falcons.

    San Diego went across the country for their first trip into the beautiful new stadium housing the Atlanta Falcons. SD took the ball first, and was able to put together a couple of plays and move right into the redzone where the drive stalled out due to some great defense. In fact, if it wasnt for a large amount of good luck, SD would have turned the ball over. Johnny Football threw a pass directly to a group of Falcons players, but thankfully, Madden chose not to give ATL the pick. 3-0 SD.

    Atlanta's first drive was a bit comical. 4 plays, and TD. Lol. Some rock solid defense there. Vowing not to be outdone, SD and #2 stepped on the field to match that drive and take the lead back at 10-7. From there it was a bit of back and forth, and for the half it was a matter of who would have the ball last. SD did, and managed to punch it in at the stroke of zero to take a halftime lead.

    The second half started out much of the same. Atlanta and Julio Jones leading the way just could not be stopped. Down a score, around the midfield point. Atlanta was facing a 3rd down and long. SD showed blitz, and were coming. SD wanted to put an end to the game by getting the ball back. One problem, Julio on a island outside. Got away from the jam, and Matty Ice put the ball right on the money. Touchdown. Dammit. But great play.

    Here we are now, in the 4th, trading blows, not many punts involved, and SD gets the ball back down a FG with around 7 minutes. 1st set of plays, Atl forces a 3rd and long. SD converts. another set of plays, and its another 3rd and long. This was the play of the game for me. 4 Wr set, Atl drops into a zone while only rushing 3. Johnny breaks the pocket. Looks, looks some more, looks some more....... looks even more. The puts a pinpoint pass over 2 defenders to E. Sanders on the sideline. I felt the play lasted a minute. It was crazy. But after that, SD had the ball at midfield, and 4 minutes left. From there is was a matter of running time off the clock. A bit of ground and pound. Scored with a little over a minute to put ATL down 2 scores.

    Great Game antcap24

    Sorry I had to run right after. But great game. Madden hated you that day, i should have thrown at least 4 interceptions. But, all around good shit.

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